Victor James Lupis Gave Up His Entire Crew in Diamond Heist

Blast Zone No. 100
Set Up On:
Category: Snitches - Informants
Last Known Other Location:
Tampa, Florida
Victor James Lupis Gave Up His Entire Crew in Diamond Heist
Victor James Lupis

I first heard about Victor James Lupis when I was in the Columbia County Jail in 2014. Jack Cannon was there at the time and I noticed an article in the paper about how Victor had told on everybody in his crew. I mentioned the name to some friends there and they told me how Victor had been kept in maximum protective custody before being released. Online research confirms that everyone that got arrested in that famous diamond heist case were busted because Victor got picked up and started "singing like Sinatra" according to ABC News..

A public records search for Victor Lupis returned a result for the above address for one Victor James Lupis, age 31, which matches the age of the rat from BOP records. The address was first reported in March of 2014, which is after he was released from federal custody and the individual identified in the public record also had a criminal record including a USM hold from the date that this mugshot was taken by the Multnomah County Sheriff. His sentence was just 22 months because of his cooperation. He has since been charged with multiple traffic violations and driving while impaired.

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