"Only Adequate Healthcare" from Dr. A. Cantu part 3 of ?

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Set Up On: Thursday, February 8, 2018
Category: Corrections, Jail Staff
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"Only Adequate Healthcare" from Dr. A. Cantu part 3 of ?
Part 3 of ?

The best thing anyone said about the doc was "He is holistic, so he wants to treat with a remedy as opposed to medicine, which is fine if it works, but a lot of times it does not."

Another guy was taken off morphine after surgery to install a pacemaker and given nothing else.

My own experiences have been many and frustrating. For example, I came in on good pain meds for a broken arm (non-union full fracture of left upper arm) only to have med replaced with something not nearly as good. I've tried to see him for painful, chronic cystic acne but only get notes back that I'll see him eventually. I would ask him things when he is in the unit, but every time I've seen people go to him with problems and he says "Are you on my list?" and if the answer is "No" then you the additional problem of not being on his list. The email service for sending medical concerns or complaints in the uniti has been discontinued and you can only use paper (copouts) now. I frequently hear people complaining about him not answering their copouts.

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