Nothing Proves Jeremy Joseph Christian Assaulted Aundre Dupree Mills

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Jeremy Christian's Assault Paperwork:

Jeremy Joseph Christian made international headlines in 2017 following a shocking incident on a max train in which he stabbed three men in the neck and two them died. The press quickly labeled it a racially charged attack and have called Jeremy a white supremacist ever since. That image is not consistent with the man I knew as my neighbor in the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) from late August through late November of 2018. The man I know, if he is a white supremacist, is unlike any white supremacist I've ever known before. The white supremacists I've know do not deny being white supremacist and do not lack a history of being involved in white supremacist movements like Jeremy does. He grew up in a black neighborhood, claims to have black friends, and the only black people I've witnessed him have issues with are ones that start problems with him. They start problems with him because they have seen him on the news and think he is a white supremacist. These confrontations usually result in him explaining that he is not a white supremacist. That is not the behavior of a real white supremacist. A real white supremacist would respond by saying something like "f-you n-word."

What Jeremy Christian really is, is a troll. He is a troll that likes to troll people, especially large groups, in public. Think of him like an internet troll except his comment boards and forums are public places. One of the men he stabbed witnessed this at a free speech rally a couple months before the stabbing. I watched Micah Fletcher say on an A and E documentary series called "Divided States" that he wondered if Jeremy really believed what he was saying that day. I don't think he did. I think he said whatever he thought would get the crowed fired up and he loved every minute. He made comments many believe to be racist that day (I was not there so I do not know), but there is a difference between being a racist and saying racist things. A racist believes in what he says and a non-racist is just making racist statements that he or she does not believe in and are not motivated by real racism.

Anyway, on to jailhouse snitch Aundre Dupree Mills. You can see evidence of his snitching in the video embedded on this page, the article linked to above the body of this post, and the .pdf filed I uploaded. The .pdf is a copy of the charging information listing Mills as the person pressing charges. Jeremy personally gave me that document. I also got to read the police report, but I gave it back to Jeremy. According to Jeremy, Mills actually went into his cell and started throwing various book and magazines of his in the toilet. This would explain why I noticed that a number of Jeremy's books and magazines had warped pages like they had been soaked in water. Then Mills went up to a deputy and said "I was attacked" according to the police report. The police report claims that Mills reported a pain level of 6/10 with swelling and bruising around his nose. There was no mention in the police report of Mills seeking any medical attention whatsoever and Jeremy says that Mills refused to see medical. That is important because in order to prove assault under Oregon law there must be an injury. Without proof of injury there is not proof that Jeremy assaulted Mills. According to Sgt. Bryant the area of the alleged assault was not covered by cameras. Not that it would matter anyway because the cameras do not record.

On a different note, Mills is said to have ratted out on another inmate with the last name of Hayes. He reported Hayes for allegedly having a shank, but I heard Deputy Frazier say that it was just a pen.

On an irrelevant note, the police report describes Mills as a homeless/transient male. Maybe he was hoping to get money out of this. A lot of people have donated to the people Jeremy stabbed, maybe they will donate to the former inmate that says he was assaulted.

These charges were dismissed

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