I'm sorry I cant they will retaliate Snitched on Pillar Aimcco in Washougal

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"I am a long time tech employee for Pillar Aimcco and have somewhat of a leadership role as well. Pillar is forcing employees to work even if they need to quarantine. They sent out notices (and made everyone sign them) saying there will be no quarantine UNLESS you have a note from a doctor and it says you have Covid 19. Anything else and you miss work you will be docked points leading to your termination. I have witnessed upper management calling employees a slur for female genitalia for wanting to quarantine with their family over Covid 19 fears. We manufacture plastics for companies selling a product and I do not feel we are essential. Employees with at risk family at home/kids with no child care, are being told they cannot take a layoff and that they will be fired. We were told even if we show symptoms we are to be at work or we will be docked points. The company did not have the correct ppe before this outbreak and I have seen many employees under me exposed to toxic chemicals and told to keep their mouth shut. Now during the worst outbreak we have seen in years they dont even have the PPE I currently wear to the store when my wife and I shop. Many employees in my group are worried sick about their families and that one of us will bring it into work, many have no child care for their kids, but management tells them "sucks for be you." They are exposing us for profit not for necessity or essential. I have even heard from one senior management employee that Pillar is looking to capitalize on many other of our competitor companies closing down and allowing their employees to quarantine because (in his own words) they are soft b-words. No plastic injections are being done in china or half the US so pillar is hoping to grab a bigger share in the market and putting us all at risk. We all are terrified and even more terrified of retaliation from the company because they have done it before. As we head into the next 2 weeks (which is supposed to be the worst) we are scared. I would quit but I have worked here for 10 years and dont want to leave behind the employees below me. I want to stand up to aimcco and protect my coworkers but I know I will be fired and have an example made of me to keep everyone else quiet. Please help us even if it is just getting PPE and enforcing that they follow the rules set in place by OSHA. I'm sorry I dont know where else to turn. I emailed and called the Columbian and other newspapers" - I'm sorry I cant they will retaliate

The aforementioned complaint was filed by I'm sorry I cant they will retaliate in Washougal, Washington on Monday April 6, 2020 with L&I DOSH Nathan Kresse against Pillar Aimcco saying Non-essential business is open. Email address given was Johndoe1234@gmail.com and phone number given was 3608352103.

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