Sex Offender Paul Anthony Salazar Snitched after Cell Eviction

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27072 Ballston Road
Sheridan, Oregon 97378

In January of 2018 Paul Anthony Salazar, a convicted sex offender, ratted on inmate Timothy Fleming in J1 at the detention center in Sheridan, Oregon. This author was in the SHU (Special Housing Unit a.k.a. "the hole") at the time and discussed the incident with Fleming upon his arrival in SHU. Fleming was able to send his incident report down to me, I read it, and I took notes. It clearly stated that Fleming received an incident report for threatening one Paul Salazar (inmate number 08438-298) and described the incident as follows:

"After speaking with inmate Salazar, he informed me that inmate Fleming had verbally threatened him with bodily harm, due to inmate Fleming somehow discovering the charges against him."

An online background check of Salazar revealed that he is a registered sex offender in the state of Florida where he is listed as having absconded. His offense was listed as a violation of Florida Statute 800.04 "Lewdly Fondle Or Assault, Commit Or Simulate Sexual Acts On Or In Presence Of A Child Under 16 In A Lewd, Lascivious Or Indecent Manner."

It is not clear exactly which federal sex crime he was in Sheridan for, but it really does not matter. His history is enough to put a child molester jacket on him. That by itself justified not wanting to live with him. Fleming by all accounts had taken Salazar's mattress out of the cell and thrown it out into the common area of the unit. Effectively evicting Salazar from the cell. This was a textbook check in move by Salazar. He should have just kept his mouth shut and checked in without taking an innocent man that just did not want to live with a sex offender with him. Fleming went easy on him given the circumstances.

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