Timothy Fleming was Told to Sit at the Sex Offender Table and Told

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Timothy Loren Fleming had just been in the SHU at FCI Sheridan for evicting an inmate from his cell because he found out that that inmate was a sex offender. Most people thought that Fleming was alright, but then someone discovered that Fleming has a sex offender history himself. In response to this a guy that I knew from Victorville USP told Fleming that he was no longer welcome at the white tables and that he would have to sit at the sex offender table. Fleming got pissed off and told on him. That guy ended up on the same range in the SHU as I was with a write up for threatening Fleming, and he told me the whole story.

I ran Fleming's name through a background check service and found several charges for failing to report or register as a sex offenders. In a screenshot uploaded you can see that he has been charged with violating ORS 181.599.3(b) which applies to people that fail to register if the offense they have to register for was a felony. Oddly, the background check service did not display his underlying offense, so that remains a mystery to this author.

Fleming was in the federal system for threatening cops on Facebook, so everyone called him "Facebook." This author personally liked the guy and associated with him not knowing of his history. This author was also in the feds for an online threat and shares a mutual dislike of law enforcement. It was very disappointing to hear that he told on someone that was nice enough not to beat him up or kick him out of the unit.

Other people have made statements to me in support of the claim that Fleming got a guy sent to the hole for telling him not to sit at the white tables anymore. It seemed like Fleming just got his feeling hurt because he was one of the guys until the guys learned about his history. It was a vindictive move in retaliation for being rejected.

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