Car Tender's John and Mason McDermott Snitch on Protester in Seattle

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Car Tender employee Mason McDermott along with owners John McDermott have been on the news today admitting to snitching on protesters in Seattle's Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ). Specifically, they admit catching a protester inside the auto shop and calling the police even though the protester tried to run away before being kidnapped by Mason McDermott and leaving peacefully once McDermott let him go. The McDermott's have since been all over the airways complaining about the police not responding to their calls. They should keep their mouths shut. Such talk could be cited by the police as an excuse to attack demonstrators should they decide to start operating in that area again. Car Tender obviously has sufficient security to handle their own problems. They should just let security handle it rather than ratting people out.

John McDermott said that he and his son made over a dozen 911 calls despite being able to detain the protester on their own. Mason McDermott admitted that the protester tried to run away when they caught him, but that he escalated the situation by chasing him down and assaulting him. The McDermotts then effectively kidnapped the protester by holding him against his will before letting him go once they realized that the cops do not operate in the CHAZ anymore. That protester has probably learned his lesson and won't go back there. Ruining his life by turning him in to the cops is not necessary.

Today fellow owner Russell Kimbell has been on the news making statements in support of the McDermotts.

UPDATE: This article was mentioned in a New York Times story on 8/7 and in that story the McDermotts said that they have been getting harassing phone calls because of this article. That is news to us because we never posted their phone number, have never had their number, and have never encouraged anyone to call them. If you are reading this and have been harassing them please stop.

Here is our full response:

Despite what Mr. McDermott told the New York Times, we have never harassed him and we have never made any phone calls to his business or asked other to do so. We didn't even post his phone number, so we really don't see the connection between this post and phone calls.

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