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Portland, Oregon 97204 is issuing a snitch advisory warning for the downtown Portland area in response to social media activity that appears to contain likely precursors to snitching. This afternoon a pro-police rally was held in downtown Portland. The rally ended in a brawl between right wing demonstrators and counter protesters. The right wing group appeared to be led by one Alan Swinney of Texas and included a large number of Proud Boys. The left wing group appeared led by Antifa and Black Lives Matter. After the event, we noticed several disturbing social media posting including the above image and the video below.

The picture appears to show Alan Swinney pulling a pistol after the event descended into violence. Such images have led to police investigations in recent weeks. Earlier this month Garrick Fernbaugh was caught on camera leaving Laurelhurst Park after a series of explosions scared the Hershey squirts out of Antifa. Within days the Portland Police said that they were investigating Fernbaugh and this past week the FBI announced their own investigation. So far, a lack of witnesses is being cited as the reason why Fernbaugh remains uncharged, but at least one person has given the FBI evidence ( We believe that the Portland Police and FBI are not being honest when they say that no witnesses have contacted them. Law enforcement often denies having witnesses for the purpose of protecting their snitches. Rarely will the police ever open a case based solely on what the public sees on TV or online. They require someone to at least make an anonymous tip to 911. If Swinney is charged for anything involving this pistol we will assume that a snitch initiated the process unless police provide a convincing explanation as to why they initiated a case without a complaint. We believe that there is no such thing as a legitimate anti-police activist that cooperates with law enforcement.

The video below shows an unidentified individual telling KOIN TV that a notorious Proud Boy was seen violating his parole at the rally. Tiny Toese has been in the headlines a lot lately for among other things violating his probation according the Department of Community Justice ( We will be monitoring this situation to see if DCJ moves to sanction him for being at this rally and what source they cite for their information. Probation violations do not require someone to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt like a criminal charge does. The burden is a preponderance of the evidence, which usually boils down to whether or not the judge thinks he did it and not whether or not the government can prove it. Someone will probably send some anonymous tip to probation with links to videos from the protests and as a result he will be violated.

We believe that everyone is entitled to the equal protection of the laws regardless of their views. That is why we both support the Black Lives Matter movement and oppose those that snitch on people who are against that movement. We are not sheeple, so we look at things and say what they really are instead of what we think most people will like.

In Oregon, the government tends to side with popular opinion over the law way too often. If someone speaks out knowing that most people will be highly offended by their speech, and some of those highly offended people circle up on that agitator, that agitator feels threatened, and threatens them with a gun, then the government will always come down hard on the agitator. If that agitator fights the charge and claims self defense (not saying at this time if Swinney was defending himself because we need to review more footage) or some other mitigating circumstance, they will use that circumstance as proof of emotional distress inflicted on the "victims." In Swinney's case they will say that people came out to oppose a white supremacist agitator (we don't know if he is or is not a white supremacist), Swinney came armed expecting the opposition, provoked the crowd, and responded violently. They will say that he came with the intent of shooting people, that he tried his best to provoke a justification for shooting them, and not taking the bait is all that saved their lives. That is not usually the case with people like Swinney. Usually people like him come expecting opposition and to be outnumbered, but they bring guns because shooting people is a preferable alternative to getting beat up like Andy Ngo. That truth is still viewed as very dangerous by local government because they know that people will inevitably fight him in public and when the government realizes that he is likely to use deadly force to defend himself, they will do everything they legally can to deny him his Second Amendment rights in the future. The founder of Cop Blaster found this out when he was banned from operating complaints websites as a release condition because a judge knew people would likely screw with him in person, that he was willing to use force to defend himself, and concluded that the need to protect people that harass him outweighed his right to freedom of speech.


We predict that people will be snitching on these two in the future and anyone else they see sporting patriot memorabilia, if they have not already. We believe that the government will use their accusations to violate Toese's probation and argue that he should not be able to exercise his First Amendment rights as a condition of his probation. We also believe that the government will use Swinney's pistol as the basis for some sort of minor criminal charge like menacing and seek to put a condition on Swinney prohibiting him from exercising his First Amendment rights. Criminal defendants do not waive their First Amendment rights when they plead guilty. Whenever a court infringes on the First Amendment rights of a defendant under the guise of protecting the community, that court is willfully violating their oath to protect the Constitution and in so doing those courts admit that they have no legitimate claim to govern at all.

UPDATE: This article has been updated to include a source link to the Portland Police Bureau press release which says:

"PPB learned through media reporting about a social media post involving a male subject who appears to point a firearm at the crowd sometime during today's events. The video is located here and posted by Mr. Olmos on Twitter: PPB has identified the involved male suspect in this incident and is looking for further information from the public. PPB is investigating the matter and asks that anyone who was a victim or in-person witness with video or a personal account to contact PPB Detective Jones" - Portland Police

What do they mean by "media reporting"? Obviously they mean that some of they were made aware due to independent media reporting. They posted their press release before the 5:00 news and we have yet to see any mainstream media reporting the Swinney pistol incident. We doubt that the PPB just happened to be watching Olmos' Tweets when he posted the video. Someone most likely sent the link to them anonymously.

Swinney was arrested yesterday. See this article for more information

We were really disappointed to see that the BLM chick that tweeted to Chief Lovell blocked us. We really did not intent to make her feel threatened at all and apologize if that is the case. Our founder was hoping to send her a longer explanation and establish a long term dialog.

We believe that Black Lives Matter, but we are also against selective enforcement of the law. Whether that selection is based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or political ideology, we are against persecuting people for those reasons. We believe that as long as people can be singled out by law enforcement on such grounds that no one can truly be free.

If people have to choose between towing the popular line or being targeted they are not free.

We now have proof of an Antifa snitch on Twitter who tweeted to Mayor Wheeler and the Chief of Police demands that Swinney be arrested based on Sergio Olmos' videos. That person Tweeted:

"ARREST #alanSwinney Bear mace/paintball shooting, brandishing a loaded revolver and threatening an entire crowd of people with it after macing everyone- HOW FAR DO THESE AHOLES GET TO GO? [at]tedwheeler [at]ChiefCLovell? You arrest #BLM for NOTHING yet turn a blind eye to this"

After a lengthy discussion I removed her name mainly because by that point it seems the video had gone viral and she was concerned about Swinney's people targeting her. The point is we at Cop Blaster do not support snitching no matter who the target is or what their views are.

Here is video showing that the gun was not pulled in self defense, so people will probably start snitching on the dude if they have not already

I was impressed with how Antifa held their ground and pushed the Proud Boys out of downtown. I though for sure they would run the second they saw guns, but they didn't. I just wish they had been doing that with the cops this this whole time.

A Twitter user has admitted to snitching on Swinney last week. "I called him in and followed up when he paintballed me last week"

We responded by asking: "If that is true then how can you claim to be a legitimate anti-police activist if you are legitimizing the police by working with them?"

We have not gotten an answer to our question.

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