Michael Reinoehl's Sister April Reinoehl Told on Her Own Brother

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April Reinoehl, the 36 year old sister of Portland shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl was mentioned by the mainstream media as having called the cops on someone she described as a threatening caller and helping police identify her brother from images of the shooting. According to news reports she received a threatening phone call early this morning saying that her entire family would be in danger if she did not turn over her brother. She reported the threat to the Sandy Police, went online, recognized her brother in videos/screenshots of the shooting, and called Portland Police to let them know it was him.

She went on to attack her brother's character in the press by saying that Michael has been estranged from the Reinoehl family for at least three years. She also called him an impulsive and irrational person that stole their mother's seizure medication, has a lot of debts, and uses addresses of family members to throw off debt collectors. She also spoke out against violence and claimed to have friends on both sides of the aisle.

Sounds like the biggest problem that Michael Forest Reinoehl has with his family is having a snitch for a sister. What kind of person sells out their own brother for the sake of public appearances? Certainly not someone we would want in our family. Anyone that really cares about their family members does not bad mouth them to the press or give their information to the police, especially if they might be wanted for anything serious.

UPDATE: The family of Jay Bishop a.k.a. Aaron Danielson has a Go Fund Me setup. Our conclusion regarding the case so far has no bearing on the fact that nobody deserves to be going through what they are going through right now, so if you want help some grieving people out please check it out https://www.gofundme.com/f/aaron-danielson-official-page

The link to the Go Fund Me page for Bishop's family has been posted towards the end of the article above. You can show your support for them by donating or sharing links to it. We don't think that why he was shot could ever change the fact that his family does not deserve to be going through this right now.

I don't know if Scuba Steve knew what I am about to say when he flipped on me over this, but she was actually doxed on Dox Bin already for the same reasons. That had nothing to do with me.

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