Cop Blaster Turns Up on Complaints Business Rollup File

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A Google Alert surprised us today with a link to a PDF on the Washington Attorney General's website. The PDF title "Complaints Business Rollup" is a list of businesses that have had complaints filed against them in recent years. The list is "Based on Attorney General Consumer Complaints" and lists Cop Blaster under the category "Dating Clubs and Social Networking" with the number 812199 as having had a complaint opened in 2020.

We are not surprised. Ever since we a acquired the Washington Coronavirus Snitch List we have received complaints from the state of Washington. They usually start with people saying that they are wrongfully listed or that they were listed and just don't want their information on this website. When we refuse to remove their information they often start threatening to snitch on us or pursue some sort of legal action. Ironic since even if a post on the site were shown not to be true, the act of snitching us out to the Attorney General's Office by itself could form the basis for an accurate snitch report. People like that are basically saying they are not snitches only to turn around and start snitching.

We do not know the identity of the snitch in this case. Like we said, we have gotten a lot of complaints about that. We do not have time at the moment to publish all the complaints we receive.

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