Valerie Houghton is an attorney who sex trafficked my children

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By: Ben Z.
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Supplemental Guide Valerie R. Houghton:

The definitive guide to dealing with Valerie Houghton.

She is the client. It doesn't matter who is paying her or what is requested, Valerie Houghton has no loyalties. She will create outcomes that yield her the most money. Ms. Houghton separately told both me and my spouse to pay her in cash and keep her retainment a secret.

Valerie Houghton doesn't care about anything. I told her that my spouse was letting my 13 year old son be molested. Instead of taking proper action, she used that information to extract assets from my spouse to be placed into trust. I was not allowed to discuss it with my son.

Valerie Houghton is well connected with other attorneys and judges. She will contact opposing attorneys, as well as your own, to both create unnecessary conflict and to prolong the process. There is a lot of con artistry involved, including having the judge involved.

You are going to be hacked. Make no mistake about it. Information is king, Turn off the wifi function on your phone. Use an iphone because it is easy to do a DFU restore. Using the factory reset on an android phone wont suffice. Make sure to restore periodically. Dont open attachments. Dont leave your phone unattended.

Prepare for at least one of the parties to have a restraining order, even if there is no abuse. This is standard in all her cases. If the parties cannot communicate, she is in control. She also likes to put people in jail, or threaten to do so. Valerie can be quite the bully.

Valerie Houghton is vindictive. She will take it personally if you disobey her or dispute her invoices.She gets off on annihilation. Valerie threatened me on several occasions not to fire her. After she did nothing about my son being molested, I fired her. At the next hearing the judge vacated all of my hearings, but kept a temporary restraining order going. I was subsequently cut out of my kids lives. Something was read from my spouses attorneys phone and I agreed. I didnt understand at the time that it was a three year restraining order and I could only see my kids if mother permitted brief and peaceful contact I never got to see or sign any document. The judge couldnt even tell me a reason why I couldnt contact my kids when I asked him at a later hearing. I later saw on Ms. Houghtons website that the judge was listed as a personal reference. There are many more judges that she is connected to, as I later found this out through my experience dealing with her. I dont have any sound advice on this one. You cant fire her. She will stay on your case until your kids until your kids turn 18 and there is no money left for her to milk.

Valerie Houghton uses a private investigator named Carlos Gonzalez. He has a team of young hispanic males that work for him. They likely work on the cheap and are unlicensed. They are capable of doing almost anything, including stalking, harassing, threatening, hacking, breaking and entering, drugging, and poisoning. The drugging and poisoning are easier to do than one might imagine. Although I experienced both, the poisoning is likely reserved for extreme situations, such as filing a complaint. By the way, never file a complaint against her. If you have kids the drugging is likely, even if you are paying her. Remember: the only interests that matter are her own. If you start failing drug tests and need drug treatment to see your kids, start suspecting that Houghton is involved.

Once she hacks your electronic devices, Valerie will penetrate your social circle. She also is HIGHLY adept at using social media. She will use that for data mining and to stalk you. Valerie will dig up dirt to threaten and blackmail you. Please recall the example that I gave involving my son getting molested. I suggest deleting all of your accounts, including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and anything else. If you are hacked, she will also send out messages from there if it suits her needs. Valerie is a sociopath on steroids. Most people will take her money, including friends and some family.

Stay away from starbucks and other restaurants. With Valerie I learned that most people will take money, including for drugging.

Valerie Houghton is EXTREMELY smart and very stubborn and cunning. She will figure out highly elaborate charades to cheat you. Again, she doesnt take no for answer. I don't have any specific advice for this. If she wants to cheat, she will likely get away with it, especially if she involves your attorney and/ or judge.

Don't trust anyone. You cant even trust your own children if Valerie is involved. She will use them for information and school them to do what she wants. People might try to advise you, including friends and family. Valerie likes to involve anyone that she can, even people at your job and your doctor.

Change all your locks. Don't give out any keys.

Your children are her ATM machines. She knows that you will do and pay whatever is necessary to see them. This is how she maximizes her profits.

The more assets you have, the longer the divorce will drag out. She wants everything, especially the big stuff like the house. Remember she will involve everyone, including all the attorneys and judge. Make sure to ask around before hiring your primary attorney. This is something that I hugely regret not doing. I was pushed into getting an attorney who was connected to Ms. Houghton.

Valerie is capable of ANYTHING, including assault and letting your children get raped. Anything goes, so be extra careful. Besides being a therapist and attorney, Valerie Houghton is also a registered nurse who used to specialize in medical malpractice. The only reason that I know all of this stuff is because I have been dealing with her for the past six years. You might not realize that she is secretly pulling the strings until years later. But if you already know that she is on your case, expect all of the above, excluding the poisoning (if you haven't complained).


I told my attorney, Valerie Houghton, during my divorce that my ex-wife was letting an older man molest my 13 year old son. I also told my other attorney Leah Amini and the supervisor for visitation, Marie O'Leary. The two attorneys mostly ignored me. Ms. O'Leary would not allow me talk to my son about.

At the next hearing (following my concern) my ex-wife agreed to disclose that she had hidden $130,000 worth of gold coins. I was completely surprised that she would agree. Valerie Houghton never even mentioned the possibility of the gold coins. I thought that I would never see them again because my ex-wife was so greedy.

We each got $25,000 and my attorneys got $80,000 to be placed into trust.

Valerie had threatened me on several occasions before that hearing. She demanded cash payments for her services and said that if I ever fired her or Ms. Amini that the judge would be mad at me.

I fired both attorney's after that hearing. Ms. Houghton represented my ex-wife without disclose to me.

At the hearing after firing them, the judge vacated all of my hearings without my consent, but he kept a TRO that prevented contact with my kids.

I was subsequently permanently cut off from my kids. My ex-wife's attorney read something from a phone. I didn't understand at the time that it was a three year restraining order that prevented contact with my children for three years. I could only have "brief" contact if "mother approved." I never had the opportunity to review or sign a stipulation. There was not even a hearing for domestic violence on calendar.

I asked the judge at a subsequent hearing to give me a reason why I couldn't contact my kids. After several minutes on the computer, he couldn't give me a reason of ANY kind.

My son recently turned 18, so I was able to confirm with son that he had indeed been molested. I have strong reason to believe that my other 3 children have also been molested, but I have not been able to confirm that because I have not seen them in over 6 years.


I was looking forward to seeing my kids after three and a half years without contact. I was completely heart broken and couldn't continue in my job working with other kids as a result of the estrangement. I became homeless and asked for a reduction in child support. Surprisingly my support actually went up. At the time I was working in a warehouse. The judge left me with $300 a month to live off. I couldn't even afford to eat enough.

After the renewal was granted and child support went up, I checked Ms. Houghton's website ( I noticed that Ms. Houghton listed the judge as a personal reference and that the judge previously employed her at his law firm.

I then filed complaints with the State Bar of California and the Commission on Judicial Performance. I also filed a lawsuit in the Northern District of California to compel a judicial recusal.

Ms. Houghton removed her website from the internet. I was also stalked, harassed, and poisoned. After an acute poisoning, I was forced to file a voluntary dismissal of my complaint in district court and to end the State Bar's investigation.


I don't think that it was all about the money with Valerie. I believe that she is a sadistic person. She enjoys inflicting pain on others. When I brought up what she did to my son, she made a joke about it.

I don't believe that she is capable to provide any help to a parent or their children during a divorce. She is in it as much for the money, as she is for the pain. You can read more on this and the judge here:


In 2017 Valerie Houghton sued several people for falsely disseminating that she misappropriated about $2000. She claims that it damaged her reputation and business.

Surely publishing on the internet that attorney and therapist Valerie R. Houghton poisoned me and sex trafficked my children would be even more damaging. If it were false, why is Valerie Houghton not suing me?

I want to be fair to Ms. Houghton. Even though this web page appears on the first two pages of a google search, I will email Valerie a screenshot and URL of this page to valerie(at)


Ben Z. Says:

I have been poisoned so many times that the shape of my face has changed. This is all funny to Ms. Houghton. She identifies with the Joker. I can see why. Causing misery is funny to her and she does things that most people would never think to do. How many attorneys do you know that would poison a client for complaining? Have a look at my picture. The driver's license picture was taken one and a half years ago.

Ben Z. Says:

Going through a divorce is difficult. But after I retained Ms. Houghton, I was essentially fighting two people, my ex and her. Houghton had her eyes on the assets as much as my ex did. She had her own ideas on how custody would be go after I told her about my ex letting an older man molest our 13 year old son. If Valerie would have acted on the information as she was legally mandated to do, the divorce would have been over and she would have squandered a way to get $80,000 worth of gold coins placed into trust. How I wish that she had never been involved. The divorce was already contentious as it was. The reality is that Houghton does NOT serve a function of any kind. She is only in it for herself.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie treated me and my kids like trash. She let me son get molested, then took away my kids and poisoned me when I complained. She never saw me as a human being. It was her right to do all of that. Valerie never cared about how my son felt. She never cared about taking my health.

The only things that matters are her own interests. I offered to stop complaining if she left me and my kids alone, but that is not good enough for her. She has to give my daughter to a rapist. To that end Valerie continues to poison me. There is no way to reason with her, which is ironic because she claims to specialize in "mediation".

She is the ultimate sociopath, selfish and without empathy or remorse.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie Houghton acts like she is entitled to everything. She gives you two choices. Either give her what she wants, or she will take something else. Her entitlements include your money, children, peace, and privacy.

Once she takes all of that, Valerie will then make offers that include your health.

She will never stop until she gets what she wants. Valerie is the epitome of what it means to be a monster.

She has zero empathy for others. Arguments that include wanting to protect one's children from getting raped fall on deaf ears.

The only things that matter are her own interests. There is never a sense of remorse or shame regarding what she does. Valerie will make it all fall on you.

Ben Z. Says:

Here is a link with more information about how Valerie Houghton operates within the context of divorce.

Make sure to read this page

Don't forget about the PDF posted on this website.

Ben Z. Says:

In 2017 Valerie Houghton sued several people for falsely stating that she misappropriated about $2000 through email and discussion. She claims that it damaged her reputation and business.

Surely publishing on the internet that attorney and therapist Valerie R. Houghton poisoned and sex trafficked my children would be even more damaging. If it were false, why is Valerie Houghton not suing me?

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie has no respect for anyone else's rights. If you don't comply with her demands, she will create misery for you. She only thrives in chaos. Valerie will never offer benefit or compromise. Expect to be threatened and harassed. Houghton aims to break your spirit and make you submit. Demanding that your children be raped is not outrageous to her. That should tell you everything that you need to know about her sense of empathy. All the begging for mercy on my children only led to her mocking me. The therapist license threw me for a loop. It was confusing because she was constantly using psychological terminology, but she was really just manipulating me. Valerie knows how to threaten with subtlety and a smile.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie is just a terrible human being. I was poisoned again yesterday. SHE WAS THE ONE WHO LET MY SON GET MOLESTED. She should have to pay for her own sins. Why should my daughter have to get raped? Why should I have to get poisoned because I won't stop fighting?

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie has no sense of remorse. If she does something bad to you, Valerie treats it like it is your fault. She will do things to make you look and feel bad. If you say anything, she will punish you in court or with one of her outside tools.

Alienation and misery are the names of the game. She will come off as a caring therapist at first, but your life will soon be turned upside down. A divorce is already hard enough. Valerie creates a hell on earth for her clients.

The difficult part is realizing that she is actually the one pulling the strings. Everything that she does is indirect, covert, and by trickery. If things are going haywire and she is on your case, then it is safe to assume that she is the one causing the chaos.

Ben Z. Says:

Fatal Attraction is the movie that comes closest to Ms. Houghton. Even before I complained I was being threatened on numerous occasions. Valerie never does anything directly. It will come via emails by fictitious people, subtle threats from the visitation supervisor and getting repeated robocalls daily for home security after saying something that Valerie doesn't like.

She sticks to you like glue. You are a source for not only money, but also sadistic pleasure. Strange things will start happening in your life after you phone gets hacked. Valerie likes to tamper with every aspect.

There is no one to reason with. You might as well talk to a brick wall because she has ZERO empathy, even if you talk about protecting your kids from getting raped. It is funny to her.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie had her eye on the money from the very moment she laid eyes on me. There was no way that she was going to let go. Valerie was going to get all the money one way or another. She let my son get molested to keep the money pumping. Valerie is a MONSTER. She says that she "lost a lot of business" because I complained. She cannot take any responsibility. Valerie says that I need to pay "taxes." There is not a worse human being in Santa Clara County. God save all of the children.

Ben Z. Says:

I got poisoned again today. She is a thug and a brute.

Ben Z. Says:

It was a curse to be referred to Valerie. She hijacks the divorce. The attorneys represent their own interests. They don't have a care for the litigants.

Valerie is a mandated reporter of child abuse. When she found out that my son was getting molested, she concealed it and profited from the information. If she would have acted appropriately, the divorce would have been over. She wouldn't have been able to prolong the conflict and drain the bank accounts.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie Houghton's job is to terrorize you until your children turn 18 and all the money is gone. She will never leave you alone. There is no benefit that is offered. She doesn't make any money by being helpful. Valerie is a chaotic person, and can only express chaos.

Restraining orders will never go away. She needs to have you arrested. Valerie wants you to walk on egg shells, so that she can sow obedience.

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