A Man Will Die in Prison Because of Cristovaho Diaz

Cristovaho Diaz
Cristovaho Diaz
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2711 Atlantic Ave

Cristovaho Diaz put a man in prison for thirty years with his mouth and because the man he ratted on is in his 60s he will probably die there. Everything would have been perfect had it not been for a cigarette butt and Cristovaho. The cigarette led the cops to Ricky Irizarry who had stolen the van that the cigarette butt was in. Irizarry told the police that he had given the van to Cristovaho Diaz, so the police went to talk to Diaz.

The cops were not even looking at his as a suspect until he told on himself and everyone else involved. He told the police that he gave the van to a hitman to use in a job. A job for which Diaz was the getaway driver. He probably figured they would find a way to pin it on him so he figured he might as well start talking. As a result he got just 5 years and was released years ago.

"The killer would not have been identified, charged or convicted if it had not been for the cooperation of Mr. Diaz," First Assistant Prosecutor Murray Talasnik said.

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