Ricky Irizarry Credited for Helping Feds in Cartel Hit Case

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According to the media, Ricky Irizarry agreed to cooperate with the government as part of a plea agreement after his DNA was found in a van that he stole. That van was eventually used as a getaway vehicle in cartel hit. After searching his phone they found their star witness Cristovaho Diaz, who is the one that really spilled his guts and did the most damage.

As a result of people failing to keep their mouths shut a guy is doing 30 years that will likely result in the now 60 something year old man never getting out of prison and the woman behind the entire thing got something like 8 years thanks to DeJoe being able to keep his mouth shut. Had Irizarry and Diaz been solid guys like DeJoe they never would have figured out who shot Gerardina Garcia.

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