Kyle Wallo Moses Lake Snitch

J&S (Zoom in on the names Sharpied out)
J&S (Zoom in on the names Sharpied out)
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Case number 17-1-00739-1. Defendant Emilio Cornell. Charges: Res Burg, Theft, Forgery, Theft of Access Device, Possession of Stolen Mail, Fraud, etc.

About 3 years ago, the defendant committed these crimes and was arrested by Wenatchee Police Department and charged for above crimes. During the initial investigation, Kyle Wallo, 16 at the time, was present as well as multiple others. In the report in clearly states that Wallo told Police Sgt. Files that the defendant did in fact commit said crimes. Please view photo as reference. It is said that if Wallo had not said anything to the officers that the defendant would have not been charged with almost 80% of the crimes and would have only gotten a year and a day in prison, coming out to about 9 months. Now the defendant has three years of community supervision on top of the 3 he did in prison. Kyle Wallo lives in Moses Lake, WA and thinks he is a bad ass and is untouchable as well as being in denial about being a snitch. There are copies of the J&S that are not marked off with black marker showing his name fully and clearly. The owner of said documents has not released these images as of yet but will most likely do so. Please do not do anything illegal around Wallo as you may end up in cuffs.

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