Snitches on the Loose in Southeast Portland

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Category: Snitches - Cop Callers
Last Known Crime Scene Location:
SE 92nd Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97226
Assistant Police Chief Mike Frome
Assistant Police Chief Mike Frome

Several snitches appear to be operating in Southeast Portland according to the news. Apparently a group of them have been repeatedly snitching out their fellow southeast Portlanders for wanting to get high. That led to several getting arrested in what police call a drug house. Many were arrested just for frequenting a place where controlled substances are used, so apparently you don't even need to be doing drugs or selling drugs to get busted by the Portland Police. You just need some nosy neighbor failing to mind his or her business to report you as being in a house where other people use drugs. It is not clear if the Portland Police knew or even cared if any of those people were at that location frequently or just the one time they bothered to show up.

Assistant Chief Mike Frome called this an excellent example of people spying on their neighbors and ratting them out. Not in those words exactly, but by using words of similar meaning. Three individuals talked about the incident on the news, their names were Ron Hill, Patty Hill and Andrew Anderson. It is not clear if they called the cops on their neighbors or not, but their statements to the press don't sound like the words of anyone that would have a problem ratting on someone.

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