Valerie R. Houghton poisoned me because I complained.

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By: Ben Z.
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san jose, california

Valerie Houghton poisoned me because I complained. She also has a list of demands that I comply with.

Valerie says that she "lost a lot of business."

Ben Z. Says:

I am accusing Valerie of selling kids for sex.

Why is she not suing me?

Ben Z. Says:

If I had known what was being read from a phone, I would have never agreed if I had seen or been able to sign a restraining order.

I appealed the order as soon as I realized what it was. The judge (Valerie's friend) said, "I know that yo think that it is unfair, but you agreed."

The order to not have contact with my kids has since been renewed. The judge cannot even articulate a reason why I have one.

Ben Z. Says:

Valerie will make you feel helpless. She took away all the control after I told her that my son was being molested. Not only did she refuse to address it, but I was unable to speak to my son about it during supervised visitation.

Valerie wants you to give up, then blame you for it.

Ben Z. Says:

A sociopath is someone who goes outside the rules and normal boundaries.

Typical functioning people talk and negotiate. If they can't come to agreements, they settle differences in court.

Valerie negotiates with your peace of mind, job status, ability to house yourself, access to your children and health. She doesn't want to settle in court, but she will negotiate tirelessly until you cave in.

She won't care if that results in permanent kidney damage, homelessness, or child rape. Only her demand is important to her.

Ben Z. Says:

I don't want anything to do with Valerie. I just want to protect my children. Valerie is trying to force me to go along with what she wants. If it is good enough for her to have my children sexually abused, why shouldn't it be good enough for me?

She wants to force us all into slavery. She wants my children to turn tricks and I comply to her every whim.

The rest of us are her trash to abuse. She has the right to strip out your health little by little.

I've lost sensation over my entire body. My lips permanently feel like I just came back from the dentist.

When will she leave me alone?

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