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Austin Ray Bennett. Cop caller. Child abuser. Threatened a child with a taser in home because child was acting up. Does meth. Have multiple sources to vouch for these as well as many other things which include someone who smokes with him. Was confronted at his home by some mutual friends of ours, the homie and his girl and he called the police even though nobody was doing anything wrong at that point. Austin has had CPS involved and others have called the police on him for assaults and whatever else but he gets away with it (course that's cop calling too but this isnt about them). Austin says he's grown up from the hood life and would rather call the police to handle his problems that he causes. This pos endangers kids and call cops when he gets caught and denies it but still was investigated by CPS. Completed their bs, and went right back to his bs. Just know that if you say something sideways to him he'll dial 911 because he likes it up the a** now. I heard the whole confrontation bcuz I was on speaker phone in the homies pocket yo. Make this fool famous!

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