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kent, aka kent#0004 or k1, is a infamous "internet gangster" that is associated with Doxbin and was associated with a rather growing business named Overpowered Services ran by him, Yariya, and 187. Doxbin is a document sharing and publishing website which invited users to contribute personally identifiable information, or "dox", of any person of interest. It was previously operated on the darknet as a Tor hidden service, by a person known on the internet as nashcash. As of right now, kent holds the most successful DDoS attacks on the website record hitting 3,000,000-12,000,000 r/s. Instead of looking for fame, kent has said that he is here for the fun of it and not for money, which sounds like a more mature approach. As of now, kent remains low profile in the IoT botnet scene. He has made programs in Python, C++, and is a website designer. He was associated with a very small business named Slappy ran by a user named Bennett and w00dy. After leaving them after a couple of weeks, he went back to Overpowered Services for full time. He was known for ratting, credit card fraud, doxxing, and DDoSsing. Overpowered Services is a business that includes the sell of botnets, a Discord DDoS bot, and VPNs. Slappy is selling the use of a Discord DDoS bot that is fully developed by w00dy and xero. kent is thought to be retired in all categories. He as of right now has quit running all businesses. xero is an infamous "internet gangster" that has left community for personal reasons. He has been with 187 since November of 2019. Doing the same as of kent, was known for ratting, doxxing, and DDoSsing.

Instagram: sinzuko

Telegram: sinzuko

Discord: kent#2337

Snapchat: sinzuko


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What does this have to do with police, prosecutors, judges, corrections, snitches, or any part of the injustice system?

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