Samantha Gibbs Hemet CA - C.I.

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Set Up On:
Category: Snitches - Informants
Current Other Address:
Hemet, California 92545

Samantha Gibbs, 34 from Hemet California. Set-up her husband and informed the police of the vehicle being driven and what could be found in it, to get one of her "give up three and go free" victims. This man had given her everything she needed since they met and when they eventually got married told him they would never have sex. Eventually she agreed to let him pleasure her for $2500, but never followed thru with her part. This is her way of not having to do what she agreed to. Hey him out of the picture. Set him up with 3g over the threshold and then called her handler telling him where and when he could be pulled over. What a despicable example of a human being.

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