Matt Gaetz Names Donald Gaetz as Wire Wearing FBI Informant

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Congressman Matt Gaetz responded to accusations that he sex trafficked an underaged girl by admitting to being snitch and implicating his father as an informant that wore a wire for the FBI in response to his tattling. You can watch highlights from Gaetz' interview with Tucker Carlson in the video embedded below this article in which Fox News summarizes the case.

The New York Times recently reported that Rep. Gaetz has been under investigation by the Department of Justice for some time due to allegations that he had an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year old girl and paid for her to travel with him across state lines. Gaetz says that he and his family are the target of a $25,000,000 extortion attempt. Gaetz accuses former federal prosecutor David McGee of sending his father a text message in March of last year demanding a meeting and during that meeting he offered to make the sex trafficking charges disappear for a fee. Gaetz said that he and his family were "so troubled by that, we went to the local FBI." He went on to describe how his father, former Florida State Senate President Donald Gaetz, wore a wire for the FBI and recorded conversations with McGee.

The sex trafficking allegations appear to be linked to Gaetz' former political ally Joel Greenberg ( Greenberg was arrested last year on fourteen federal charges including stalking a political opponent, creating fake ids, and sex trafficking a minor. It is not clear how Greenberg and Gaetz know each other or how Greenberg's conduct relates to Gaetz beyond the sex trafficking allegations and an apparent offer from McGee to make it go away. The purpose of this article is not to pass judgment on the legitimacy of the investigation, but only to document the fact that Gaetz and his father are snitches.

According to public records, Matthew Louis Gaetz II is a 38 year old Florida native whose information appears to be purged from our background check service's database. We did however find public records for Donald Jay Gaetz, age 73, at the above mentioned address. We are posting that address so that people in the area know to be careful because someone is likely to be wearing a wire, recording their every word, and is liable to report them to the police. We ask that you use it for informational purposes only and do not commit any unlawful acts.

If people like the Gaetz' don't like being blasted by our words then perhaps they should be less vindictive and more honorable. The next time someone tries to extort money form them they should just say no and leave it at that if they are not willing to handle the matter like men. Trying to put the other man in prison by crying to the cops is the act of a coward afraid to handle his own business.

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