Judge James Towery threatens me with prison or death

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By: Ben Zi
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I have made several complaints about Judge Towery because he let my son get molested in order to help my attorneys get assets placed into trust.

Instead of correcting the issue by either recusal or ordering an emergency screening, I have been retaliated against.

Judge Towery and one of the attorneys, Valerie Houghton, demand that I undergo a mental health evaluation. Ms. Houghton says that she lost a lot of business because I complained. She indicates that she will pay for the results that will restore her business.

But undergoing such an evaluation would hinder my ability to protect my children. The other three have shown strong indications of also being molested, but I cannot confirm that because I have not seen them in almost 7 years.

In order to pressure me for my cooperation, I have been poisoned on numerous occasions. All of my organs have been damaged, my testicles have atrophied, my face has changed shape, and I have lost sensation across my entire body. They say that they kill me if I do not comply.

They have also threatened to put me in prison by using their connections and money.

I don't think that I will live long enough to protect my children through adulthood. The best that I can hope for is to make arrangements for them to be protected.

I continue to hold out.

Ben Zi Says:

I hope that Judge Towery will reconsider not ordering an emergency screening and leaving me alone.

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