Michelle Rose Tobin - CI Henderson Police Department

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By: Charhass
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Arrested for Felony Possession of Heroin. Magistrate posted bond at $7k. Then shortly after bond was changed to secure bond. The defendant often is fearful and has paranoid dillusions about her family needing to go into witness protection. All telltale signs she signed her life away as a CI (Confidential Informant) for Henderson Police. The police also released her with her heroin and paraphernalia. Defendant suffers from methamphetamine induced psychosis where she claims everyone else is an informant. All due to her own inner self guilt and shame. I do not believe it is wrong to get drugs off the streets and sometimes people get stuck in horrible situations where they are corerced into agreeing for their freedom and family. Little do they know the discovery process will reveal them in most cases to the criminal being prosecuted.

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