Troy Adkins The Bachelor Party Meth Mouth Rat

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Category: Snitches - Cop Callers
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783 E 500 S Laporte, Indiana

Troy The Snitch ass farm boy meth mouth, came to my bachelor party 9/8/2021. The little rat came drunk started shit with ALL of my grooms men. When confronted for talking shit Troy runs in the woods trying to leave drunk off 2 hf gallons of long islands. He gets scared and calls the cops to a bachelor party in the Huron forest in baldwin michigan. He told the cops he was in fear for his life! Lmfao. Then the rat tried to tell my ol lady we were looking for whores in the middle of the fuckin forest to get out of his own trouble with his girl. Troy Adkins your a disgrace. Stay clear of the Bachelor Party Rat before he rats on you next!

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