Erin Cook Moses Lake Nutjob

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4826 Stratford Rd Ne, #3

I am writing this on behalf of all the tenants in the complex where this psycho lives. I myself have never met this nut but have heard a few things from many people that have met her including some that don't even live near the apartment complex she lives in. I hope to never meet her because you know, snitches ain't no good and yeahhhhh. Erin likes to be involved in everyone's conversations and secrets then goes and tells the person being discussed what was said causing massive drama and fights. This person also is trying to take someone's child via courts saying the mother is unfit even though she herself has a nasty pigsty of a house and has no job and lives off food stamps and SSI. Roaches roam her house and she has a bunch of nasty dogs running around. She goes and tells people's secrets to others and causes chaos. I'm writing on behalf of all the tenants that have issues with her. Which is pretty much all of them apparently. Please avoid this person if you don't want added drama in your life or if you have secrets you don't want out to the public. If you feel the need to voice your opinion, you may contact her at (509)361-8754, you can also pay 99cents online on WhitePages to get a full report on her (Emails, Social Media Profiles, Addresses, Family Members, Phone Numbers, Criminal History, etc).

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