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Muncie, Indiana *****
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After an exhausting search Kevin R. Johnson 49yrs. Of age is finally outed in Muncie Indiana . He was suspected of possible police affiliation but modern day being what it is. The age of technology has finally brought this informant and his number to the light ( Informant # 15265921D.T.F) As many as 35 different reports Kevin has informed from Texas to Chicago his reports are still putting people behind bars.The trail of reports inevitably leads to Corpus Cristy Texas from there we reverse trace and everything comes to fruition he is a valued asset of the Delaware Co. Informant team

I personally did rime due to Kevin Johnson we were both picked up one night outside the anchor lounge after about an hour they being DTF LET KEVIN GO AND I WENT TO JAIL HIS INF NUMBER IS 15265921 THROUGH DELAWARE COUNTY MUNCIE INDIANA

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