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Chastity Stoner has been working with detectives for the past 4 years every since she went on a high speed chase trying to get rid of her dope. She got caught with 2 Oz of ice. She started wearing a wire on her dealer from Dayton for a reduced sentence. He got hemmed up leaving her and Jeremys house on young st where they use to live. HH

I know got fact neither of these two are fucking snitches lacey Facebook account was hacked she has no access to none of it who ever created this site is fucking retarted site maybe they are the snitch

Nicetrylacey Says:

Not true. Lacey miller posted this after I had enough of her lies & stopped helping her repeatedly. She's the 1 whose posted most of these posts and that's only the people she's robbed, lied to or owes money to. That's why I sat 9 mons in jail over a misd? Then went to prison for another 9 over nothing. lacey miller, AKA Lacey haha, Lacey idontfukwityou has at the most sat in jail for 30 days even after being caught stealing cars and selling drugs, you do the math. I personally watched her Falsely put those names of who stopped helping her on this slandering websight. Anyone can put anything on here with no proof. So show the paperwork! But that'll be difficult since there is none. So please remove this false slandering post from here administrations or I'll have to file a lawsuit.

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