How rats become rats to not go to jail

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By: Stevens77
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When a Informant wakes up he dont think hey I'm going to tell on someone to day they do not plan it it happens the get hi or comment a crime and to avoid going to jail they tell on someone they are scared to go to jail so they tell tell tell and it makes me sick I am a cop it is my job I have more respect for the ones that do the crime and are man enough to do the time but you rats let me find out you are telling and I will blast you on here I'm a Bakersfield cop I'm proud of it on the east side of town there is 46 snitches 25 by Kern medical center and 22 on the west side 11 in south side 29 in oildale If you do the crime do the time or I will blast you

Am/fK Says:

I love you Stevens77. Will you marry me?

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