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Caldwell, Idaho 83607

Amber lacrosse (Bad Newa)informant as well as a thief and very sexually active with males and females. Lies about her children and why they were taken, possibly schizophrenic wore a wire or whtever they are called now on Darren Meeks he is currently doing Federal time. she does burglaries and likes take trailers cars Motorcycles basically anything she can get her hands on she lies to get sympathy and wants everybody to feel sorry for her tries to set up other people and make them look like snitches so it takes light of her she wants to be the one in control the boss everybody needs to worship her she'll become friends with you just so she can get close to your man and then try to take you down to get you out of the picture. She wil tell you the hell she went through and about how people tried to kill her she is a habitual liar and very dangerous to have around.

Son Says:

Take DarrensTake Darrens name off

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