Fort Wayne dope ***** AND DOCUMENTED SNITCH

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By: Nope99
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stayed on third s or stay with her daughter or man

This weird ***** will literally be getting sick and dope from you AND TELLING ON YOU AT THE EXACT SAME TIME! Especially to get herself out of trouble. She set u a controlled buy on a guy (meaning she was already informing anyways!) and them continues to not only sleep with him and get dope but was meeting with detectives at the same time. She then ADMITTED to the dude that the cops had come to her about setting him up she claimed she wouldnt, dude got busted and then it came out on his paperwork she set up a buy on him like a YEAR EARLIER THAN THAT! So for months she was fuckkn the dude getting dope getting rid of **** knowing she set him up then cops wanted more and she ****** ** by telling the dude about it because he found out it was her who already set up the first controlled buys ! Lets She is recently been in Some trouble again so anyone fuckkn with her be careful she tells! not forget half the reason she said something was ONLY because she herself was under investigation at the time! Be careful of this self proclaimed rat!

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