Motel 6 is the police the gangs talk and surveil all of theyre guests

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Motel 6 has informants that live rent free in order to surveil guests. Remember these people are criminals and they will have your room surrounded with bad people who listen to your every move using super ear aps and they will follow you everywhere. 3 different times I was sleeping and someone entered my room with a key card. I caught them climbing in a window of a guest who had been arrested going through theyre stuff to get first dibs on theyre items before they loaded them up into a moving van that sat on property the entire 3 months I stayed there. I was questioned by front desk about a private phone call I made in my room on my cell phone. The room phone kept a making weird noises will phone was on the hook. I unplugged it just to have front desk knock and tell me they had a new phone for me. I found out motel6 was bought by the

feds and use a police data base for all registries. Police were kicking down doors or arresting people for buys in the parking lot like clock work on vice nights. Steer clear from extended stay motel 6 or any hotel on .

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