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My house nigga

When I was 18 years old this kid used to be my best f****** friend. Then we decided we were going to start trapping because around here it's either trapping or working your ass off for some b**** who's going to cheat on you in the end anyway. So we got really into it and then all of a sudden we got busted with a little more than we should have or would have liked to at the time. I get it that we were young and we had our lives ahead of us but in all reality this dude was the one who paid for all the drugs they were his drugs he was so excited to claim to all the ladies that they were his drugs but as soon as the cops came on us and we were busted then they were my drugs and then I was the plug and I was selling pounds a week and all of this s*** just decided to get put on to my lap when in all reality I sold a couple 20 bags for him here and there. He was just mad because he wanted to f*** my girlfriend and she told him no and then the next day the cops rated us, I got 10 years in prison.

Bigjake69 Says:

Bitch ass punk I ain't even fucking lived here but for a couple years, so fuck you and your made up bullshit, u wanna meet and talk about this you fucking punk mother fucker?! Not a damn scrap of paperwork on that shit you lame fuck, so come get it if you feeling hot bitch, fuckin fake ass bitch

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