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Alameen Karim Merali is an ex-fed acting as a larp to lure in pedophiles and have them arrested. He uses CP and even spams it on different sources such as Telegram, Facebook and other Social Media Platforms to lure the pedos who want to buy the stuff in while claiming hes selling CP, he doesnt actually sell it but rather scams the money and sends an IP Logger to the pedos who pay him to buy the product which he then reports to the Center of Missing and Exploited Children. Alameen also has a reputation for different kinds of other activities during his investigative missions, regardless of him being an ex-Fed who was part of the QAnon Military Intelligence Dissemination Program that was officially started by Donald Trump, he still is using his investigative knowledge behind the backs to capture many pedos and criminals who are even in the US Government. He recently was the result of the disappearance of an American Military Officer named Travis Scott Patterson (His fraudster name being Dr. Deplorable) since he helped and at the same time backstabbed and got backstabbed by criminals on helping catch this freak. He used cyber-criminals to help gain information on the Military Officer who supposedly was behind loan frauds, CC Fraud, Pedophilia (Including Child Porn), Government Fraud and many other kinds of fraudulent activities and got him doxxed too. The criminal promised to pay him $500 which he never paid so he went ahead and backstabbed the criminal too and got backstabbed by cyber-criminals claiming that hes a pedophile when in reality he isnt. Alameen has a certificate in Forensics and Incident Response as well as Hacking and other Computer Certifications in relation to Cyber-Defense. He is someone to be very careful when looking out for. Below are his doxxes, keep in mind that most of the cyber-criminals that attack him are from Doxbin and he himself has been in Doxbin for about several years, he goes behind the backs of Doxbiners and pretends to be their friends and work together with them then uses the information he gets to backstab all the criminals just like a detective; I warn yall to be careful of this guy and even check out his Doxbin Profile too and his doxxes that hes done on many criminals especially those that betray him in a bad way, he even made other pedos like Chaewin Saenz disappear through doxxing especially since shes widely known as LulzandFeelz as her Dark Web name and shes a well known skid and scammer too so worked with Dr. More information on him is below: (In this dox, he decided to dox himself because he says all these other doxxes are incomplete so he decided to complete it himself. You can check the very bottom of this dox where he added his own dox to finish all the other doxxes)

His Doxbin User Profile:

His Snapchat: codyearldiaz

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