Joshua JMoney Jenkins: CI not GD

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Millen, Georgia *****

Confidential Informant since 2018 for the State of Georgia in exchange for early release after 24 months from 10 year sentence on multiple burglary convictions. Not required to follow parole or probation guidelines and will not be charged for new crimes after being arrested (battery, aggravated stalking, theft, possession of methamphetamine). Claims to be affiliated with the GD as a high ranking officer to cover for being untouchable by law enforcement. In truth he is re-selling drugs confiscated from the previous busts that he arranges. He carries a distinctive revolver that was stolen recovered and misplaced by law enforcement instead of being returning to the owner. He recently discovered the remains of a missing man and failed to report it but called an prison guard to go look after taking drugs and cash from the body. He now lives in the same house and does odd jobs for an elderly woman just as the man had at the time of his death. The man was reported missing 2 days after Jenkins was let out of prison and resumed peddling low quality and questionable drugs around the county. He admits to serving missing man along with the middle school children he targets shortly before his disappance and death. The Millen News archives for dates and details that supports Jenkins revolving door of bookings without cases to follow. Update: Official cause of death was a drug overdose.Jenkins is now engaged to marry the elderly woman with family ties in the law enforcement community. Jenkins has yet to report to probation since his release.

Ur so ******* stupid and a fake u do the most just Bec skee break up this **** funny asf u looking stupid while I'm laughinf please enjoy Laura lane aka clownbaby

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