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Jonathan Mcmillen of Bartlett, TN is a confidential informant to the Shelby County Organized Crime Unit. He got caught multiple times for marijuana possession and selling 2001-2003 then had to serve a year for getting arrested while in drug court. In 2016 he got busted with 200 valium, 200 lortabs, oxycodone, Tussinex cough syrup, pound of marijuana, marijuana cartridges, Xanax, marijuana edibles and several guns. This was in Bartlett a suburb of Memphis where they will sentence harshly. In Memphis someone caught with this would get at least 3 years in jail. Somehow he only got 6 months weekend time and only had to serve 3 months of it.

Ain't no one ever heard of anyone with previous charges, getting caught with that much dope and GUNS and not having to serve at least 20 months. This degenerate loser has been an informant for Shelby County since 2016.

In 2022 his loser dumb ass got busted again but this time he is facing 10 years and OCU ain't playing with him. They know he was selling marijuana to his underage son and friends. Also endangering his children's life by continuing to sell drugs out of his house where they live.

He is a friend/associate of Lil Wyte and many of his friends. Unfortunately Jonathan Mcmillen is a bitch and is telling EVERYONES business to he doesn't have to go to jail for his own decisions. Def a bitch and def not a real dope boy. If you do the crime you do the time. You don't flip against your own people.

Jonathan Mcmillen is a coward hoe that needs to be dealt with immediately. He knows many people in Memphis of all different affiliations (GD, VL, etc) and he is a liability to everyone he knows. If you know this punk and he knows any of your business you best believe for sho he has told Shelby County Organized Crime Unit about your business.

His address is

He is Geronimo McMillen on Facebook.

You can look up his criminal records at for yourself to see.

Be careful, everyone knows a coward is the most dangerous person there is.

If anyone in the Memphis area ever had a hit and run on the interstate in Memphis from a light blue Hinda it may have been from Dr Joseph Brandon Kaminsky. Due to his mental issues and anger problems he has hot several people. While driving in the interstate and fled.

Dr Joseph Kaminsky has also worked in Savannah, GA , Portland, Oregon , Chattanooga, TN. Every place he goes he causes issues with medical staff due to his delusions. I hope he is not making misdiagnosis of patients due to his mental issues. The boards in these states should investigate him to make sure he is competent enough to work in this very serious position. He decides rather people have cancer or no so it is a life or death situation.

Correction to my last two posts. His cousins graduated from University of Tennessee Collage of Medicine.

His Linked In page is Joseph Kaminsky - Owner - Advantage Tutoring - LinkedIn

His Instagram is pimppath

I also heard Dr Joseph Brandon Kaminsky from Memphis,TN. Who is a licensed pathologist in Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, & Oregon and other states may have schizophrenia now from all the ecstacy, MDMA, acid, mushrooms, cocaine, marijuana, & other drugs he used when he was heavy in the rave scene. He still partakes from time to time since becoming a doctor.

He thought Mormons were having him followed after he put false information about a Mormon doctor he worked with in Arkansas online. He ended up quitting his job there with Locum Tenens &moving back in with Jonathan McMillen temporarily before taking a job in Alabama with the same company.

Each city he went to he claimed people were watching and following him. It's scary he is diagnosing cancer and other diseases.

Jonathan McMillen has a cousin that's now a doctor named Dr. Joseph Brandon Kaminsky. He grew marijuana in Southaven, MS with a long time friend of his. Joseph known as Joe Kaminsky or JoJo sold the marijuana they grew in Mississippi to Jonathan and other friends and family in Tennessee. Everyone knows when you pass states lines this makes that a federal crime.

This was before Joe went to medical school at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Joe got arrested for marijuana and had to have snitched to stay out of trouble. His last name was Montalvo, but changed it to Kaminsky, his mother's last name. I guess he wanted to make it harder for people to associate him with drugs since when went to medical school after to become a Pathologist.

Here is his Facebook profile:

Jonathan McMillen, informant in Memphis, is currently running around with Ryan Hopgood of the Memphis Sandwhich Clique on social media. Here is the Facebook page:

You can Google this guy and see he is into all kinds of nefarious activities. Most likely Ryan Hopgood is also an informant for narcotics as he is running around with Jonathan McMillen an established narcotics informant.

Be very careful, Ryan under the cover of being the sandwich guy can weasel his way in to many situations with Jonathan McMillen. This is to obtain information for Shelby County OCU and other narcotic related units. You have been warned.

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