Rat Rapper Lil' Cease Publicly Apologized for Snitching on Lil' Kim

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Over the years rat rapper Lil' Cease a.k.a. James Lloyd went from claiming he was not a rat to apologizing to Lil' Kim for among other things testifying against her at her perjury trial. When Lil' Kim was suspected of lying to a grand jury about her involvement in a 2001 shooting, the feds subpoena'd anyone they thought might testify as to the alleged false statements made by Kim. The testimony of those witnesses led to her 2005 conviction and one year prison sentence. Cease was one of those people. In 2005 Cease publicly admitted to ratting out Kim but at the same time denied being a snitch even thought his entire argument to those ends included an admission that he did in fact snitch on her by testifying against her in court.

"Me and Kim wasn't on good terms for the moment, and she made it clear to the world that she didn't want to have anything to do with me and my peoples. So she wasn't trying to call us to her defense. Being that we was witnesses there, the U.S. government subpoenaed us. And there's nothing you can do about that. When you're subpoenaed, you either come or they take your ass to jail. It's just that simple." - Lil' Cease a.k.a. James Lloyd

Cease stated incorrectly that "When you're subpoenaed, you either come or they take your ass to jail. It's just that simple." It is actually more complicated due to the nature of human memory, especially when asked to recall incidents the recollection of which would make you a snitch if you chose to recall them. The government can never prove what anyone can and can't remember at any given time. That is why the correct answer to questions like the ones Cease was asked are statements like, "I have no recollection." That would have allowed Cease to maintain his street credibility without committing perjury himself because to prove perjury the government would have had to prove that he knowingly lied about his recollection, which is impossible to do unless you later tell on yourself. The right thing to do when forced to testify against someone is to simply say you do not remember anything and never admit to remembering anything.

The most shocking thing about all this is that Kim appeared to forgive Cease when he personally apologized to her at the 2019 B.I.G. Dinner. This makes one wonder if Kim is now a snitch sympathizer. She even hugged him at the end of his speech. A totally inappropriate display of snitch sympathy. A more appropriate response would have been to slap him in the face. She could have then said something like, "thanks for the apology but youz still a rat!" What kind of ex-con gives a snitch a hug? Especially when the snitch ratted on you. That makes no rational sense whatsoever. After the show she tried to play it as if mending her heart was somehow a better way to honor BIG. BIG was a real gangster, so being nice to a rat does not honor him at all. A better way to honor BIG would have been to slap that rat.

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