South Bay Bish on the Chop Block

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12384 NW Barnes Road
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Kerri Anderson is an informant who ratted out several groups including her ex boyfriend at the time trying to pin the info that caused the bust on him at some chop shop in San Jose ca ran by a foreign crime ring and law enforcement. Her ex ended up doing hard time while she ran to Oregon to continue her prostitution and drug dealing under Cl protection. She is trying to infiltrate Bay Area and east coast operations with a bunch of rats that live in the same town near Portland. Rats and more rats I hate rabies. She hides behind this fentanyl dealing absconding parolee named Adam Thoeny out of Washington.

1297 Goerig Road Woodland Wa, 98674

Oh and theres an unincorporated area of Oregon frequented called Rock Creek. Rats love it because it is so unpopular and easier to hide there.

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