Report Abuse of Cop Blaster

NOTICE: Email Validation Not Enabled at This Time, Contact Author Feature Not Yet Enabled, Will Be Shortly.

Abuse occurs when someone posts information on Cop Blaster in violation of the website's Terms of Use. If you spot abuse anywhere on this site please follow the steps on this page for reporting the abuse.

  1. Go to the post in question. This can be done easily by going to and typing a word or phrase unique to the record into the textbox and clicking the search button. This can also be done using the site search feature of the Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of the screen if the page has been indexed by Google.
  2. If you are a registered member post a comment about the Cop Blaster post in question using the comment feature located below the report itself. This feature has been created for the purpose of making sure both sides have a chance to be heard. If you are not a member then you can sign up for free to speak your mind.
  3. Contact the publisher of the post (Not Yet Enabled). This can be done easily by clicking on the user name link on the post itself at which point you will see either the members profile or a login page. If you are a member login and you will be redirected to the profile automatically. If you are not a member then sign up for a free membership to view the work of the author. The profile has a contact form where you can have Cop Blaster send an instant email to the publisher automatically. Every registered member is required to verify their email address before they start posting and that email address will be the one receiving the message. If you are unable to resolve your issues with the publisher proceed to the next step.
  4. There is nothing more we can do for you at this point. We would like to be able to investigate reports of abuse and remove abusive content if necessary, unfortunately this is not a legal option for us at this time. That is because United States District Judge Marco Hernandez ordered that the owner of this site have nothing to do with any site directly or indirectly that involves administrative content removal. We did encourage you to contact Judge Hernandez with your concerns, but he recused himself, so there is nothing he can do anymore. The new judge has been much better and Sullivan's supervision in his online threat case will be over soon, so bear with us.