About CopBlaster.com.

CopBlaster.com was started by Cyrus Sullivan of Portland, Oregon in 2017 as a form of online civil disobedience. Experience had already tought him the need for reliable online services to support the publication of truths likely to anger those in authority. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. are just fine for telling basic stories and sharing vanilla opinions, but if you post anything real that is likely to result in complaints, your time on those platforms might be numbered. With Cop Blaster people can post their stories without having to worry about them being taken down for the most part.

Technical Difficulties

When the site's administrator was improsoned shortly after launch the SSL certificate expired and as a result the site displayed a security warning for over a year. There was very little no new content posted by the site and even less posted by the general public. It was a miracle that the site did not go down, but fortunately the owner planned ahead well enough.

New Life

In 2019 the owner was finally able to use a computer again, fixed the site up, began posting original content daily, and doing what he could to raise awareness.

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