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Have you ever been less than absolutely 100% completely satisfied with law enforcement? Whether you've been brutalized, annoyed, or just disappointed, you've probably had an experience with police officers, prosecutors, judges, snitches, jails, prisons, or some part of the system that could have been better.Sign up for free and tell your story.

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Scott Joseph Franklin Before and After
Category: Snitches - Informants
City: Everette, Washington
Category: Police - Federal
City: Las VEGAS, Nevada
Category: Corrections - Prison Staff
City: Sheridan, Oregon
Category: Corrections - Prison Staff
City: Sheridan, Oregon
Category: Corrections - Correctional Officers
City: Portland, Oregon
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The Cop Blaster Police Tracking and Complaint System is a user generated collection of information published by the people and for the people. It includes many things including stories, pictures, and personal information. Registered users take full responsibility for what they publish and Cop Blaster does all it can to make sure what they say stays published, becomes easily accesible to the general public here as well as elsewhere on the web, and that your identity is kept private.

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Cop Blaster members enjoy the benifit of knowing that their persecutors will finally have to answer to a higher court. That court is the court of public opinion, god's court, allah's court, Bob's court, or whatever you want to call it. To that end they are able to upload and update whatever information they desire free of the censorship that would otherwise make shutting them up easy elsewhere on the web.

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Cop Blaster is currently in open beta status. That means that basic features are operational, but contain bugs and more advanced features are on the way.

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6/26/2019 - His new sucked up mugshot from 2018 does not surprise me. He always said his dream was to smoke an 8 ball of meth when he got out. Looks like he smoked at least eight 8 balls.
2/18/2018 - Hi, I want to report a person who works illegally in San Diego.
2/18/2018 - quiero reportar a una persona que trabaja con visa de turista en california
1/31/2018 - Pueden encontrar a Carlos fregozo entre 7 a 8 en su trabajo Crital view
1/31/2018 - Quiero reportar a Carlos fregozo Reynoso que fue deportados del pais por posesión de drogas y volvió a ingresar trabaja en una compañía que se llama cristal view que esta por North Park ya que trabaja ilegalmente y trata mal a la gente