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10/12/2019 - It would have been difficult to tell that this was in fact Muth in the picture if it were not for those hideous glasses. She is the only deputy that wears frames like that, so even though she is out of uniform those are a dead give away. Had she worn something less noticeable she probably would not have been seen in this photo.
10/6/2019 - This could be a coincidence but Shanks' first contact with me took place shortly after I posted a report about someone that lives in the same neighborhood. The report involved a complaint that the person had filed with the Oregon Department of Justice about the same website that inspired the person that took credit for initializing things with Shanks.
10/2/2019 - She was just sentenced to 10 years. That is either a slap on the wrist for a convicted murderer or a death sentence for an ex-cop going to prison. 10 years is a long time for someone like her to survive in prison. She will be marked everywhere she goes so she will probably spend a lot of that time in protective custody. Protective custody inmates usually spend a lot of time in the hole until they they are sent to a PC yard if they are lucky. Even then she might run into someone that she put in there.
9/30/2019 - Daniel Stephen Johnson did get a life sentence for abusing little kids in Cambodia and did it under the guise of being a missionary. Read more at https://www.justice.gov/usao-or/pr/oregon-man-found-guilty-sexually-abusing-children-orphanage-cambodia

I admit that Johnson's credibility is questionable but I do know that whether Hernandez touched him inappropriately as he claims or not the fact remains that Hernandez was an pathetic abusive little turd that did not belong there. If he had not been such a jerk that complaint would not have been filed. Those strip searches were weird like Dan.
9/30/2019 - LOL! Dan Johnson, that was the name of the dude that filed the PREA complaint against Hernandez. I'm not really sure what he did exactly but the word around the unit was some kind of weirdo stuff. I avoided him as well as guys in his group. Tried to do my time as easily as I could since I should not have been there in the first place. But jerks like Hernandez did not make that easy.

I think Ananguia1 is Hernandez but I can't prove it or a friend of his. Which is almost as bad as being Danial Johnson.