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LAPD Headshots

Over 9,000 pictures of Los Angeles Police Department personnel matched with biographical data from public records. By using different datasets we may have indentified undercover officers. Stay informed with LAPD Headshots!

COVID-19 Snitches

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a snitching epidemic in the United States. We have acquired large sets of government data identifying these snitches, who they told on, and what they said. So far we have been able to add over 10,000 posts to our database giving Cop Blaster the internet's largest Snitch List.

Killed By Police

Over 8,200 Americans have been Killed by Police since 2013 and we have their stories with over 3,000 pictures of police violence victims. This is an ongoing project for tracking law enforcement violence in the United States in a way that you too can contribute by adding comments to victims' profiles.

National Decertification Database

Cop Blaster has added a section containing profiles on over 30,000 decertified police officers in the United States. This section is separate from the main publishing service. Members can post comments about decertified officers. The Police Decertification Database was compiled from public records.

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Misconduct Reporting

Cop Blaster: Police Misconduct Reporting and Monitoring was founded primarily as a user generated collection of information published by the people and for the people. It includes many things including stories, pictures, and personal information. Registered users take full responsibility for what they publish and Cop Blaster does all it can to make sure what they say stays published, becomes easily accessible to the general public here as well as elsewhere on the web, and that your identity is kept private.

In Depth Investigations

Cop Blaster conducts in depth independent investigations on issues of public interest. We start with media research or tips from users like you and look for truths that the mainstream media ignores. In recent months we have exposed illegal government surveillance operations and the identities of disciplined officers.

Location Monitoring

If you live in America then your state already has its own Cop Blaster website. If you don't find your city then you can start your own Cop Blaster website for your town just by signing up for a membership and writing your first report. This gives Cop Blaster the ability to help citizens mobilize in any local area.

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Just sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for "seditious conspiracy" due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington D.C.

As a rat he has the right to request protective custody which he will certainly do. If they send him to a good yard he will leave on a stretcher, so he will have to spend his time in solitary until classification sends him to a protective custody yard. He should do alright at a PC yard full of rats, sex offenders, and other messed up dudes.

This is not true. This is a false statement!

I say let's see the paperwork. I Guarantee There won't be no paperwork provided. Because it does not exist. The people are person that told on the person or people that made this post It's not the person they think it is. And this person on this post is not a CI. And never will be. Furthermore The Maker of this claim should be held accountable. Also they should post factual information.

The victim in this killing wasnt disobeying police orders, attempting to flee, threatening harm, or exhibiting violent/aggressive behaviors. LEOs were unable to explain why they chose to call victims exBIL to give him a ride home instead of simply arresting and jailing him for the night for DUI as is the norm for that particular offense.

The deputy responsible for this homicide is known to locals in the area for bragging about his privileged status of being above the law, in partly due to the sociopolitical affiliations of his father. Turner has been employed by and has resigned from multiple LEAs in the region. He has a long history of violations including abuse of power, unprofessional conduct, and use of excessive force. In one incident Turner resigned from his position at a local PD after his wife learned of an affair he was having with a woman who lived in close proximity to the PDs office building. While on nightshift Turner was spending his time with a mistress. His ex-wife then died in a suspicious circumstance the night prior to the custody hearing of their two sons.

LEOs detained victim, Scott Beech, in rural area, searched him and his vehicle for weapons, and confiscated his legal personal firearm. Victim had allegedly been drinking so LEOs allowed him to call his ex brother-in-law Burke Williams, the county E911 director, to pick him up instead of arresting him for DUI as is the norm. Victim was in the passenger seat of Williams vehicle when Deputy Michael Turner approached from behind with his weapon drawn. He fired two shots killing Beech. Turner immediately began asking for someone to say that Beech had a gun, despite Beech already being cleared of weapons. Beech was holding a beer in one hand and his 6lb Yorkie, Fleabag, in the other. The fatal shooting of this unarmed, nonviolent, non-fleeing victim was deemed to be justified.