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11/22/2019 - It should also be noted that I eventually got a legal visit in July. That was after I had been gone from Sheridan from mid-February until June. Even that visit was a huge hassle.

It turns out that the prison has to shut down mainline to move SHU inmates to the visiting area to meet with their lawyers. That requires all general population inmates to be locked in their housing units. All that just because the SHU has no place for lawyers to see their clients and the police does not allow SHU inmates to be taken to visiting via an alternate route.
11/22/2019 - This report has been updated to include a copy of the pro-se motion to compel access to legal counsel, part of my lawyer's declaration, the write-up where staff admitted to reading my legal material, and a picture of then warden Richard Ives.
11/19/2019 - LOL! Look at the video, RED ROCKET RED ROCKET.

Good boy just don't press play.
11/19/2019 - sounds like they're a lot of hot bitches up in there
11/11/2019 - Looks like other stories identify the victims as a man named Steve Foster that has a Facebook account under the name Bill Gluckman. So much for following the Facebook TOS. I hope he does not get booted over this, but at the same time I can't help wondering if he might be a catfish.