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Misconduct Reporting

Cop Blaster: Police Misconduct Reporting and Monitoring was founded primarily as a user generated collection of information published by the people and for the people. It includes many things including stories, pictures, and personal information. Registered users take full responsibility for what they publish and Cop Blaster does all it can to make sure what they say stays published, becomes easily accessible to the general public here as well as elsewhere on the web, and that your identity is kept private.

In Depth Investigations

Cop Blaster conducts in depth independent investigations on issues of public interest. We start with media research or tips from users like you and look for truths that the mainstream media ignores. In recent months we have exposed illegal government surveillance operations and the identities of disciplined officers.

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If you live in America then your state already has its own Cop Blaster website. If you don't find your city then you can start your own Cop Blaster website for your town just by signing up for a membership and writing your first report. This gives Cop Blaster the ability to help citizens mobilize in any local area.

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COVID-19 Snitches

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to a snitching epidemic in the United States. We have acquired large sets of government data identifying these snitches, who they told on, and what they said. So far we have been able to add over 10,000 posts to our database giving Cop Blaster the internet's largest Snitch List.

Killed By Police

Over 8,200 Americans have been Killed by Police since 2013 and we have their stories with over 3,000 pictures of police violence victims. This is an ongoing project for tracking law enforcement violence in the United States in a way that you too can contribute by adding comments to victims' profiles.

National Decertification Database

Cop Blaster has added a section containing profiles on over 30,000 decertified police officers in the United States. This section is separate from the main publishing service. Members can post comments about decertified officers. The Police Decertification Database was compiled from public records.

Latest Comments

Vasquez is considering running for DA against Mike Schmidt. Ironic seeing as how Mike Schmidt was elected as a known associate of Antifa who Vasquez so zealously represents in court on a regular basis.

The problem with Vasquez's relationship with Antifa is its striking similarity to the relationship his colleague had with the person who set up the founder of this website over a decade ago. He was not the first person his colleague prosecuted on her behalf, so it was no surprise when discovery showed a relationship between the two more like that of an attorney and his repeat client than that of an independent fact finder.

Vasquez may have a new victim, but we're not familiar enough with the case to tell yet. Tiny Toese is a Proud Boy just like Swinney and he too was recently convicted of Assault II for a brawl in which he was on camera shooting Antifas with paintballs.

The basis for Toese's Assault II is not clear to us at this time. We hope for everyone's sake that his paintballs were not considered dangerous weapons.

Whatever the circumstances of Toese's case are, what disturbs us most is that the same prosecutor seems to be handling cases in which Anitfa claims victimization and the alleged perpetrator is a right winger. The MCDA has allowed such conflicts of interest to exist for over a decade.

This should be interesting because we fully expect the government to try and categorize pro-Trump protesters differently than Antifa or Black Lives Matter. In 2020 we noticed a number of cases in which the left would do one thing and the right would be accused of wrongdoing for doing the same thing.

A good example is doxxing. The left justifies doxxing right-wingers as warning the community about extremists. If right wingers dox Antifa they turn around and use it as an example to pass laws against doxxing and releasing mugshots to stop people like Andy Ngo from posting mugshots, names, and personal information about people arrested at George Floyd protests.

Stormy was once the victim of a wrongful arrest which was documented on this site. Why would someone with a history of being the victim of police misconduct legitimize the institution of law enforcement by meeting with prosecutors for any reason?

See old coverage of wrongful arrest https://copblaster.com/blast/1192/commander-terry-moores-crew-disciplined-for-arresting-stormy-daniels