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Have you ever been less than absolutely 100% completely satisfied with law enforcement? Whether you've been brutalized, annoyed, or just disappointed, you've probably had an experience with police officers, prosecutors, judges, snitches, jails, prisons, or some part of the system that could have been better.Sign up for free and tell your story.

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The Cop Blaster Police Tracking and Complaint System is a user generated collection of information published by the people and for the people. It includes many things including stories, pictures, and personal information. Registered users take full responsibility for what they publish and Cop Blaster does all it can to make sure what they say stays published, becomes easily accesible to the general public here as well as elsewhere on the web, and that your identity is kept private.

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Cop Blaster members enjoy the benifit of knowing that their persecutors will finally have to answer to a higher court. That court is the court of public opinion, god's court, allah's court, Bob's court, or whatever you want to call it. To that end they are able to upload and update whatever information they desire free of the censorship that would otherwise make shutting them up easy elsewhere on the web.

National Decertification Database

Cop Blaster has added a section containing profiles on over 30,000 decertified police officers in the United States. This section is separate from the main publishing service. Members can post comments about decertified officers. The Police Decertification Database was compiled from public records.

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8/22/2019 - This report has been updated to include the OIG report on Sally Amanda Marshall in which the OIG concluded that she committed a felony by making false statements to investigators. It makes it clear that she abused her position to intimidate Scott Kerin by threatening to cost him his job and his marriage for breaking up with her. This is a good example of what the #himtoo hashtag means.
8/17/2019 - It looks like one of Gibson's people got physical first by pulling some lady's mask off. An appropriate charge for that would be one count of harassment (b misdemeanor). Then I see an Antifa guy mace Gibson and Gibson's people throwing stuff. Eventually the guy recording this, who was just standing there gets maced by Antifa and leaves, so I don't know what happened after that, but I don't see Gibson breaking any laws. Charging him for what his buddies did is like if I were to go to a bar with drunk buddy that gets into a fight and then charging me for not stopping him.
8/17/2019 - I'm watching the Cider Riot part right now and I think Antifa could have made a better point by just sitting down at their table and acting like Patriot Prayer wasn't even there.
8/17/2019 - For the record I am not a member of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, Antifa, or any group involved in this incident. While those people are protesting downtown I am home writing this. I am not supporting either side morally regarding this incident.

I am just using this as an example in support of my ongoing criticism of law enforcement in Oregon. This practice could easily be turned against Antifa. For instance a pro-trump prosecutor could start looking for anything they do that violates the law and lock them up to keep them from protesting.
8/15/2019 - The autopsy results say he died from a broken neck. The government says he was in a cell with a bunk bed and a sheet. He should have been in a strip cell where the only bed would have been a mattress on a concrete slab so it would not have mattered if he had a sheet.

Latest Comments About the Decertification Database

7/21/2019 - I remember reading about this guy in the paper and thought he was a real scumbag because he got convicted of a sex crime against minors, but I just Googled him and it turns out he got a new trial and was found not guilt. Still, was was convicted of fraud and therefore remains decertified. https://www.oregonlive.com/beaverton/2015/06/ex-beaverton_cop_acquitted_of.html