Conviction Makes Donald Trump Most Qualified Candidate Ever!

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Donald Trump became the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of our country today by becoming the first major candidate to have been convicted of a felony. As a fellow felon, this author is obligated to support Donald Trump in his battles with the system because a felon in the White House is probably the best hope for the felon community.

Donald Trump will never be the same. He can appeal all he wants but even if he wins the damage has already been done. From being booked into jail to being found guilty and beyond, nobody who has experienced those things is ever the same. Even if Trump doesn't spend a single night in jail he will view the court system in a way never before possible. He will view the courts as an instrument of tyranny in need of reforms both to reduce the threats they pose to him and fellow felons.

We felons have known for a long time that a fellow felon would make a great president. When I was in federal prison I personally admired the way convicts create and maintain their own governments. As long as you don't fall into a small number of categories, are respectful, and pay your debts you should be just fine. You can drink, do drugs, etc. If society's government were modeled after convict governments this country would be great. I wouldn't have thought it possible for a felon to be nominated by a major party let alone be in a position to win a decade ago. Today the possibility of a fellow felon being elected President of the United States is a realistic possibility. Clearly this country is headed in the right direction.


Trump might have built a "law and order" reputation for himself but hardly anyone keeps that up after they do time. He doesn't deserve to do time because he is a first time felon convicted of a non-violent offense for which there was no property loss, but jailing him for about a week would make him a great president. His view of incarceration would never be the same and he would most likely become opposed to the practice generally. He will become far less likely to support legislation that increases sentences or expands prohibitions. In fact, he would probably become a champion of criminal justice reform.


Joe Biden wrote the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act ( in 1994. The VCCLEA, also known as the 1994 Crime Bill, included the Federal Assault Weapons Ban, made dozens of crimes capital offenses, and banned convicts from receiving Pell Grants. When I was in federal prison I met countless people serving decades just for exercising their Second Amendment right to bear arms because of Biden. Few federal inmates are capable of pursuing higher education because they can't get any grants which dramatically increased recidivism. Biden basically created the mass incarceration system in this country.

In years following Biden's bill the number of incarcerated people in America more than doubled. In 1990, there were a little over a million people serving time in the United States. By 2010 that number exceeded two and a half million. The result of handing down outrageous sentences and creating a revolving door by stopping inmates from learning marketable skills. People can still take classes in federal prisons but they only benefit the uneducated. If you go in with a college degree like I did they say they have nothing for you. I was not in long enough at any one spot to consider looking into taking college classes but if I did I would have had to pay for all of it myself. A lot of guys get their GED in prison and would be perfectly capable of earning a degree from a local community college if they could get a grant. Then they get stuck in dead end jobs that don't pay well and resort to selling drugs or committing other crimes to pay their bills.


Thanks to Joe Biden there are now over nineteen million people in our felon community ( That number is about twice Biden's 2020 victory margin in the popular vote. If felons simply stand together by voting for the only representative our community has then Trump would likely win. He would at least win the popular vote and some swing states would likely swing his way. He just needs fellow felons to vote for him and lobby their friends/family to do the same.


If Biden were felon and Trump were not, I would be voting for Biden. I would likely argue that Biden's experience with the system is likely to carry more weight in his mind than a 30 year old crime bill. A vote for a felon is a vote for the felon community and we don't have much of a selection.

UPDATE: The video has been changed to a video of Trump telling Fox News he is no longer in favor of locking up Hillary Clinton. He now says locking her up would be a terrible thing. This is just the first step of the transformation people often go through when convicted of a felony. The realization that the system is corrupt and going after you makes it impossible to support the system anymore.

Donald Trump was on Fox News last night back tracking on his prior calls to lock up Hillary Clinton. He even said locking her up would be "a terrible thing".

This is typical of the first stage of the transformation I mentioned in the article. Realizing he too can go to jail the defendant now has second thoughts about advocating for the incarceration of others.

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