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2/23/2017 - Went in for a UA and it turns out the entire office knows about Cop Blaster. My PO said several people have contacted him about it and I am not surprised. I pointed out that I am breaking no laws with this site and that by running a site that does not involve content removal for no money I am not violating my release conditions. He seemed concerned about the posting of addresses. I stated correctly that they are all publicly available and the government has always said in my case that aggregating public records is just fine. Have a meeting with him tomorrow, will keep my fingers crossed.
2/23/2017 - Still have to go to court over this software and have not gotten word of any alternative program from Probation. As bad as this software is on Windows 10 I still feel like it would be unfair to that company not to point out that IPPC Impulse Control might work just fine on older versions of Windows or a Macintosh. I also feel like Probation dropped the ball here by not using more than one Program at the Portland office. They should use at least two and I would use three or four if I were them. If they are going to use just one then it should be one that at least keeps its stuff up to date.
2/21/2017 - My lawyers submitted a great brief to the Ninth Circuit in my ineffective counsel case recently. It turns out I was prejudiced even more than I thought. For instance, I did not know that they could ever add to the conditions of release or that they could conceivably give me more than the maximum amount of time available under the statute for multiple violations of supervised release. So, if the court can give you X months for a violation, you get Y months in custody and Z months of supervision for violation A, you could get Yy for violation B and Yy + Y can be greater than X.
2/16/2017 - His application for disability does not sound like someone capable of riding a roller coaster "I cannot work. I have difficulty carrying (stuff) things, physical labor causes me great pain. I can't play sports anymore, I can't stand or sit for long periods of time, I can't bend over without great pain, I can’t carry my children. I don’t play any sports...At times I have someone help me put on, take off and tie my shoes. I bathe myself but don’t wash lower legs with the wash cloth."
2/16/2017 - Oh, and why did he qualify for being listed as a cyber stalker. Technically anyone that pursues another person stealthily using digital means qualifies under the general terminology of the phrase, so by using a digital phone to contact family members in an effort to make unwanted contact with me qualified him for a listing on an anti-cyberstalking site. The posting was quite sarcastic however, so I still consider criticizing me for it inappropriate. If I were a cop, I would have laughed at the old posting and considered it proof of me doing my job. This post probably not so much.
2/15/2017 - Maybe we will add a cop spotting app someday with fewer inputs.
2/11/2017 - Facebook login and registration now enabled. Users just have to authenticate with their Facebook account and choose a user name not already in use on this site. Easy.

Downside: The AJAX UpdatePanel on the comment boards had to be removed, so the page will need to refresh in order to post comments for now.
2/10/2017 - Also, I got more incident reports in the year and a half or so that I was there than he has gotten the entire time he has been in prison. Good thing they had to let me go.
2/10/2017 - I am also quite impressed and jealous by how well people lookout for him. Especially by running his website. I did all I could to get my people to run my websites when I was in prison and they just did what they could to distance themselves.
2/10/2017 - Another thing I remember about her was her mouth. It was filthy. Literally, somebody needs to stick a bar of soap in that thing. Very disrespectful to inmates, but gets away with it because she is a woman. If she were a man somebody probably would have socked her by now. Maybe they should assign her to the women's camp so that one of them broads can shove one of those soap cocks they make down her throat.
2/9/2017 - I was not sure if I was going to write this at first because I do not want people questioning me about it, but after seeing a guy on Facebook talking about how his dad died of a heart attack there and the difficulty he had getting his meds I decided more documentation of the medical situation there is needed. The clickable link above the description on the Blast Zone links to that other guy's story. BOP Health Services killed Dan Gunnels.
2/9/2017 - Correction: 25% was the lowest I could get the WMPROC process. The others would add to that, but were not so high as to be a problem most of the time.
2/9/2017 - I just talked to a friend that is a computer whiz and he told me that I might be able to handle a program on my computer that runs like IPPC if I bought an aftermarket liquid cooling system. I wish I had thought of that myself and I would have seriously considered it. On the other hand I do not recall reading liquid cooling system as being a requirement of using IPPC software. It should not be a requirement because monitoring software should not idle at 25% CPU or more. 25% was the lowest I could get any one process.
2/9/2017 - The contact us email form and Pinterest sharing bugs have been fixed.
2/8/2017 - Today I found out that Probation is trying to use the District Court to protect IPPC from the truth about themselves. I will not censor my work about their defective product just because Probation or a Court says to. I have a First Amendment right to tell people how much CPU usage they consume, how they fail to update their software for months on end despite fixes that would make it compatible with Windows 10 being available, and I have the right to tell others how to use their computer should IPPC cripple it.
2/8/2017 - This just in: Jonathan Haub has retired! Ironic is it not? I mean, I write this post linking to retirement statistics for him to look at and before the site even goes live he retires. The man must be psychic.
2/7/2017 - Note: Congressman Crowley is getting his wish regarding Illegal Alien Report, but not because of my persecution. I wrote a lengthy post about this decision. To sum it up: after meeting immigrants and learning first hand how horribly they are treated by the justice system I do not feel comfortable letting people publish that kind of info now that Trump is actually enforcing immigration laws. I support speech, but I do not support a system that rewards cops for shooting immigrants by locking them up for years just for crossing the border and deporting them to thwart their ability to sue.
2/4/2017 - As for the courtroom outbursts, a lot of that had to do with just the shock of being locked up for the first time. I would have handled that better today. When I gave her the finger at sentencing it was mainly because I considered her actions vindictive at that point. She had told the police that she didn't care if I was jail or not, but once the sites went down she changed her objective to keeping me locked up as long as she could. I had removed the post by the ex and agreed to remove the ones I wrote about her being a stalker, so sending me to prison was not necessary.
2/4/2017 - Also, when I sent her a death threat I did not really mean it. In fact I even told her a couple hours later that I would not be harming her physically because I realized what I had said earlier that day. I even removed the post from the site once the author finally verified who he was. He had been toying with me for months with vulgar emails that made me seriously doubt if he was who he said he was, so when I was arrested I was actually trying to resolve the situation peacefully because I didn't see the point of us bickering at that point.
2/4/2017 - In addition, this Blast Zone will have its search engine performance monitored and if it is removed from any search engine citing legal reasons, a program called ACSERP (Anti-Censorship Search Engine Rehabilitation Program) will be added to this site. ACSERP effectively renders courts obsolete at as means of removing content from search engines. Mrs. Falke here was a test subject for ACSERP years ago and it was so effective that started stalking me. Basically it will result in any record being re-indexed by search engines in an infinite loop.
2/4/2017 - Removal of this page is not impossible, but it does require at a minimum that the prohibition against me operating websites that involve content removal be stricken, restrictions requiring probation approval of my employment activities be stricken, and for the government to make good on its word by removing statements of theirs that mirror hers. Specifically, their one sided press releases that make no mention of her behavior and only my responses. they paint me in a false light and I will not tolerate it. I want to put this behind me, but the record needs to be set straight too.
2/4/2017 - Although my conditions require me to remove postings about her from the web they do not prevent the creation of new ones, so this article is not a violation. Also, the government reneged on its end of the bargain by re-publishing information including lies of hers that they promised to do all they could to get her to remove before I was sentenced. Without that agreement I would not have agreed to the condition. The government has been on notice of this, but has failed to remove any of its work.
2/3/2017 - So, why would a non-violent drug offender like Kim be at a high security USP? Because the BOP requires that anyone serving a life sentence do their first 10 years at a high security facility. As a result you have non-violent offenders doing time with murderers.
2/2/2017 - Just to clarify one thing. I did not mention that Mohamed and I were neighbors at the Multnomah County Detention Center. I last saw him at FDC Sheridan in 2013. We were not in prison together though. Last checked Mohamed was in Victorville, like I was, but unlike me he is at a medium security facility known as FCI II. I was at a high security facility known as USP Victorville. That just shows how messed up BOP classification is. The guy doing 30 years on a terrorism charge is considered less dangerous than the guy doing 2 years for slapping someone.
1/30/2017 - This is one of those posts that I added to diversify the content a bit. There are a lot of horrible stories on this site, but this is not one of them. This site can be used to call out misconduct, voice an opinion, or just entertain people. I'm not trying to cause Johnson any real grief with this, but it is a funny story and that is why it is here.
1/30/2017 - I posted this story to show the potential lighter side of Cop Blaster. It can be used to expose horrible acts of abuse or just to tell funny stories. This was kind of embarrassing for me, but then again I did grow up in Oregon and can think of many people I've known over the years that would change their last name to Weed if they could.
1/26/2017 - Another thing I should have mentioned was that I was really interested in proving that previous successes of mine were the result of effective marketing that could work for any edgy idea, so when I realized that there were no sites like this one for undocumented immigrants specifically, I felt like I finally found material capable of testing various marketing theories. That was another reason for the fake name. I wanted the site and the marketing campaign to stand on its own without my previous work clouding the issue. Now I can say that those previous successes were due to skill and not luck.