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4/2/2020 - Today the release of Daniel Hernandez a.k.a. Tekashi69 a.k.a. 6ix9ine has been all over the celebrity gossip news sites. Looks like it took a little while for them to figure out he was released. They all say it was a compassionate release due to asthma.

It was most likely a compassionate release due to him being a snitch since lots of inmates have asthma and are not being let out early.
3/12/2020 - NOTE: The little popup windows that displays the link to the USPO website does not run javascript on source sites, so you can't see it. You can see it if you click on the little link at the top of the window.
2/27/2020 - Ryan Cook ended up being called as a witness during the sentencing phase of the Jeremy Christian trial. Learn more here
2/27/2020 - This guy testified at the Jeremy Christian Trial saying that Jeremy was at the jail yelling stuff about vikings and patriots. You can learn about that and find a picture of Lopez-Mendoza here
2/27/2020 - As expected, the jury proved their incompetence again today by answering yes to all of the enhancement questions they were given.
2/25/2020 - It would be interesting if THIS jury for some reason found in Jeremy's favor on any of these. It would undermine confidence in the verdict, but the likelihood of that happening is so slim this really is a waste of time.
2/22/2020 - giffin503 - thanks for coming.
2/21/2020 - wdx - good point. Portland is not a big city and they had nothing to gain by acquitting him. Anyone from the public can come and go to the trial. I went a couple of times. Sometimes I would see jurors in the public hallway where anyone could secretly photograph them (I didn't, but just saying).

I even noticed one staring at me in court one day like she recognized me and when I looked back I knew that I know her from somewhere. I couldn't figure out where but I had that feeling that I have definitely seen her face before. I think she is a clerk at a Fred Meyer store that I shop at.
2/21/2020 - Learn more about the performance of Jeremy Christian's legal team here
2/21/2020 - More specifically, Judge Albrecht left plenty of issues for appeal such as not moving the trial out of Oregon, not trying the Demetria Hester case separately, not letting the defense change their insanity argument to just diminished capacity, and failing to dismiss counts not fully supported by the evidence
2/21/2020 - I offer the Jeremy Christian verdict in support of these arguments
2/18/2020 - Here is a follow up post related to this one
2/18/2020 - One thing I do need to concede however is that Multnomah County did not err by deciding to taper off me off pain meds. I thought the P.A. ordered over the counter stuff added to the Norco I was already on, but it appears that the taper was recommended by OHSU after all. I had not way of knowing that for sure until I reviewed these records, so I will have to drop my claim of being deliberately indifferent to my pain after August 3, 2018.
2/14/2020 - he also liked old episodes of Seinfeld
2/10/2020 - Ms. Hester testified to her priors for theft and forgery today. The news covered it so she won't be doxed here anymore. Doxing her and seeing her in the hallway at the courthouse was really uncomfortable, so I'm almost sorry I did that. If she were not in a state where nobody cares about the case I probably would not have done it, but again I like being able to call out liars as much as possible. Here is some of the news coverage of her record.
2/10/2020 - Ms. Hester testified to her priors for theft and forgery today. The news covered it so she won't be doxed here anymore. Doxing her and seeing her in the hallway at the courthouse was really uncomfortable, so I'm almost sorry I did that. If she were not in a state where nobody cares about the case I probably would not have done it, but again I like being able to call out liars as much as possible. Here is some of the news coverage of her record.
2/5/2020 - Detectives confirmed the type of knife used in the killings today. It appears to be an older model of this type of knife. The color of the blade is quite tarnished but the button is basically the same.
2/4/2020 - The Feds asked me to block home addresses of witnesses on this website on Monday and I said no. Then I explained why I believe that this woman is a liar. I told the Feds if they could get the news to report her criminal background along with her testimony that I would remove her address. Later that day I showed Hannah Ray Lambert at KOIN her background information. So far the news has yet to report it. If a mainstream media outlet reports her criminal history I will take the address down. If Demetria really wants it taken down she should call the news and own up to her past.
2/4/2020 - The Feds asked me to block home addresses of witnesses on this website on Monday and I said no. Then I explained why I believe that this woman is a liar. I told the Feds if they could get the news to report her criminal background along with her testimony that I would remove her address. Later that day I showed Hannah Ray Lambert at KOIN her background information. So far the news has yet to report it. If a mainstream media outlet reports her criminal history I will take the address down. If Demetria really wants it taken down she should call the news and own up to her past.
2/4/2020 - People have been giving me a hard time for doxing Demetria Hester. I defend that decision because I don't think she is telling the truth. I was thinking of doxing Micah Fletcher for awhile, but once I heard him own up to what he did I chose not to. Because of his testimony Jeremy can now say that he feared for his safety like Micah wanted him to. I'm not saying anyone deserved to die or get stabbed in the neck. I wish Jeremy had done something else. But it does prove that Jeremy was intentionally put in fear of bodily harm by Micah Fletcher.
2/4/2020 - I got the impression that Micah gave honest testimony. He didn't recall many details of what Jeremy said because most people wouldn't remember all that for so long. He also owned up to some of his behavior so even though he did not specifically say "I committed a felony" he admitted to felonious behavior. That is a mitigating circumstance for Jeremy. I believe him when he says he was trying to get Jeremy to leave the train even though Shawn Forde had become the focus of Jeremy's attention. He didn't say he made a mistake but did leave plenty of room for debate on that issue.
2/3/2020 - I asked a KOIN reporter about the cross examination before court this afternoon. She does not recall the defense grilling Hester for her criminal history at all and said that I did more research than his own defense team. I gave copies of my BG check to Jeremy's lawyers and they said they were aware of a couple incidents. Right before trial resumed Greg Scholl held the envelope up, made eye contact with me, and gave me a thank you nod. My PO came to see me today partly about this post. I said I would be willing to remove the address if the news were to accurately report her criminal history.
2/3/2020 - After listening to Jeremy Christian's racist rant today I understand why Demetria maced him. I was in the courtroom this afternoon when they played footage of him at the hospital and in the back of a squad car after the stabbing. He went off on a black cop dropping several n-bombs. I think he probably used similar language with her and that is why she assaulted him with the mace. She probably justifies it to herself as dealing with a racist and that the ends justify the means. Still, she physically assaulted Jeremy. Feeling justified is not the same as being legally justified.
1/29/2020 - The reason I mention sticking the phone in his face is because that makes all the difference between someone sticking that phone in his personal bubble and him going out of his way to slap the phone. Having a phone in your face and being like "get that out of my face!" is different than seeing a phone some distance from you, going over there, and then breaking it. I'm not sure which is which in this case. Hopefully more footage will surface to show if the phone was stuck in his face or not.
1/29/2020 - I did not go to the trial today but I did see some new footage on the news. The news never really shows everything so it is not conclusive, but it appears to show Jeremy slapping Taliesin's phone out of his hand before the shoving started. That could torpedo some of the self defense claim. I'm curious to see if any footage shows what happened right before the phone was slapped. It looked like Taliesin may have been sticking the phone in Jeremy's face. I wonder if the phone was used to intimidate him or harass him.
1/29/2020 - After seeing the video in court today I it looks like the only thing that kept Jeremy Christian from ending up like the Joker on the subway was his Coast Rapid Response Pocket Knife
1/28/2020 - Watched this young lady testify today and she seemed like someone that was in the wrong place at the wrong time still trying to figure out what happened. The video from her cell phone didn't tell much, just that she was far enough away from Jeremy to have misunderstood what he was saying. The video does not include the anti-Islam stuff she thinks she remembers. That happens a lot when traumatic incidents happen fast and time goes by. I don't think she intended to say anything that wasn't true, but her memory appears inconsistent with the footage shown so far.
1/28/2020 - Maybe his AS explains some of his inappropriate behavior in court. Like winking at me today when I gave him a little wave from the audience.
1/18/2020 - This policy also green lights people the police don't like to setups by provocateurs. Basically, if someone is not committing a crime, but they are doing something the MCDA wishes were illegal, their opponents are free to commit crimes against them for the purpose of provoking an unlawful response. Then the person will be prosecuted and the provocateur white-washed even if the unlawful act is what the provocateur wanted.

I'm not implying that Micah Fletcher or Antifa set him up, but if they did they would probably get away with it simply because public opinion in Portland is on their side.
1/17/2020 - Most people probably wouldn't have started swinging, but then again most people don't have PTSD, they don't have a history of losing fights, and they don't have a metal plate in their face that could kill them if hit in the wrong spot. The stakes for some people are much higher in that situation.

I'm don't want to blame the guy that shoved him for what happened next simply because he wasn't holding the knife, but I think if they had just backed off a bit they would have been fine.
1/17/2020 - I believe that he feared for his safety because if what people accuse him of saying is true then he said a bunch of things someone is likely to get their ass kicked for saying around here. Then three men circled up on him in a crowded area. Eventually by all accounts there was a point when he had the knife, wasn't doing anything with it other than taking a defensive stance, and then he was shoved. Now, think about this. You've just said a bunch of offensive stuff, you're outnumbered, you pull a knife not wanting to really use it, and they still put hand on you. What would you do?
1/17/2020 - The real Jeremy is somebody that uses dark humor as a coping mechanism and as a result makes a lot of really offensive comments. Think of him as someone that makes a joke at a funeral even though they are not happy or really think anything about it is funny.

When giving the testimonial or making similar comments they always seem to have an implied sarcastic thought like "isn't that just great?"

The general tone of his comments indicate a lot of self-loathing.
1/17/2020 - I was having to justify this posting with my lawyers today. They were thinking it would have been better if I didn't post it like a real advertisement for a product. I've second guessed this a lot but I guess I was hoping to grab people's attention so that I might be able to really talk about who Jeremy really is. The real Jeremy isn't the monster portrayed on the news or the guy that finally agreed to give a sarcastic testimonial to get an affiliate marketer away from his cell window. Truth be told I didn't give him much of a choice here. He had to give me a testimonial or I wouldn't leave.
1/17/2020 - Threats like his following accusations like the ones I've received need to be taken seriously. Guys that know they won't last at a USP have been responsible for some serious attacks. A couple years before I arrived at USP Victorville, a guy strangled two inmates just so he could go back to the super max where he would get his own cell with a TV. When I was there, the Mexicans told a guy to pack up and he attacked his celly with a lock. I've never seen so much blood. Then others just run up and tackle or punch a random dudes and say they were the bad ones.
1/17/2020 - FCI Sheridan is a snitch and sex offender yard. It has been transitioning to a PC yard in recent years. I've heard that snitches and sexers even have their own cars there. He will probably roll with the snitches. I was in the hole there when I got into trouble at the detention center, so that is how I know this. Guys with good paperwork are in the minority there. Jason should be just fine as long as he doesn't lose it and flip out on the staff, or run into the person that he is said to have told on, or people that know that person and want to do something about it.
1/17/2020 - Sounds like Jason has seen this page and isn't too happy about it. I'm not happy about it either, but sending that letter to the judge was not just a check-in move. I've seen people get jumped on mainline at USPs just because some guy doesn't want to walk the yard there. Jason has nobody but himself, a Joker, and a shot caller to blame for this. Those were three strikes and even though I'm sure he would say that the letter was just him trying to avoid a USP. and that he wasn't really going to do that, it is still an effort to duck the yard. Lucky for him he landed at FCI Sheridan.
1/17/2020 - This post has been updated to reflect the main reason I posted the sign in my window on the first place. I thought that had that jail not existed they would have had to build a better one that hopefully would not be such an easy place to abuse inmates in. The judge, probation, and the prosecution seemed to take this posting pretty personally. That wasn't really intended. Ever since my problems with the feds began I've jokingly criticized would be bombers for not targeting this location. It is just a figure of speech to express my dissatisfaction with the government.
1/9/2020 - The email was also cc'd to Derrick Peterson
1/9/2020 - My latest attempt to enable this feature led to 500 errors at the URI endpoints. It looks like a conflict with the routing rules since it is a problem no matter what network (ex: so I won't try to enable this anymore. The good news is I can now add back the update panel on this comment feature since removing it was done to allow the login control to direct people to the external network, so the page won't have to refresh when you post a comment.
1/9/2020 - Good thing for him that he keeps his day job.
1/9/2020 - As far as I know my comments about Mohamud and McVeigh have not led to the government putting me on any no fly lists or deliberately costing me job opportunities for making the comments, so maybe they learned their lesson from this article when I said, "The right thing to do ... is to encourage them to do other things. Not fan the flames by putting the person on a no fly list and costing him a job opportunity."

When the FBI finally contacts me with an offer to help blow up that courthouse I'll make sure to remind them that that is not the right way to respond to such comments.
1/9/2020 - Probation was asking me today about a comment I made in a newer article similar to the one I made here when I asked Mohamed, "why would you park that van at Nordstrom when there was a perfectly good federal courthouse just a few blocks away?"

In that post I merely suggested that McVeigh should have parked at the same courthouse in 1995 just like Mohamed should have in 2010. I explained that the comment is not an intention to actually do anything. Just expressing my personal dissatisfaction with government entities by nominating their offices as alternative parking spots for past bombers.
1/9/2020 - LMAO!!! Just got a visit from probation asking me about this posting like they want to make sure I am not voicing intent to do anything to the building they work in. I explained that I was being sarcastic, thought it was funny that Fernley even put that in my notes, and that I have no intention of getting a time machine or blowing up the federal courthouse.

I also mentioned that one of my reasons for writing stuff like this sometimes is to see how closely they are watching me. Now I know that they really are reading everything I write here.
12/19/2019 - Oh boy, I just found a book on Amazon about how to build a time machine!They're probably going to be watching all my purchases now to make sure I don't buy the book and if I do, make sure I'm not able to buy all the components.
12/19/2019 - Received a complaint today from someone claiming to be the subject of this report saying:

"Please remove my name from your website as the information you have posted is not true. The letter that I sent was completely accurate information and Cyrus Was sentenced to prison for what he did. Cyrus posted this information about me as retaliation. This is very unfair to me for doing what was right in the first place. Thank you "

So, this person's response to being called a snitch is to admit sending the letter to ODOJ and say that obviously false information was accurate.
12/18/2019 - That does not change the fact that if McVeigh had destroyed the Justice Center it would not have been there in 2017 for me to get my arm broken in while being assaulted by deputies. It would have happened in a different jail and that I would then would have wanted McVeigh to park next to. So, even without the federal building across the street I still would have parked there if I were Tim McVeigh or if I had a time machine that I could use to go back in time and steal McVeigh's Ryder Truck despite the risk of the truck blowing me up while driving it to Oregon from Oklahoma.
11/22/2019 - It should also be noted that I eventually got a legal visit in July. That was after I had been gone from Sheridan from mid-February until June. Even that visit was a huge hassle.

It turns out that the prison has to shut down mainline to move SHU inmates to the visiting area to meet with their lawyers. That requires all general population inmates to be locked in their housing units. All that just because the SHU has no place for lawyers to see their clients and the police does not allow SHU inmates to be taken to visiting via an alternate route.
11/22/2019 - This report has been updated to include a copy of the pro-se motion to compel access to legal counsel, part of my lawyer's declaration, the write-up where staff admitted to reading my legal material, and a picture of then warden Richard Ives.
11/11/2019 - Looks like other stories identify the victims as a man named Steve Foster that has a Facebook account under the name Bill Gluckman. So much for following the Facebook TOS. I hope he does not get booted over this, but at the same time I can't help wondering if he might be a catfish.
11/11/2019 - Another common name used by this business is NCPTC Monitoring and I would have mentioned it sooner but I just noticed the impressions that a pdf on this site gets and I just realized that by adding it to the body of a page the impression count would probably increase.
11/11/2019 - I probably should have mentioned that one of their websites is called because right now the .pdf shows up on search engines when people look for paycomputermonitoring so hopefully this comment will help people find this page instead since this content with the link to the .pdf is much better than just the .pdf file.
11/10/2019 - It pains me to have to write that. I Will continue to advocate for Fingers regarding the circumstances of his underlying case, but the combination of snitching allegations and his threat to kill people I know alarms me enough to finally write something. Even though he was helpful to me in Columbia County I have seen too many check-ins attack good inmates to get back at the community for ostracizing them. Hopefully if he does attack someone it won't be someone of another race because that could start a riot, which someone in his shoes might view as the best revenge possible.
11/6/2019 - This incident was quite damaging for this website. We had already backordered through Network Solutions last summer but it was renewed and we did not get it. RMC was a pioneer in police accountability with a publishing service kind of like ours. It still gets organic direct traffic from people that wish it were still online and it gets organic Google traffic from people looking for it. We were even thinking of adding a rating feature to CopBlaster and possibly moving CopBlaster to the domain. So much for that idea. We surely lost traffic due to this.
10/31/2019 - The funny thing is that the impression I got from the prosecutor was that the complaints had less to do with zip codes and more to do with the rest, so that shows that this site accomplishes its purpose. According to her most of the complaints were from people at the BOP.
10/31/2019 - Following a discussion with the local federal persecutor I agreed to block home zip codes because they mean noting to me. I though about keeping those blocked with the addresses all along but figured I would probably get a complaint from the feds regarding the site in the future no matter what and that the zip codes could be used as something to trade in response to those complaints. Sure enough I got a complaint, traded something that was of no value to me, and resolved the issue.
10/30/2019 - Come to think of it he might have been in bad mood because of the Buffalo Bills even though this incident took place in the off season because the bills have not been any good since the early 1990s and surely there must be plenty of bad news for Bills fans every off season.
10/12/2019 - It would have been difficult to tell that this was in fact Muth in the picture if it were not for those hideous glasses. She is the only deputy that wears frames like that, so even though she is out of uniform those are a dead give away. Had she worn something less noticeable she probably would not have been seen in this photo.
10/6/2019 - This could be a coincidence but Shanks' first contact with me took place shortly after I posted a report about someone that lives in the same neighborhood. The report involved a complaint that the person had filed with the Oregon Department of Justice about the same website that inspired the person that took credit for initializing things with Shanks.
10/2/2019 - She was just sentenced to 10 years. That is either a slap on the wrist for a convicted murderer or a death sentence for an ex-cop going to prison. 10 years is a long time for someone like her to survive in prison. She will be marked everywhere she goes so she will probably spend a lot of that time in protective custody. Protective custody inmates usually spend a lot of time in the hole until they they are sent to a PC yard if they are lucky. Even then she might run into someone that she put in there.
9/30/2019 - Daniel Stephen Johnson did get a life sentence for abusing little kids in Cambodia and did it under the guise of being a missionary. Read more at

I admit that Johnson's credibility is questionable but I do know that whether Hernandez touched him inappropriately as he claims or not the fact remains that Hernandez was an pathetic abusive little turd that did not belong there. If he had not been such a jerk that complaint would not have been filed. Those strip searches were weird like Dan.
9/30/2019 - LOL! Dan Johnson, that was the name of the dude that filed the PREA complaint against Hernandez. I'm not really sure what he did exactly but the word around the unit was some kind of weirdo stuff. I avoided him as well as guys in his group. Tried to do my time as easily as I could since I should not have been there in the first place. But jerks like Hernandez did not make that easy.

I think Ananguia1 is Hernandez but I can't prove it or a friend of his. Which is almost as bad as being Danial Johnson.
9/12/2019 - In an ironic twist to this my own family now includes a would be immigrant that I am trying to help through the immigration process. It is a nightmare and this person has no criminal record and was in this country on two prior student visas. I hope that if we can get him here and if his status were to change that he would not be deported. I certainly would not put him on a website or report him to the government whether or not immigration law are being enforced.
9/12/2019 - In an ironic twist to this my own family now includes a would be immigrant that I am trying to help through the immigration process. It is a nightmare and this person has no criminal record and was in this country on two prior student visas. I hope that if we can get him here and if his status were to change that he would not be deported. I certainly would not put him on a website or report him to the government whether or not immigration law are being enforced.
9/10/2019 - This report has been updated now that Moore's first name was noticed in court document while researching Marti Kyles. A copy of that document has been uploaded.
9/10/2019 - This report has been updated now that Johnson's first name was noticed in court document while researching Marti Kyles. A copy of that document has been uploaded.
9/10/2019 - Marti Kyles was also a figure in a censorship lawsuit involving a post card only policy. A lawsuit eventually changed that policy. She was also sued by inmate Andrew Barnett alleging an attempt to have sex with him or something like that. Barnett's lawsuit was thrown out on a technicality but if resolved on the merits would not have hurt Kyles. Funny thing about that lawsuit though is that its resolution leaves open to the ready whether or not she actually did what she was accused of.
9/8/2019 - LOL! They put a video of Christian who obviously looks nothing like this guy with this report and a link to that article. It looks like the allegation were similar but that is it. I actually know Jeremy Christian personally. I think whoever posted this may not have liked me sticking up for Jeremy on some things. People on the radical left around here like to single out anyone they think might be Jeremy's friend and harass the hell out of them (
9/5/2019 - It seems that this block does not effect the www version of the site but I can't find anything in the DNS that would explain not serving the non www address. This could be a block by my ISP for the specific address that does not contain www.
8/29/2019 - This page has been updated to include a photo of David Shinn. He now is part of the executive staff at BOP Headquarters in Washington D.C. as the Assistant Director of the Program Review Division. His new government profile and picture looks like he is trying to look like someone important. I took his word for that the first time and I'll stick to it.
8/29/2019 - On a positive note at least he knows to release people falsely accused of killing correctional officers after threatening to expose corruption withing the ODCO. He let Frank Gable out of prison recently, so that is why I chose that video to embed with this report because it was the first one that came up when I looked for videos about Acosta.
8/28/2019 - On another note to be fair it looks like IPPC was directed by probation to block access to things they should not have been told to block. That could have been part of the performance problem but still other people had the same problems.
8/28/2019 - This guy turned out to be really two faced. He acts all cool and concerned about you but is really trying to sabotage you behind your back. The details will need an entire article at least in addition to this. I am so happy that I got a new Probation Officer. All I had to do was send him a letter at home from jail and that pretty much did it.
8/27/2019 - This post has been reactivated to help persuade law enforcement not to use IPPC Technologies for computer monitoring. It was deactivated because while I was on supervision I was ordered to remove it and not tell people how to circumvent IPPC Impulse Control. Now that I am no longer under supervision in those cases I am free to tell people how to circumvent it.

Probation finally tried using Remote-com instead and it worked great. I had some slowdown that I suspected of being linked to it but could never tell for sure. If you don't want your client circumventing IPPC use Remote-com.
8/27/2019 - Now former Congressman Crowley. He lost his seat to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the PRIMARY!
8/27/2019 - I still however do not trust the government, so those other categories have been programmed to keep the block in place unless the amount of time between the current date and the last time that the account was logged into exceeds 14 days. That way if the government starts treating me differently for worse then this website will treat them worse automatically.
8/27/2019 - This censorship has been relaxed to permit home addresses to be posted in the Snitches and Other categories. Now that I am no longer on supervision in that old case I am no longer banned from posting home addresses, but since the government has not been screwing with me too much lately and just stopped listing my address on their website I have decided to keep the block in place on the other categories for now. I am still on supervision in another case, so I do not want to piss them off too much.
8/26/2019 - Also, this form was obtained from an inmate from the FCI that was lucky enough to have several copies in his legal work. He had gotten them on the yard and when he checked-in I guess he made sure that the staff would find his legal property. His name was Scott Joseph Franklin and I did not find out that he was a check-in until after I found out that he made up some stuff about me once I had been transferred to a county jail.
8/22/2019 - This report has been updated to include the OIG report on Sally Amanda Marshall in which the OIG concluded that she committed a felony by making false statements to investigators. It makes it clear that she abused her position to intimidate Scott Kerin by threatening to cost him his job and his marriage for breaking up with her. This is a good example of what the #himtoo hashtag means.
8/17/2019 - It looks like one of Gibson's people got physical first by pulling some lady's mask off. An appropriate charge for that would be one count of harassment (b misdemeanor). Then I see an Antifa guy mace Gibson and Gibson's people throwing stuff. Eventually the guy recording this, who was just standing there gets maced by Antifa and leaves, so I don't know what happened after that, but I don't see Gibson breaking any laws. Charging him for what his buddies did is like if I were to go to a bar with drunk buddy that gets into a fight and then charging me for not stopping him.
8/17/2019 - I'm watching the Cider Riot part right now and I think Antifa could have made a better point by just sitting down at their table and acting like Patriot Prayer wasn't even there.
8/17/2019 - For the record I am not a member of Patriot Prayer, Proud Boys, Antifa, or any group involved in this incident. While those people are protesting downtown I am home writing this. I am not supporting either side morally regarding this incident.

I am just using this as an example in support of my ongoing criticism of law enforcement in Oregon. This practice could easily be turned against Antifa. For instance a pro-trump prosecutor could start looking for anything they do that violates the law and lock them up to keep them from protesting.
8/15/2019 - The autopsy results say he died from a broken neck. The government says he was in a cell with a bunk bed and a sheet. He should have been in a strip cell where the only bed would have been a mattress on a concrete slab so it would not have mattered if he had a sheet.
8/13/2019 - Another thing about the Rassassin is that he was always eating a tray of inmate food with every meal and getting really fat. His stab vest got really little like Chris Farley fat guy in a little coat little. It was hilarious and made him a joke to the inmates and the rest of the staff there. Technically he should have submitted a meal ticket for those meals and if he did it would have cost him about $5 a day, but it looks like he get away with that. That is the kind of example that "corrections" staff make for those they say need "corrections."
8/9/2019 - Another problem is that not all third party logins provide the developer access to the user's email address. For instance if you let people join with Twitter the only ways for people to contact them would be to let them know which Twitter user it is because you can't just setup a form to send them an email. So, the ability to be anonymous is severely compromised.
8/6/2019 - I was just informed by a reporter at Willamette Week that this person is no longer a sheriff's deputy. I don't think that nullifies this posting in any way since current and former deputies are a tight knit community that share common values and beliefs.
8/5/2019 - This post has been updated to correct the name of case manager Jason Musgray and to include a video he made himself at a wild party.
7/31/2019 - A pro police blogger has taken issue with this post and written a critique that only mentions part of one of the photos from the .pdf ( That files has always been available by clicking the .pdf icon on this page. I wish this blogger would have mentioned the rest of the images before minimizing this conduct.
7/31/2019 - What is ridiculous is treating a college kid like a terrorist for tinkering with fireworks around the 4th of July. That kind of stuff has everything to do with bad cops.
7/31/2019 - They are trying to drive customers away from Starbucks in an obvious attempt to intimidate them and deter other businesses from doing the same out of fear of losing even more business. The fact is, whenever a uniformed cop enters an establishment the mood changes and usually not for the better. It would be a public service for the police not enter businesses like Starbucks while in uniform, usually.
7/31/2019 - The best way to treat comments by people in the community that can harm someone's reputation is to treat them as just statements your read someplace and keep them in the bac of your mind. Having forums where such statements can be made is vital to free speech. The benefit being people get a heads up that they might not have had otherwise.
7/25/2019 - Good news! The PR company that I work with has approved my release about this. They had it pending wanting to verify the information in this posting and finally send me back an email saying, "We have seen the photo and approved your PR. Please check." This was a very pleasant email to read because it gave me one thing that I was looking for when writing a release in the first place. Other people saying that they too have seen this person's posts, so if she ever cleans up her account or calls me a liar I am not the only one that has seen this stuff.
7/25/2019 - Funny update here, I just signed up for SEMRush and it listed this guy's blog as a possible competitor of mine because someone posted a link to this article in the comments. Then John shows up claiming to have testified against me (he did not not testify, he just complained) and he is taking credit for the time I spent in jail/prison. He had nothing to do with anything I was convicted of. I was part of a baseless extortion charge that I was never convicted of yet John Crawford takes credit for my "extortion" conviction. Liar.
7/19/2019 - While back at the Columbia County Jail in 2018 the law library was still the same.
7/19/2019 - Congratulations! You won the last round Johnson. Not only was there no sign of you the entire time I was back at CCJ in 2018, but the commissary sheets had been replaced with kiosks. Had you simply shown your face I would have found something about the commissary to ask you about, but no, you had to rig the game so that I couldn't ask you anything at all.
7/18/2019 - This report has been uploaded to include the full name and picture of Miss Useless after it was discovered on social media.
7/16/2019 - Notice that the uploaded .pdf lists Sergeants Brandons Pedro and White. You can see a picture of their union on this page. Pedro is listed as a union representative and White is the person FOIA requests are sent to. Hopefully he will cooperate with the request.

On an irrelevant not this picture makes me want to say, "I now pronounce you Sergeants Brandons Pedro and White, you may kiss my ass." Hey, at least they make MCSO appear more tolerant of diversity. A place where two men can openly invite other to share in the pleasure of their union.
7/11/2019 - Just read an article detailing the "gunning" problem in Victorville
7/6/2019 - 22 days after writing this I was arrested for violating my supervision, for among other things creating this website when I should have used computer monitoring. On that day I met one of the people that was in the back seat, Ryan Bundy, he was on his way back to testify in defense of some of his fellow protesters. He was shot as well while doing nothing wrong. Ryan does not seem like a criminal of any sort, which explains why he was found not guilty in Oregon and his Nevada trial ended in dismissal with prejudice due to government misconduct. So, this man died while being stopped for no crime.
6/29/2019 - This profile has been updated. It was three parts and is now one. It now has a picture of Dr. Cantu from social media and a link to old one star reviews he got back when he was in private practice. Figures someone as disliked as him would gravitate towards the prison system where his patients have no other option but to see him. Even then good luck getting on his list.
6/26/2019 - His new sucked up mugshot from 2018 does not surprise me. He always said his dream was to smoke an 8 ball of meth when he got out. Looks like he smoked at least eight 8 balls.
2/23/2017 - Went in for a UA and it turns out the entire office knows about Cop Blaster. My PO said several people have contacted him about it and I am not surprised. I pointed out that I am breaking no laws with this site and that by running a site that does not involve content removal for no money I am not violating my release conditions. He seemed concerned about the posting of addresses. I stated correctly that they are all publicly available and the government has always said in my case that aggregating public records is just fine. Have a meeting with him tomorrow, will keep my fingers crossed.
2/23/2017 - Still have to go to court over this software and have not gotten word of any alternative program from Probation. As bad as this software is on Windows 10 I still feel like it would be unfair to that company not to point out that IPPC Impulse Control might work just fine on older versions of Windows or a Macintosh. I also feel like Probation dropped the ball here by not using more than one Program at the Portland office. They should use at least two and I would use three or four if I were them. If they are going to use just one then it should be one that at least keeps its stuff up to date.
2/21/2017 - My lawyers submitted a great brief to the Ninth Circuit in my ineffective counsel case recently. It turns out I was prejudiced even more than I thought. For instance, I did not know that they could ever add to the conditions of release or that they could conceivably give me more than the maximum amount of time available under the statute for multiple violations of supervised release. So, if the court can give you X months for a violation, you get Y months in custody and Z months of supervision for violation A, you could get Yy for violation B and Yy + Y can be greater than X.
2/16/2017 - His application for disability does not sound like someone capable of riding a roller coaster "I cannot work. I have difficulty carrying (stuff) things, physical labor causes me great pain. I can't play sports anymore, I can't stand or sit for long periods of time, I can't bend over without great pain, I can’t carry my children. I don’t play any sports...At times I have someone help me put on, take off and tie my shoes. I bathe myself but don’t wash lower legs with the wash cloth."
2/16/2017 - Oh, and why did he qualify for being listed as a cyber stalker. Technically anyone that pursues another person stealthily using digital means qualifies under the general terminology of the phrase, so by using a digital phone to contact family members in an effort to make unwanted contact with me qualified him for a listing on an anti-cyberstalking site. The posting was quite sarcastic however, so I still consider criticizing me for it inappropriate. If I were a cop, I would have laughed at the old posting and considered it proof of me doing my job. This post probably not so much.
2/15/2017 - Maybe we will add a cop spotting app someday with fewer inputs.
2/11/2017 - Facebook login and registration now enabled. Users just have to authenticate with their Facebook account and choose a user name not already in use on this site. Easy.

Downside: The AJAX UpdatePanel on the comment boards had to be removed, so the page will need to refresh in order to post comments for now.
2/10/2017 - Also, I got more incident reports in the year and a half or so that I was there than he has gotten the entire time he has been in prison. Good thing they had to let me go.
2/10/2017 - I am also quite impressed and jealous by how well people lookout for him. Especially by running his website. I did all I could to get my people to run my websites when I was in prison and they just did what they could to distance themselves.
2/10/2017 - Another thing I remember about her was her mouth. It was filthy. Literally, somebody needs to stick a bar of soap in that thing. Very disrespectful to inmates, but gets away with it because she is a woman. If she were a man somebody probably would have socked her by now. Maybe they should assign her to the women's camp so that one of them broads can shove one of those soap cocks they make down her throat.
2/9/2017 - I was not sure if I was going to write this at first because I do not want people questioning me about it, but after seeing a guy on Facebook talking about how his dad died of a heart attack there and the difficulty he had getting his meds I decided more documentation of the medical situation there is needed. The clickable link above the description on the Blast Zone links to that other guy's story. BOP Health Services killed Dan Gunnels.
2/9/2017 - Correction: 25% was the lowest I could get the WMPROC process. The others would add to that, but were not so high as to be a problem most of the time.
2/9/2017 - I just talked to a friend that is a computer whiz and he told me that I might be able to handle a program on my computer that runs like IPPC if I bought an aftermarket liquid cooling system. I wish I had thought of that myself and I would have seriously considered it. On the other hand I do not recall reading liquid cooling system as being a requirement of using IPPC software. It should not be a requirement because monitoring software should not idle at 25% CPU or more. 25% was the lowest I could get any one process.
2/9/2017 - The contact us email form and Pinterest sharing bugs have been fixed.
2/8/2017 - Today I found out that Probation is trying to use the District Court to protect IPPC from the truth about themselves. I will not censor my work about their defective product just because Probation or a Court says to. I have a First Amendment right to tell people how much CPU usage they consume, how they fail to update their software for months on end despite fixes that would make it compatible with Windows 10 being available, and I have the right to tell others how to use their computer should IPPC cripple it.
2/8/2017 - This just in: Jonathan Haub has retired! Ironic is it not? I mean, I write this post linking to retirement statistics for him to look at and before the site even goes live he retires. The man must be psychic.
2/7/2017 - Note: Congressman Crowley is getting his wish regarding Illegal Alien Report, but not because of my persecution. I wrote a lengthy post about this decision. To sum it up: after meeting immigrants and learning first hand how horribly they are treated by the justice system I do not feel comfortable letting people publish that kind of info now that Trump is actually enforcing immigration laws. I support speech, but I do not support a system that rewards cops for shooting immigrants by locking them up for years just for crossing the border and deporting them to thwart their ability to sue.
2/3/2017 - So, why would a non-violent drug offender like Kim be at a high security USP? Because the BOP requires that anyone serving a life sentence do their first 10 years at a high security facility. As a result you have non-violent offenders doing time with murderers.
2/2/2017 - Just to clarify one thing. I did not mention that Mohamed and I were neighbors at the Multnomah County Detention Center. I last saw him at FDC Sheridan in 2013. We were not in prison together though. Last checked Mohamed was in Victorville, like I was, but unlike me he is at a medium security facility known as FCI II. I was at a high security facility known as USP Victorville. That just shows how messed up BOP classification is. The guy doing 30 years on a terrorism charge is considered less dangerous than the guy doing 2 years for slapping someone.
1/30/2017 - This is one of those posts that I added to diversify the content a bit. There are a lot of horrible stories on this site, but this is not one of them. This site can be used to call out misconduct, voice an opinion, or just entertain people. I'm not trying to cause Johnson any real grief with this, but it is a funny story and that is why it is here.
1/30/2017 - I posted this story to show the potential lighter side of Cop Blaster. It can be used to expose horrible acts of abuse or just to tell funny stories. This was kind of embarrassing for me, but then again I did grow up in Oregon and can think of many people I've known over the years that would change their last name to Weed if they could.
1/26/2017 - Another thing I should have mentioned was that I was really interested in proving that previous successes of mine were the result of effective marketing that could work for any edgy idea, so when I realized that there were no sites like this one for undocumented immigrants specifically, I felt like I finally found material capable of testing various marketing theories. That was another reason for the fake name. I wanted the site and the marketing campaign to stand on its own without my previous work clouding the issue. Now I can say that those previous successes were due to skill and not luck.

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8/27/2019 - This is the first example of a custom decertified cop description. This feature allows any registered member to add more information to the page of a decertified officer simply by clicking the link above the default auto-generated description. This is the first part of making this a decertified cop wiki. Next people will need ways to edit their descriptions and add images.
7/21/2019 - I remember reading about this guy in the paper and thought he was a real scumbag because he got convicted of a sex crime against minors, but I just Googled him and it turns out he got a new trial and was found not guilt. Still, was was convicted of fraud and therefore remains decertified.