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7/14/2024 - Donald Trump seems to still be in the "I'm not a real criminal" phase all first time felons go through. After nearly being assassinated, he was quick to thank law enforcement for protecting him ( It is not uncommon for first time felons to harbor pro law enforcement sentiment after conviction if they don't do any time. Trump clearly relies on law enforcement for his safety and continues to voice his support for them despite being a victim himself.

Hopefully he will realize that to earn the felon vote he can't go around praising police officers.
6/11/2024 - Hunter Biden was convicted today. Ironically, Joe Biden is scheduled to speak in favor of gun control tomorrow. Only a treacherous MF would vote in favor of the same gun laws being used to persecute his son, refuse to pardon his son, and speak in favor of more gun laws that would likely expose his son to longer prison terms in the future.

What a difference 4 years make. It seems Biden was attacking the system 4 years ago but is supporting it today while Trump is pointing out the obvious that the system is "totally rigged"
6/3/2024 - Donald Trump was on Fox News last night back tracking on his prior calls to lock up Hillary Clinton. He even said locking her up would be "a terrible thing".

This is typical of the first stage of the transformation I mentioned in the article. Realizing he too can go to jail the defendant now has second thoughts about advocating for the incarceration of others.

Learn more:
5/16/2024 - Donald Trump is appealing his unconstitutional gag order to the state's highest court. Hopefully they will recognize the disparity created by allowing rats like Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels to speak publicly about the case while at the same time gagging the defendant.
3/29/2024 - This guy only got probation for stabbing a man on camera while other people convicted during that era were sent to prison for as much as 10 years just for shooting paintballs at people during similar protests. Learn more
2/21/2024 - This article has been updated with the news that the charges against Keondra Snow have been dismissed following her completion of a pre-trial diversion program.

Ms. Snow reached out to us in an effort to get the article removed or at least her name removed. We responded by asking if she thinks a man in the same position would have gotten off so easily. She has not answered that question.
11/28/2023 - Saddened to receive word from Josh that his supervision has been revoked over drug tests despite him doing just fine otherwise. Working full time, paying rent, and not committing crimes in a state where drugs have been largely de-criminalized is all it takes for the feds to violate your for years.

The whole point of de-criminalizing drugs is to avoid locking people up when they're not otherwise breaking the law. Lots of people can do recreational drugs and function in society just fine. Those people do things like work honestly and pay rent only to get kidnapped by the government over technicalities.
11/16/2023 - David DePape was convicted today. He faces up to 50 years in prison. As an ex-convict whose seen how mentally ill violent convicts are treated at sentencing , I think he will get at least 20 years possibly 30 years because of who he hit. They will likely consider Nancy's retirement as a significant disruption to the government and the "need" to deter other activists from going the extra mile.

Not on DePape's side is his mental illness because the sentencing guidelines specifically disqualify those convicted of violent crimes from getting time off for diminished capacity.
11/3/2023 - The D.C. Circuit has overruled Judge Chutkan by suspending enforcement of her gag order until the court can hear Trump's appeal in a few weeks.

This could turn out to be a really important case for defendants' rights because everyone is technically innocent until proven guilty, so there is no legitimate excuse to infringe on a defendant's liberties. If someone doesn't want to be criticized by a defendant they can choose not to what they're being criticized for.

People have the right to criticize others for their choices. Those include choices in court proceedings.
10/26/2023 - Argote has been found dead according to police. They claim his body was found about a mile away from where his car was found. Strange they didn't find it sooner.

They'll probably call it a suicide and close the case real quick. If they did find him elsewhere, kill him, and move the body there they wouldn't want anyone looking around, so suicide is what they'll call it.
10/22/2023 - The U.S. Marshals have announced a reward of $10,000 for information leading to his capture. A pathetic sum considering you'll likely be known as a snitch for the rest of your life. Plus, all it takes is a technicality for him to be released in the near future with your name on his list.

I wouldn't want to be known as a snitch for a measly $10K. That kind of thing will get inmates the money they've always wanted to blow at the canteen only to get smashed off the yard for putting someone in there.

The Marshals have released a flier promoting their "reward" but didn't even get his race right. Pedro Manuel Argote is not white, he is Latino.
10/20/2023 - Judge Engoron fined Trump $5,000 today because he didn't actually remove the post like he thought he did. First, no judge has the right to order someone to delete a comment like the one Trump made. This is a class case of abusing someone's status as a defendant to gag that person.

Hopefully Trump violates it again, refuses to turn himself in, and calls on his militia allies to take up defensive positions around his location. I've met people who've done that before, so believe me when I say it works if done properly.
9/5/2023 - Just sentenced to 22 years in federal prison for "seditious conspiracy" due to his involvement in the January 6, 2021 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington D.C.

As a rat he has the right to request protective custody which he will certainly do. If they send him to a good yard he will leave on a stretcher, so he will have to spend his time in solitary until classification sends him to a protective custody yard. He should do alright at a PC yard full of rats, sex offenders, and other messed up dudes.
8/28/2023 - Judge Chutkan set Donald Trump's trial date for March of next year. That is a really fast timetable for a federal trial let alone one as big as this one. I've had plea "bargains" in federal court take over a year in most of my cases (2/3). My cases were just a single online threat and a couple assaults on corrections personnel while serving time for the first case. Of those cases, only the second one which was a clear slap to the face caught on camera took less than a year.

Donald is honestly fuming over this calling here a "Trump hating judge" but despite the quick timetable someone with as may lawyers as Trump has will likely find a valid excuse for a delay eventually.
5/30/2023 - Nice work! If you want the PDF to work please rename to file so that it does not include the # character in the file name. That character always breaks URLs when used as part of a file name on sites hosted on IIS.

I also recommend replacing all white spaces with - or _ because whitespaces in file names can be problematic as well.
5/16/2023 - Arrested last week on accusations of sexually assaulting at least 4 boys.
4/29/2023 - This guy was on Fox News complaining about the disclosure of pictures including this one. We will update this profile shortly to include the video.
4/28/2023 - Just did a Google search for "LAPD suspended" to find an old article mentioning this officer as one reason why a woman won $550,000 after being body slammed over a minor infraction.

While it is true that people need to be discouraged from texting while driving, excessive force is unnecessary.

Learn more:
4/18/2023 - Vasquez successfully got the Normandale Park shooter a life sentence today. An appropriate sentence seeing as how Benjamin Smith fired into a crowd of Black Lives Matter demonstrators killing one and wounding dozens more.

Still, seeing Vasquez on the case is disturbing because it reinforces the image I have of him serving as general counsel for Antifa. Whenever a far-right labeled individual is accused of committing a serious crime against Antifa it seems he handles it. This kind of arrangement almost always results in a bias in favor of those the prosecutor routinely works with.
4/16/2023 - luvrox - thanks for your feedback. The whole point of the Killed By Police project is to aggregate media accounts of people killed by police so that people like you can comment on them.

We found the data in an Excel sheet on a site which last checked didn't allow users to post comments so people like you are left questioning what is said with no opportunity to be heard. We give you the opportunity to be heard.
4/13/2023 - If anyone thinks Cohen's blown credibility due to lying under oath should automatically discredit him in the eyes of the jury that is not always the case. I've seen cases when people have been caught lying about the events in question in public before and the accused still got convicted.
4/11/2023 - Noticed this case in the news again today. Finally, Delgado's family is suing the Portland Police for wrongful death in this case. We wish them and their legal counsel the best of luck.

We've always believed that DeLong had alternatives to letting a man run away before shooting him. Alternatives like handcuffing him and putting him in the back of the car while investigating the report of a man fitting his description with a gun. Why a cop would give someone accused of recently possessing a gun and acting odd enough freedom to make a getaway like that cannot likely be explained as the work product of competent police work.
4/11/2023 - To officer Russell's credit, police officers are professional pathological liars and their chiefs are the most pathological of them all. Nobody becomes police chief without being better at all the bad things cops do. That said, if Russell wants to use this platform to tell his side of the story or otherwise criticize his former boss, he is welcome to do so.
3/24/2023 - Vasquez is considering running for DA against Mike Schmidt. Ironic seeing as how Mike Schmidt was elected as a known associate of Antifa who Vasquez so zealously represents in court on a regular basis.

The problem with Vasquez's relationship with Antifa is its striking similarity to the relationship his colleague had with the person who set up the founder of this website over a decade ago. He was not the first person his colleague prosecuted on her behalf, so it was no surprise when discovery showed a relationship between the two more like that of an attorney and his repeat client than that of an independent fact finder.
3/24/2023 - Vasquez may have a new victim, but we're not familiar enough with the case to tell yet. Tiny Toese is a Proud Boy just like Swinney and he too was recently convicted of Assault II for a brawl in which he was on camera shooting Antifas with paintballs.

The basis for Toese's Assault II is not clear to us at this time. We hope for everyone's sake that his paintballs were not considered dangerous weapons.

Whatever the circumstances of Toese's case are, what disturbs us most is that the same prosecutor seems to be handling cases in which Anitfa claims victimization and the alleged perpetrator is a right winger. The MCDA has allowed such conflicts of interest to exist for over a decade.
3/19/2023 - This should be interesting because we fully expect the government to try and categorize pro-Trump protesters differently than Antifa or Black Lives Matter. In 2020 we noticed a number of cases in which the left would do one thing and the right would be accused of wrongdoing for doing the same thing.

A good example is doxxing. The left justifies doxxing right-wingers as warning the community about extremists. If right wingers dox Antifa they turn around and use it as an example to pass laws against doxxing and releasing mugshots to stop people like Andy Ngo from posting mugshots, names, and personal information about people arrested at George Floyd protests.
3/15/2023 - Stormy was once the victim of a wrongful arrest which was documented on this site. Why would someone with a history of being the victim of police misconduct legitimize the institution of law enforcement by meeting with prosecutors for any reason?

See old coverage of wrongful arrest
2/24/2023 - The home address block is back in place site wide again. If this angers you it probably is for your own good because market forces are making it harder for people to find content which links to that type of information.

This site is finally to a point where victims of government overreach can make those researching their abuser see their story simply by naming the abuser. Securing the ability to do that is more important than being able to post that type of relevant yet not necessarily necessary information.
2/22/2023 - Some funny feedback from the source of the photo. I was wondering why I couldn't find a picture of her anywhere in 2017 when I wrote this report. Sounds like she had it removed from the internet years ago but that she's been pissing people off for so long some people still have copies of it.
2/19/2023 - Someone emailed me out of the blue with her wedding photo the other day, so I updated the image on this page to include it in place of the ball gag I used before I had a picture of her.

The photo was part of a snippet from the Register Guard newspaper in Eugene, Oregon announcing the union of Eileen P. Dillon and Scott C. Groshong.
2/14/2023 - Dustydawn - if what you say is true, that can happen with this project.
As explained at we simply imported a collection of data about people who've been killed by police.

We imported it because the people in charge of maintaining the data didn't seem to be doing enough to maximize the visibility of that data. They also don't allow for people to post comments on their sites. We downloaded an Excel sheet containing that data and imported it here so that people like you can offer feedback on what was said.

Sometimes the people killed by police were not victims. The Boston Marathon bombers are a good example. On the list due to being killed by police but not victims either.
1/30/2023 - A sixth officer has been relieved of duty. His name is Preston Hemphill. His exact involvement is not exactly clear to us at this time. Somebody watching footage probably had a sharp eye and counted people.
1/3/2023 - Cauthron appears to operate the Twitter account bigshow39648 but he does not have a blue verification check which means didn't pay Elon Musk the incredibly low price of just $8 to get his account verified or it is not his account.

If it is his account, he has deleted all his Tweets probably to keep people like us from posting replies with links to articles like this one.
10/7/2022 - It should also be noted that this bill could kill Google and all other search engines simply by classifying them as sites which host adult content. It does not distinguish between platforms which allow users to upload and those which use bots to aggregate content indiscriminately.

One could conceivably fine Google under this law because Google Bot doesn't verify adult content before including it in search results.
9/30/2022 - Danesh has posted a really interesting video which includes Joey Camp admitting to taking pictures of his kids, but Danesh claims Joey was in Jennifer Couture's swimming pool in Florida at the time when someone was taking pictures of his kids outside his house. I have not seen evidence of someone taking pictures of his kids, but the comments made by Camp in the video are disturbing.

In my opinion it appears that Camp and others have been harassing Danesh. I still don't think the conduct alleged violates the federal interstate stalking statue and I certainly don't think anyone has tried to kill Danesh. Those seem like exaggerations typical of people trying to make law enforcement prioritize their case.
9/29/2022 - Just occurred to me the comment Danesh posted was a message to Jennifer Couture thinking some **** she knows uploaded the video. I uploaded the video, I'm not a ****, and I don't know her.

"Stalking children will never be okay, Jennifer. Everything you're doing right now goes straight to your probation officer. Your ****-goon is named as your right-hand in all police reports from everyone in my town and in your own family. Anything the **** does, including this, reflects on you (as per your probation officer Marc and his supervisor Ashlee.) You need to stop, Jennifer, you're going to end up in prison. " - ThatDaneshGuy on YouTube
9/9/2022 - McGibney has complained via Twitter that someone contacted his kids at school after this went up. If so, it had nothing to do with me. I don't have a history of contacting kids and I never will.

I think a better explanation for such things is the tenacious battle they've been fighting online. I think if the guy were going to do that he would do it anyway.
8/31/2022 - Hunter Moore appears to have banned me from his Discord. I asked if he knew that his federal prison consultant were a federal prison rat. He said that he didn't know until he checked his paperwork or something like that.

I was working on a follow-up question when I got booted. It would have been something like, would you still have contacted him for help with your case had you know about his history?

Kind of lame booting me from the server over a relevant question like that. Maybe he read something I wrote about him and didn't like it. I would not like some of the stuff I've said if I were him. I still try to be fair though, like giving him an opportunity to tell his side.
8/30/2022 - At one point I though he might have Stockholm Syndrome, but his cooperation started before he was held captive by the government. Still, much of what he says is consistent with that diagnosis. He appears to have developed positive feelings towards his captors, believes in the humanity of his captors, no longer perceives them as a threat, and holds the same values as his aggressors.

However, his prior association with his captors and his cooperation with authorities are inconsistent with known symptoms. I don't think that last one applies due to the authorities being his captors, but one can argue that he worked with his captors so much before surrendering that he doesn't have Stockholm Syndrome (
8/30/2022 - My reasons for criticizing RDAP Dan in this manner are basically the same as the reasons he gives for being a prison consultant. Keeping people out of prison. I just think advising them on the dangers of working with rats is a more effective way at accomplishing that goal than not saying anything even if the guy you have to say something about is a seemingly successful prison consultant.
8/26/2022 - Received an email today claiming to be from the email address cody_weldin[at] demanding the removal of Weldin's address from this article. It cited a California law even thought this site is run in a different state and hosted in a foreign country. The state of California has no authority over us whatsoever.

Even if that state had jurisdiction over this matter, the statute cited was held unconstitutional by a federal judge in 2017 ( That ruling overwhelmingly supports our claim that publications such as these are protected by the First Amendment.

Even if the above were not true, the statute requires intent to injure or threaten which is not and has never been the case here.
8/5/2022 - Charlotte told me on Twitter that she is against big tech censorship of words and that she is more of a Libertarian. That was nice to hear.

Unfortunately, she also took the position that Anthony Weiner should be protected from such disclosures. I found that odd since the laws I've seen allow disclosures that serve a public interest, like letting people know that you've just received an unsolicited dick pic from your Congressman.

I wonder if she takes a more extreme position to make sure that what she really considers attainable appears more reasonable.
8/1/2022 - Everyone I met in prison had their life truly ruined by the government. Surly they would all gladly trade a nude pic for a get out of jail free card. People that say their lives were ruined by revenge porn seem spoiled. They seem to have no idea what it is really like to have their life ruined.

If you want to see someone whose life has been ruined, walk by the people camping on the sidewalk, watch the war in Ukraine, or go to jail.

I concede that revenge porn can diminish someone's overall quality of life, but I do not believe that their quality of life is diminished enough to truly say their life was ruined.
8/1/2022 - For people mad at me for using the stalker label on Charlotte Laws, I am simply applying the same label I applied to someone that tracked down my family and bothered them over me. I've had problems with a lot of people over the years, but I've never once tracked down their relatives and subjected them to unwanted contact. When I have a beef with someone I think that just being related to that person should be punishment enough.

Just being related to Hunter Moore should be punishment enough, so contacting his family members went too far.

I also don't think that anyone whose never been to prison is qualified to decide if someone deserves to be in prison or for how long.
7/25/2022 - Today, Scott Groshong pled guilty to Assault III and Official Misconduct I. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation and 80 hours of community service. His DPSST certification was also revoked.
7/25/2022 - Today, Scott Groshong pled guilty to Assault III and Official Misconduct I. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation and 80 hours of community service. His DPSST certification was also revoked.
7/22/2022 - While the technically somewhat unrelated grand jury report mentioned in the video above does praise the MCSO for programs available at their jails, it fails to mention that none of the inmates shown in the story have access to such programs.

In order to have access to programs you can't be housed in units used primarily for administrative or disciplinary segregation.
7/18/2022 - Alright, now I remember. At about 11:00 into a second video you can see Gibson get spit on and wipe some of the spit on an innocent third party. A great example of the alleged victimization cycle in which the victim of harassment became a harasser himself by wiping spit on an innocent person instead of the spitter.

Then, he touched what appears to be a woman's chest for way too long before his buddy forcibly removed a piece of her clothing.

When my fraternity brother wiped his puke on my arm did I wipe it on an innocent brother? Hell no! I chased him down wiped it all over his face.
7/2/2022 - Just in case you can't tell, this article is a joke intended to mock the big deal the media made of random stacks of building supplies conveniently located at construction sites just because they COULD be used as weapons by people angry at the government. I figured I might as well try to do them one better.
6/24/2022 - Breitbart was just streaming a live protest outside Clarence Thomas' house. If we find another live stream we will post it, but until then you can watch the footage we did find at
6/24/2022 - If the thought of people finding these addresses scares these justices as much as critics would have you believe, then why didn't they have their immediate family members use the free opt out services provided by our background check service provider and other providers?

You'd think SCOTUS would have staff for that.
6/24/2022 - There was a judge on tv the other day saying more laws are needed to protect their information. The sad thing is that if they had competent people working for them they wouldn't need any new laws. They would know how not to create a public paper trail.

We have not used any public records databases that do not allow people to opt out for free. They might even be able to do something about the outdated web pages if they knew where to look.
6/24/2022 - Roe v. Wade was overturned today. That means you can legally protest outside judges' homes against it without being accused of trying to influence an upcoming court decision.
6/8/2022 - Is it hypocritical to support abolishing the police while criticizing them for not doing their job?

Not in cases like this. Police earn the privilege to abuse the public by doing jobs others do not want to do. If they do not do those jobs then there is no reason to cut them any slack.

A police officer is like that guy at your office who is so indispensable to the company that he can get away with showing up drunk. The day he ceases to be indispensable is the day he gets fired for being drunk at work.

Every society has people whose job it is to deal with homicidal maniacs. If the police are abolished then someone else will step up.
5/29/2022 - There is a theory as to why Russia has lost so many generals in Ukraine. The theory is that they've been venturing too close to the front in an effort to both inspire their men and get a better idea as to why they can't gain any ground.

Unlike Chief Arredondo, the Russian generals in Ukraine have *****. Vodka may have contributed significantly to the development of those *****, but an element of natural personal courage is still required.
5/29/2022 - Now it is starting to sound like Uvalde Police Chief Peter Arredondo is on his way out. Media reports indicate he is joining the City Counsel.

Arredondo has taken responsibility for the decision not to send officers into the school in time. He claims he was under the impression that the active shooting situation was actually a barricade situation.

In Arredondo's defense, it doesn't sound like he was anywhere near the front line at the time. However, that usually means that somebody who should be at the front is in the rear unable to know exactly what is going on. At such times they often make bad decisions, but that is not an excuse.
5/19/2022 - UPDATE: Breaking right now is news of a prior sexual assault allegation against Dominguez. Last year he was investigated after a woman accused him of groping her at a party. The investigation did not result in charged being filed.

5/18/2022 - Scott Franklin is now at USP Terre Haute which last I heard was being turned into a protective custody (PC) yard for snitches, sex offenders, drop outs, and other ****** ** dudes.

Too bad because I was really hoping they would send him to Pollock where his paperwork is.
3/27/2022 - Brown appears to now be located in the Los Angeles County jail system. According to the inmate lookup (which was not working at the time this article was published), Brown appears to have been incarcerated since the date of his arrest.

However, his booking information is vague and appears outdated. It makes only one mention of him being booked on an unknown charge with bail set at $20,000. It makes no mention of his United States Marshal hold. Federal holds are typically represented in local jail systems as the criminal charge "USM Hold" or similar language. USM Holds are often listed alongside related state charges, but this authors does not recall ever not seeing a federal detainee charged with USM Hold.
2/21/2022 - Use the regular URL from your browser. Just load that shortened URL in your browser, copy the link, and paste it into the box when editing your report.

The regular YouTube URL is
2/21/2022 - WOW! As an independent third party who knows neither of you, I think those social media posts looks a lot like the officer in the top left photo.

Nice Work!
2/11/2022 - Got a letter from a convict at USP Pollock the other day. It was mostly about other things, but there was a sentence in there which appears to describe Fingers as showing up there and checking into protective custody. That seems to substantiate the earlier stories I heard which were basically the same involving his exit from J2 at FDC Sheridan.

He is listed on the BOP website as being in Pollock now. He was sent to FCI Sheridan at first. When that happened I was glad because I figured people wouldn't go too **** ** him there, but I always worried he might flip out and get sent up to a USP.
2/8/2022 - This story just keeps getting weirder. Today a fellow trooper told a judge that he and his girlfriend will go into hiding if he Garrett Yetman is released. His bond was set at $350,000
1/4/2022 - Mestel clearly has no idea what street cred is. When someone goes from no cred to snitch cred they might think they have street cred due to having no cred of any sort before and suddenly being known for something, but snitching is snitching.

Plus, the guy told on somebody that wasn't hurting anybody just because he didn't like him. What is the harm in letting podium guy take his new found podium home and sell it on Craigslist? No harm whatsoever.
12/23/2021 - Franklin's dumbass mailed a bomb threat to a federal courthouse in late 2019 and was subsequently sentenced to 55 months in federal prison in October ( He is currently listed on the BOP website as being at Oklahoma City FTC which is a transfer hub for the South Central Region and beyond.

The classification people in Grand Prarie must have realized that Franklin wore out his welcome in the Western Region long ago and his best shot at making it in general population is sending him far away where they hope nobody has heard of him. Problem is this article ranks well on search engines for his name, so when people ask their people at home to look him up they will find this.
12/13/2021 - Today we found out that we were not far off. The account does not belong to Micah Fletcher, but it does belong to his mother Margie Fletcher. We found that out while working on a letter to Jeremy Christian and recalling the time we suspected mfpdx of being Micah or a relative of his. This author casually looked up Micah Fletcher using a background check service and noticed that his mother's name shares the same initials. Then I clicked on her name and noticed that her information included email addresses featuring similar handles. Then I looked in the section titled "Possible Social Profile Matches" which features a direct link to mfpdx on Twitter.

For the reasons outlined above I believe that mfpdx is in fact Margie Fletcher.
12/3/2021 - A story broke today saying that Officer Garcia was investigated for similar crimes years ago. According to CBS 12, "a six-year-old boy came forward, telling DCF investigators that Garcia touched him inappropriately while he was in his care." That was back in 2019.

We've also learned that the most recent accusations include attempts to get his victim to produce nude photographs.
11/4/2021 - What a great description, NOT! C'mon man. If you have time to fill out the form and upload an image you can at least think of 150 characters to write in support of your claims. Lazy MF
10/25/2021 - We have been sending links to this page to the defendants in the Newberg doxxing lawsuit. Hopefully it helps, if they are reading this comment we recommend they check out our prior coverage in which we explain why HB 3047 is unconstitutional. We hope that they file a motion for declaratory relief in federal court on the ground that the new law in overbroad.

10/25/2021 - Amanda's husband has been assigned to the first lawsuit filed against someone under the state's new unconstitutional anti-doxxing law. I wonder if his experience being married to Amanda back when her address was not censored on this page might influence how he handled the case. According to public records he still lives at that location.
10/19/2021 - If you're wondering why I still have a gripe with Expert Institute despite the referral it is because almost every denial I get from an expert, expert matchmaker, or lawyer also includes a referral.

Referrals are usually just an effort to pass the buck off to someone else likely to give you another referral.
10/13/2021 - Jadeyoung2 - What makes you think he graduated? He only has 2 years worth of football pictures, so if he graduated it wasn't on a football scholarship. According to the U.S. Department of Education College Scorecard the graduate rate for Lane College is just 27% (, so if you have evidence that he was part of that 27% I would like to see it.

I don't mean to use stereotypes, but a lot of jail guards played football and those that made it to college are usually dropouts which is why they become jail guards.
10/5/2021 - Alan Swinney was convicted today on 11 of 12 counts. The only count he was acquitted on was Assault II against Meg Steward because the jury realized how ridiculous it is to classify a paintball as a dangerous weapon when used to bruise a boobie.
10/3/2021 - Also, the public records on Megan Steward seem to indicate that her mother's address is the one that was blacked out in the screenshot. It was blackout due to being outdated. The reason for using the screenshot was to show the old voter registration that listed her as a Republican.
10/3/2021 - That last comment shows the emotional head trip these people play. Inventing some ******** like "doxxing my mother the day after my father dies" trying to gain sympathy points for a stone cold rat that seems to think that a bruised tit is worth a quarter million dollars.
10/3/2021 - Seems Megan Steward has joined Mr. Britton in proving that her name belongs on a snitch list. She tweeted the following:

"Doxxing my mother the day after my father dies to get at me? Classy. Also witness intimidation, of which, has been reported to those authorities you hate so much (yet can and will arrest you)" -
10/1/2021 - If the email we posted is really from Jason Britton and is accurate then the address might be outdated. Still, we find it funny that he would then accuse us of doxing him when he himself made the rest of his contact information available on his public Facebook page.
9/25/2021 - We received a series of complaints from someone claiming to be Harlan Jones. At first we were leaning towards giving the author of this post 48 hours to back up his claims or the post would be deleted, but then the person said the following:

"U be hearing from my lawyer thats the answer you getting and we will see what happens then The authorities has already been here and made a report of this as well well see what we take it down and take it down today" - harlancraigjones[at]

The statement "The authorities has already been here and made a report" indicates that the author of that email is a snitch. If this email really is from Jones then it substantiates the accusation that he is a snitch. We cannot vouch for the other accusations.
9/10/2021 - That sure looks like a dope pipe in the bottom left hand corner. If I wanted to encourage snitching I'd say to share that with child protective services, but then again I don't want to encourage snitching.
9/8/2021 - Although the record we found didn't say exactly where Jones was busted for public intoxication, the charge was listed as "public intoxicationwpd" which we could only find elsewhere on mugshot websites corresponding to mugshots from Texas.

Jones' address history places him in Fort Worth, Texas from 1996 to 2003.
9/8/2021 - What is kind of funny about this is we doubt Jones had any idea this picture existed until we posted it. Sometimes the background check service we use gets records from private correctional companies that don't get destroyed when cases are expunged. We couldn't find any record of his public intoxication case beyond just the mugshot with a couple id numbers, so we suspect that he probably had the case expunged from public records without knowing that a private company kept its own separate records.

This mugshot reminds us of one we found last year ( that was left in Transcor records despite the case being expunged from public records.
8/19/2021 - We updated this article to include a response from the BCDA via Twitter to our criticism of the sentence. They said it was the maximum allowed by NC law.

We replied by asking how Green met his victim because if they exchanged messages online then that would likely invoke federal jurisdiction. Federal courts consider the internet a mechanism of interstate commerce, so people can often be prosecuted federally for committing crimes against people online even if the victim is in the same state. That is because messages bounce from server to server across state lines.

Federal sentencing guidelines would favor much harsher sentence for Green.
8/11/2021 - Kim Potter's jury will be anonymous
8/2/2021 - The officers involved in this shooting were Ryan Cameron, David Serrano, Trevor Sterling and Shawn
Boggeman. Officer Sterling was arrested this past weekend for brandishing his service weapon outside a bar
7/17/2021 - We just got an email from Anti-Fascist Abolitionist AWK on Twitter with a link to this tweet in which he embedded a video about Officer Foti getting his job back.

On top of that it sounds like he will receive backpay for the time he spent fired for the egregious misconduct caught on camera which included a head stomp.
7/2/2021 - An arbitrator ruled in Caspar's favor earlier this week overturning his termination and ordering him reinstated with back pay. The arbitrator claimed that he was not intentionally dishonest.

So, it seems officers can get away with providing materially false information simply by claiming ignorance as to its accuracy.
6/14/2021 - We received a message from one of the victim's relatives in response to an inquiry we sent after redacting Frank's last known address. Her comments included the following:

"We are hoping he will have to stay incarcerated until his trial. He has military, he was a marine. I'm assuming he will also be dishonorably discharged.
I wish I could tell you more. We weren't particularly close with them ... No substance abuse that I know of ... Nothing stood out to me but I just always got a weird vibe from him.. not this kind of disgusting **** but just weird. As far as I know there were no warning signs but the family was questioned by the prosecutors office and I'm sure there is more information that will come out if any of them had any idea."
6/2/2021 - The judge denied him bail, but that usually means that bail will be reconsidered in the near future. He is not charged with a capital offense, so the law likely guarantees him the right to bail, but the court can and should set his bail high enough that he can't afford it, but he is likely to retain a good enough lawyer to point out that the right to bail means affordable bail.
5/16/2021 - We have updated this article to include a copy of the Police Civilian Review Board's report about this. We noticed someone on Reddit under the handle houston_oilers post a link to it in a comment in response to this article. We checked it out and it appears to be the real deal. We always appreciate it when Redditors provide constructive feedback.
5/13/2021 - This article has been updated to include a video of a committee hearing about this bill in the Senate. Rep. Witt, Rep. Post, and others gave testimony that made their intent to subvert the First Amendment obvious.

Examples of First Amendment protected activities targeted by the bill include posting home addresses of government officials for the purpose of helping people protest peacefully by picketing outside their homes. They claim that bill is narrowly tailored, but fail to mention that their definition of "harass" varies from the legal definition of "harassment" so much that they might as well invent a new word. The government does not have the right to chill speech because of emotional distress.
5/13/2021 - We have updated the article with a video of the 5/12 hearing by the Oregon Senate Committee on Judiciary. At about 2:40 he says the bill was prompted due to him and his staff being doxxed. At 2:50 he refers to this article specifically.

His testimony makes it clear that he sponsored this bill for his own personal benefit. He doesn't like people expressing their First Amendment rights in ways that force him to take notice, so he is looking for excuses to silence them.

He justifies his position by accusing authors of having ill intentions that cannot be proven.
5/13/2021 - This article has been updated to include a video of Post testifying before a Senate committee. His testimony shows why the bill is too broad. He lumps protected speech in with unprotected speech.

Speech like posting his home address as part of political criticism is protected by the First Amendment.

Speech like posting his SSN, bank account and credit card numbers is arguably not covered most of the time. Federal law already prohibits the transfer of certain "authentication features" used by identity thieves ( We believe that such information should be treated the same way for the same reasons.

When a bill seeks to regulate protected and unprotected activities it is overbroad.
5/12/2021 - Do you have any evidence to support these accusations?

Calling someone a pedophile is serious, so if you have any paperwork to that effect please upload it via your account manager.

Same goes for the other allegations, please submit some paperwork to back it up if you have any.
5/11/2021 - The family of Andrew Brown Jr. got to see 20 minutes of body cam footage today. That is a step in the right direction, but it still does not satisfy our demand that the video be made available to the general public.

The Brown family describes the video as showing an unjustified killing.
5/9/2021 - The government continues to persecute Javier Esqueda for doing the right thing and in so doing deter other officers from holding their own people accountable.
5/5/2021 - Due to Garrett Rolfe being both released and the APD voting to re-instate him we have added his recent address history back to this article. We had removed them when he was held without bond, but then he was granted bond and his bond was lowered. As a result he was released, so people need to know to be careful around those locations due to the fact that man charged with murder might be there.

The APD voting to re-instate him is an outrageous development for a man still charged with murder. You can learn more about that at
4/29/2021 - The feds announced today that Chauvin will not be undercharged for much longer. He will be charged with violating the civil right of George Floyd under color of state law resulting in death under 18 U.S.C. 242 (

The applicable law states "if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section ... shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death."

Charging Chauvin with a capitol offense create a real possibly of justice for George Floyd.
4/28/2021 - It is quite common for politicians to act as if they are fighting for peoples rights while attacking them in this way. They fill a series of bills with stuff people love and sneak something in that takes their rights away while they are not looking.

Then they will use the existence of a bill like this to justify restricting speech on other grounds. They will say that if it is legal to prohibit the disclosure of personal information that causes anxiety that it is therefore logical to prohibit the disclosure of anything that causes anxiety. That is why the line needs to be drawn here.
4/27/2021 - Also, we frequently paste the home addresses of cops charged with sex crimes against children into reports we write about them. We do that to warn the community so that people can keep their kids away from them. Under this law we could be sued by pedophiles claiming emotional distress as a result. They would say things like, "what if a pedophile hunter sees that?" Then they would cry to a judge that they suffered "severe anxiety" wondering if someone vigilante might see the post.

If we complied with an injunction in such a case then people wouldn't know to keep their kids away from their homes and more children could be molested. Surely any reasonable person would agree that being held in contempt is worth saving children.
4/21/2021 - CPD released the name of the officer involved. His name is Nicholas Reardon. They also said he was taken off the streets due to the ongoing investigation. As we already said, the video shows that Officer Reardon stopped Ma'Khia Bryant from stabbing the woman in pink by shooting her at the last second. We believe that Officer Reardon was put in a bad position of having to choose between being blamed for shooting Bryant or standing by while she stabbed someone. In this case people are mad at him for shooting and if he had not they would accuse him of not caring about the woman in pink with headlines like "White Cops Lets Black Woman Get Stabbed"
4/19/2021 - Portland Police have released images of a black replica handgun with an orange tip that they claim Robert Delgado was holding when he was shot, but they have not released any footage that proves that he was holding it. This is a perfect example of why the Portland Police should be required to wear body cams. Without it or some other footage showing the fake gun in his hand there is no way to prove that the shooting was justified. For all we know they could have just shot him knowing there was probably a gun in the area that they could accuse him of holding at the time. See this fake gun at
4/19/2021 - We ran a background check on Robert Douglas Delgado and found nothing to suggest any violent tendencies on his part. He had a long record of petty crimes from the early 90s to late 2000s. Stuff like theft, reckless driving, driving while suspended, and those types of things. Nothing that would suggest that he was the type of man that would pull a fake gun on an officer or otherwise try to harm an officer.

In light of this discovery we would be shocked to hear that someone who has stayed out of trouble for over a decade would suddenly commit suicide by cop, which is what we consider pulling a fake gun on an officer to be.
4/14/2021 - Multiple news outlets have released footage of fencing and concrete barriers being constructed around her house. The barrier is strikingly similar to the one around the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. We are happy to say that we were the first to post her address online as far as we know.
4/8/2021 - Officer Riser was released today after prosecutors told a judge that they don't have enough evidence to proceed with the capital murder case against him. Learn more at
4/8/2021 - Officer Teets has been making the news again. This time due to revelations that the Forest Grove Police Department kept his victims in the dark about his identity for days after he drunkenly attacked their home. You can learn more about that at KGW
3/30/2021 - Perhaps most disturbing about the complaint received from the self proclaimed future Mrs. Walsh was this, "my home address where I reside with Louis is currently public and out for anyone to see therefore putting my life and the lives of my children in danger."

Has it ever occurred to this lady that living with an "alleged" sex offender puts her children at far greater danger than the publication of his address?
3/29/2021 - The murder trial of Derek Chauvin began today. The best argument put forth by the defense seems to be that George Floyd had drugs in his system. They claim he would not have died otherwise. That is a weak argument in my opinion. The video clearly shows a man getting choked to death.
3/29/2021 - The murder trial of Derek Chauvin began today. The best argument put forth by the defense seems to be that George Floyd had drugs in his system. They claim he would not have died otherwise. That is a weak argument in my opinion. The video clearly shows a man getting choked to death.
3/16/2021 - Judge Zimmerman issued an apology today that reads:

"I have always prided myself in being open minded, fair and just in my duties as a judicial officer. I do understand that even my personal comments, when made public bring about an outcry of concern because I am a judicial officer ... I am very sorry for that. I have decided to take some time off to reflect on my behavior and to determine what I can do to help heal the community I have served," - Judge Darvin Zimmerman

3/15/2021 - His son,

Your side of what happened to your father saddens me. I am also sorry if false information has been spreading, but the realization that the summaries in the data dump that this post was created from was bound to be inaccurate at times is one reason for parsing the data in this way. I realized that none of the sites hosting this data at the time and now as far as I know, provided people like you an opportunity to dispute what was said.

Learn more about how this data came to be on this website at where I described where the data came from and why I was adding it to the Cop Blaster database. One of those reasons was to build on it with comments from the public.
3/2/2021 - Justice4all77 - Sorry for any inaccuracies, we got that data from a third party as explained at one of our reasons for adding it was that the source lacked comment features
2/25/2021 - Taylor Staff appeared in court today. Turns out our speculations were not far from the truth. Each of the three victims were in some sort of custodial status.

He is charged with a total of six counts which are a mixture of the counts we reported yesterday.
2/25/2021 - Enrique Tarrio is on CNN right now admitting to being a snitch. He justified snitching in one case on the ground that the FBI wanted him to snitch on his brothers in another case. He decided that snitching on some other poor sap was better than snitching on his brothers and agreed to cooperate in that case.

He said he was in a "tough position" but that does not change the fact that he is a stone cold rat.
2/24/2021 - Got another message via our contact form that appears to be from Officer Brown. Like the first one we were given a fake reply-to address with some combination of the name Tony, random numbers, and Gmail. The new message reads:

"Can you please remove the physical address on the bottom of the article. Your website stated that you no longer publish physical address after an agreement with a Portland Judge. Thank you." - anythony397656[at]

The response we tried to send read as follows: "We clearly explained that there are exceptions to the censorship of home addresses. Those exceptions include weirdo charges such as the ones you are currently facing." We received a reply from Gmail saying the account does not exist.
2/19/2021 - We got a funny email about this article today via our contact form:

Can you please remove the physical address on the bottom of the article. It violates your terms and conditions, and Ca. Gov. Code 6254.21. Thank you.

Anthony Mark Brown. Those records list his last known address as 4714 ALBURY AVE, LAKEWOOD, CA 90713-2324 tony482323[at]

We could not reply because the email address given does not exist. Our response is that California law lacks jurisdiction in all matters involving this website and nothing in the complaint alleged that the posting was false in any way.
2/12/2021 - 1312 - You were right about the image. In the new body cam footage you can see footage from his camera that was not released before. At one point he is interviewing Elba Pope by himself and dispatch calls him using his name.

See the new video here
2/12/2021 - The RPD released the names of Hannah Schneeberger, Alexander Lombard, Adam Bradstreet, and Chad Brady to the mainstream media today. We already named the first three, but the press was not interested because they don't print names of cops unless the police release their names.
2/6/2021 - 1312 - Nice freeze frame of Lombard's nametag, I couldn't make it out at first until I paused the video at the exact same time and saw what you saw. Alexander Lombard is the only current RPD officer named Lombard.

I mistook him for John Soures because Soures can be seen wearing an identical RPD beanie later on and he too has facial hair as well as other striking similarities to Lombard. I will have to update Soures' profile to make sure he is no longer blamed for Lombard's conduct at that point of the incident.
2/6/2021 - 1312 - I too noticed Bradstreet's badge number in the bottom right hand corner of the first video, but I also noticed that the second video contains a number that cannot be linked to a badge at all. I checked various parts of the number from the second video (01634_817354) and could not match that with any badge numbers on Open Oversight. That led me to think that Bradstreet's badge number matching part of the number in the first video (01585_AB2622) could be coincidence.
2/5/2021 - nms91 - There is more than one officer wearing a beanie in that video. One does not have facial hair or the name Soures on his uniform, but the other has facial hair, the name Soures on his uniform, and the letters RPD on the beanie. I believe the one you are thinking about is a fatter man whose beanie has nothing written on it.
2/4/2021 - Some people think that Officer Schneeberger didn't actually pepper spray the girl and to her credit she denied doing the actual spraying in the screenshot of her conversation with her ex, but she is also heard on the video at about 4:40 warning the girl "this is your last chance otherwise pepper spray is going in your eyeballs" before she was pepper sprayed. If she didn't actually use he own personal pepper spray than obviously the other officer was acting at her direction or at the very least with her blessing.
2/1/2021 - ToEachsOwn - Technically we are not certain that the other photo is him. We would be shocked if it were not, but we are waiting until an official picture of him is released before deciding what to do with this one.
1/18/2021 - Public records about Jones produced a very small list of suspects. It looks like his address history matched one male 1st generation relative pretty closely and our background check service did not produce any more first generation relatives. However, he has a lot of second degree relatives. We don't want to name the relative unless we are sure.
1/17/2021 - One sentence all lower case. Could you please add more information and correct the grammatical errors please?
1/11/2021 - As someone that remembers the old Deus Ex video game from 20 years ago, the idea of FEMA taking over scares me. The plot of that game centered around some law that gave FEMA almost unlimited power when an emergency is declared. They were using that power to quell anti-government resistance during a plague.
1/7/2021 - Shady - The embed did not work because you added a channel URL and not a video URL. Please try editing the post at and replace that URL with the URL of a specific video.

If you want to like to the channel also, you can add that to the link field.
1/7/2021 - Even if the officer was armed with nothing more than a gun, he or she still should have fired a warning shot. You can see that there is a hallway on the other side of the door. The shooter was probably towards the end of that hallway. The shooter should have tried firing a warning shot into the ceiling or the wall above the door. That probably would have deterred her from moving any closer. It would have deterred most people at least. She obvious was far enough away from the cop that the cop can't be seen on camera, so the cop had other options.
1/7/2021 - We would like to know if the Capitol Police were equipped with rubber bullets, tasers, or other less lethal alternatives. People have been saying to us that they don't have rubber bullets. They might be right. That would make this just the latest death that could have been prevented by properly equipping law enforcement with alternative to bullets.

One recent example of poorly equipped cops took place in Philadelphia a few months ago. We were to quick to criticize officers for not tasing Walter Wallace Jr., but later we learned that the department failed to issue them tasers. Learn more about that at
1/5/2021 - The news video says that he was arrested after being released from the hospital, but other sources indicate that he was in the hospital on a detention order. That further supports our theory that he was suicidal because he knew what the investigators wanted to talk to him about, that he knew he was wrong, and that he was guilt. Innocent people do not typically become suicidal when they hear about false accusations being made against them.
12/26/2020 - Just read the comment posted by BSWG1118. It certainly reads like the work of someone that knew Yogi. I also know that he had kids because I recall him mentioning it and word was they were the reason he could afford to pay off his dope debts. Every time we went to the commissary I recall seeing him order all he could and giving it away. I also recall him being on the phone asking for money a lot.

I did not know that Yogi saw it coming though, but he should have after hiding a syringe in another dude's mattress. He did not deserve to die, nobody including the guy that "allegedly" assaulted him believe that he did.

I'll try reaching out to BSWG1118 once I finish upgrading the member to member contact form which should be in the near future.
12/22/2020 - The cop that killed Lawrence Hawkins was arrested for murder last night, but not for killing Hawkins. He killed someone else
11/8/2020 - Dan Ryan is on KGW right now complaining about this. Called the protesters "selfish" and justified breaking his campaign promise to support Joann Hardesty's measure to defund the police by $18 million. He completely avoided the simple fact that even if all of his cited reasons for voting against the measure were true (they were not) nothing justified voting against a measure that he promised to vote for.
11/6/2020 - People do not need to throw balloons full of paint or otherwise damage property during a protest such as this to make their point. Just going to their home and picketing outside is enough to make your voice heard. You don't need to give your target ammunition by damaging property. They will just use that ammunition to discredit you. Damaging property causes far more harm to your reputation than it does the property owner.

Despite the apparent property damage we stand by our position that this was a mostly peaceful protest because most people there did nothing more than protest peacefully.
11/6/2020 - Mainstream media sources are accusing protesters of damaging property during this protest. They focused on what appears to be paint that is said to come from paint filled balloons hitting the exterior of the residence. We did not witness this in the video that we based our original article on. We did hear what sounded like glass breaking in the video, but we did not see anything breaking in the frame, so we concluded that it was probably a glass bottle behind the cameraman somewhere because at that moment the entire house can be seen on screen.
11/5/2020 - This story has been updated now that he has been convicted and sentenced.

I would also like to add that Davis always described these assaults as consensual relationships. He would basically meet teens online, groom them, give them alcohol, and convince them to have sex with him. He did the same thing in jail with a skinny 18 year old that looked younger. He is a total predator that needs to be castrated.
10/29/2020 - We were contacted today by someone claiming to be a friend of someone else also named Justin Hazelton. He says that person is having difficulty finding work because of this article. If you landed on this page screening job applicants then make sure that the Justin Hazelton you are screening does not have a middle initial of "W" and if he does do more to verify the identity of your applicant than just doing a Google search for his first and last name.
10/27/2020 - Another note, for people that care about cops and do not care about people like Walter Wallace Jr., police officers often seek treatment for PTSD after killing people, especially the first time. What good does it do to deny officers the chance to use tasers before traumatizing themselves?

Even if you don't care if someone like Wallace lives or dies it does not benefit any officer not have the option of a taser. Most cops do not enjoy killing people, so they probably would much prefer to have the option of a taser. Nobody is served by denying them tasers.
10/25/2020 - We noticed a comment on Reddit today by a person claiming to be a friend of Esqueda's:

"I am a friend of Officer Esqueda and I can tell you he is one of the most honorable people you will meet. This whole situation is BS as he was assigned to desk duty then arrested while the officers that were involved are out on patrol as we speak." - /u/Hawk-Bat1138

We hope that means Officer Esqueda will read this article. If most cops were like him then this author's life would have been much better. I am thinking specifically of the time a sheriff's deputy broke my arm and his fellow deputies lied to make it look like an accident. If just one of them had told the truth I probably would not have been prosecuted or at least I would not still be pro-se my civil suit.
10/23/2020 - We sent Mrs. Groshong a media inquiry email seeking comment on her husband's arrest. The email contained several questions about him. We do not expect her to respond, but we did cc the message to several local media outlets. If they add her name or just the fact that his wife is a federal probation officer to any of their stories then the message accomplished its objective.

If the founder of Cop Blaster is arrested in the near future then that email is the reason. Groshong's office has a history of retaliating against him for free speech, so he is concerned that he might be targeted again just for asking questions and sharing information with the mainstream media.
10/23/2020 - Cop Blaster has sent a media inquiry via email to Scott Groshong's wife seeking comment on this matter. If our founder is arrested in the near future that is the reason. The email violated no laws, but Mrs. Groshong's office is known to retaliate against people for free speech.

The message was cc'd to several local news outlets.
10/22/2020 - Eileen Groshong's last known email address was Eileen_Groshong[at] it was found in discovery documents from United States v. Sullivan, which was same case that led to this post being written in the first place. In that case she supervised USPO Matthew Preuitt as he abused supervised release conditions that should have permitted practical computer use, but instead forced the supervisee to choose between not using the internet or running software that damaged his machine. She then supervised failed efforts by the probation office to shut down

You can find her email address at
10/22/2020 - According to public records, Scott Groshong co-owns a home with Senior United States Probation Officer Eileen Groshong, they are the same age, and her name has not always been Groshong, so we believe that they are in fact married.

Learn more about Eileen Groshong at
10/22/2020 - A former Portland Police officer named Scott Groshong was indicted this week and we noticed a dox online listing Eileen Groshong as a possible relative of his.
10/20/2020 - You might be surprised to know that although I do not like Steve personally, I respect him as a businessman. Steve calls me a "horrible person" on his stream and threatens to sue me in private, but none of that is relevant to my analysis of his competency to run a business. He is on the wrong side of history, but he is not stupid.

He knows how to leave his competition with no legal options and very few criminal options capable of really crippling his operation. For instance, his efforts to prosecute the guy that torched his billboard gives him material no matter what happens. If he does not get caught Steve gets to gripe about Portland lacking law and order. If he gets caught and prosecuted then Steve gets to cover that. It is a win win scenario that benefits his cause no matter what.
10/17/2020 - I was just thinking about Mutulu last night when I watched The Trial of the Chicago 7 on Netflix which included the persecution of Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale. Seale made the Chicago 7 the Chicago 8 before the judge declared a mistrial in just his case after he was bound, gagged, and denied legal counsel. It seemed like Seale was only added to the group to scare the jury with a black guy. Seale, like Mutulu, was blamed for the death of a cop, but unlike Mutulu was found not guilty. It should be noted however that Mutulu did not kill a cop either, but was found guilty under RICO for leading an organization whose members killed cops.
10/12/2020 - Got a really weird email from Scott Iceberg today using the same email address listed above. Only a weirdo talks like this:

Hey Captain,

What is your physical address. I'm gonna have my fella stop by and serve you with a complaint and summons. Let me know. I love you, and I want to touch you. By fella I mean my gay lover. We do 69s together. I know you know you know whatsup, brah.

Just give me that registered agent contact, brah. I'm gonna touch ya in your pants, brah.

Best Regards,

Scott "Jesus" Iceberg
10/7/2020 - UPDATE: They got indicted by a grand jury yesterday. Same ridiculous charges. Unlawful use of a weapon and evidence tampering.

Again, there is nothing wrong with defending your home. If you have a gun you have a right to use it if you think a group of people are going to trespass on your property. That is the spirit of the 2nd Amendment. Every American that can legally own a gun has the right to legally use that gun to deter would be trespassers from setting foot you their land. It really is that simple.
10/6/2020 - We had to make some changes to this one after finding out that Ngo was actually home alone at his parents' house according to him, so we stuck language stating that we did not think he was living there at the time and replaced it with language saying that he may have been living there, but probably does not anymore.

We say probably because we don't think he is the kind of person that would still being living with his parents even if he did have to move home briefly last year.
10/3/2020 - The bail system is frequently abused by the MCDA to hold people even though excessive bail is illegal. They do this by obtaining "enhancements" in which a prosecutor seeks permission from the court to increase bail for the purpose of making pretrial release impossible. This author once had his bail increased from $25,000 to $1,000,000 without being charged with additional offenses. All the MCDA needs is at least one felony charge and an argument saying that the defendant is a flight risk or danger to the community. Then judges grant the "enhancement" citing the need to protect the community or assure appearance if bail is posted even though they know full well that the real reason for the enhancement is to make pretrial release impossible in violation of the 8th Amendment.
10/3/2020 - We also do not believe that use of a paintball gun for an unlawful purpose constitutes unlawful use of a weapon for the simple reason that a paintball gun loaded with paintballs is a toy and not a weapon.

Treating a toy like a dangerous weapon at the charging phase creates a punishment for Swinney without due process of law because without the Assault II and unlawful use of a weapon charges his bail would be $14,000 instead of $534,000 and he would probably be a free man by now because he would only have to post 10% ($1,400) which his legal fund easily has. Instead he will probably have to fight his case from jail and do far more time than he would if convicted of just the crimes he committed, which are misdemeanors for which he would probably only serve a few months at most.
10/3/2020 - We just added a video showing Swinney casually shooting paintballs at the crowd from behind a line of people protecting him. It appears that he was the only one shooting anything at anyone at the time. Then the crowd threw stuff, but we don't know if they did anything to him before he was paintballing them.

This does not appear to be a justifiable paintballing on Swinney's part. The crowd is not threatening him at all and he seem to just be shooting them for fun. Still, Assault IV and not Assault II is the appropriate charge for that. He certainly didn't do anything in this clip that we would consider worth crying to the cops about for anyone that wanted to maintain credibility as legitimate anti-police activist.
10/3/2020 - Also, we recommend that Mr. Fuller file lawsuits as John/Jane Doe lawsuits from now on when his clients are snitches. He does not need to list his clients' full legal names in the initial complaint. He could list them as M. McLain and S. Lanter or Jane Does 1 and 2. That would not prevent the defendant from having a right to know who they are because all defendants have the right to face their accusers, but it would keep the general public from learning their names so easily as long as the press or the defendants do not print them later. If the press does not print the names then the defendants printing their names would still not be as bad for them as their own attorney printing their names and giving them to the press.
10/3/2020 - Just to add, we fully support people that protest against police brutality, but we also feel it makes the movement look bad when people turn around and start working with the police. You can't have it both ways. You can't break the law and become a state's witness while maintaining legitimacy as an anti-police activist. That said, you can't commit crimes and maintain a legitimate claim to support law and order either. These protests had people that were very hypocritical people, on both sides.

Finally, Michael Fuller is pursuing some really good cases against the government. We wish him the best of luck with those cases.
10/1/2020 - The hypocrisy displayed by both sides in this case should not be overlooked. What with Mr. Law and Order breaking the law and Ms. Anti-Cop calling the police. Which is worse? In our opinion it is Ms. Anti-Cop calling the police because that actually puts people in jail and ruins their lives. The evil of the system far outweighs that of some redneck causing minor injuries to people.
10/1/2020 - This case will take a long time to sort out in court. Swinney's lawyers will certainly employ experts to evaluate the paintball gun, any alleged ammo, and whatever substances he is accused of spraying to determine how much damage they can actually cause. Then the government will have to counter that with experts saying the cause more damage than his experts say.
10/1/2020 - VibeMarshal brought up a good point on Twitter today. He or she was saying that with ammunition like glass breaker ***** it is possible for a paintball gun to become a dangerous weapon. That is an excellent point and we will keep an eye out to see what type of ammo Swinney is accused of using.

If he was using a glass breaker ball or some type of metal ball like a ball bearing that could tip the scales. Then the question would turn to the ammo being a dangerous weapon or not.

I've also heard an allegation that Swinney's mace was an insecticide, so that warrants further inquiry also.
10/1/2020 - Swinney's Twitter account has been suspended (at PermianEvents). Some people were quick to suggest that he had taken it down to destroy evidence, but Twitter clearly posted a notice saying the account was suspended by Twitter. That only happens if someone violates the Twitter rules or Twitter's bot accidentally suspends the account.
9/30/2020 - When we were chatting with the alleged victim on Twitter her first response to us was:

"Not a fan of your work. I feel you are intimidating people for using the only form of justice and protection we currently have. I disagree with it, but its all we've got. I'm strong and unafraid, so blast me if you want. But know I'm not supportive of your approach."

We think that she may have thought we were looking for her specifically. That is not the case. We were looking up information about Alan Swinney's arrest and stumbled on her boob Tweet.

Note: After charges are filed, named victims have little say over the outcome of a case beyond testifying and giving impact statements. DA's do that to make it impossible to intimidate victims into dropping charges.
9/20/2020 - Looks like that Justice for Hannah Fizer group like Sign the Petition Justice for Hannah are both essentially under the control of the local Sheriff. There really is no other way to explain how they could start by supporting free speech, posting Cop Blaster stuff on their own, and then banning us from their group.

Today the founder, who we won't name because we feel she is under duress, began denouncing us saying our "hatred for law enforcement it's too much for me." How can someone start a group seeking justice for the victim of a police murder say that any hatred of law enforcement is too much unless they are under duress?
9/19/2020 - Discussions today included feedback from the founder of the new group that included:

"We are not Law Enforcement Haters ... We don't want or need protest that are anti police filled with hate and destruction ... I don't believe in going to Law Enforcement officers house's they have families too We certainly don't need the Prosecutor Address We don't plan to go there either We do things differently here If we stoop to that level we are no better than they are!"

We feel that statement just proves our point. They are not willing to do all that is necessary to win. Why not? Is it out of fear or self imposed handicaps? Doing things differently there is fine if doing things differently is part of a winning strategy, but they are losing as we feared they would.
9/19/2020 - We are not the only organization whose efforts to help have been met with difficulty. This statement came from another organization that specializes in police accountability:

"They are delusional in that group. They're emailing Donald Trump and Dan Bongino for help. We were discussing today if we should continue to even help. They don't want to come off anti-police even though every person in the sheriff department is guilty as long as they continue to cover for a murderer. There are two groups. Are you part of the other one? They despise antifa. We are antifa. Our help isn't appreciated"

That statement was made months ago. Why would anyone that really prioritizes seeking justice not appreciate help from someone just for being Anitfa?
9/16/2020 - Today The Oregonian reported that inmates have tested positive for COVID 19 after being mixed with other inmates. This is exactly what we warned people about when we wrote this article
9/14/2020 - Ari Fleischer compared this to the murder of George Floyd today saying that nobody celebrated the death of George Floyd. That is a bad analogy since George Floyd was an innocent person and those LASD deputies were part of an occupying force. The Ambush of Geary really is a much better analogy ( In that case several British soldiers were ambushed and killed by local citizens during the American Revolution. Like the LASD, the mere presence of the British Army was enough of a threat that taking them out was celebrated.
9/13/2020 - One of the original admins of this group has started her own group at because she finally had enough of Don Hockaday. We applaud her for her actions, she is the woman in the top right of the image on this page. We recommend that anyone seeking justice for Hannah Fizer join her Justice for Hannah Fizer group.
9/13/2020 - DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said this attack was without provocation. We replied as follows:

"Without provocation? Their presence is the provocation. By repeatedly violating the constitution you swear to uphold your government has repeatedly waived any legitimate claim of right to govern at all." Cop Blaster on Twitter (

Due to Twitter's character limit we had to cut off the last sentence which described anyone wearing a local, state or federal uniform as an occupying traitor. We see no difference between this and the Ambush of Geary ( when patriot militiamen ambushed British dragoons in 1776.
9/13/2020 - A $100,000 reward was announced today. That shows that the cops really have no clue who this guy is. Some guy tweeted a license plate last night with but would not say where it came from (the profile called himself a deputy). Like we said, as long as people keep their mouths shut and don't sell this guy out he should be fine.
9/11/2020 - Joey Gibson sued Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt in federal court today for selective prosecution. He is arguing that the new protester amnesty policy requires that his case be dismissed. He has an excellent point because he is similarly situated to Antifa protesters that Schmidt's office has decided not to prosecute for several charges including riot.
9/10/2020 - Here is the latest example from this person: "Don't worry, I sent all of this over to your parole officer today." This statement like the others proves that her name belongs in the snitch section of this website.

We have said before that people need to be warned about snitches so that they can conduct themselves accordingly. Her neighbors need to know that she is the kind of person that won't mind her own business and run her mouth about them to the COVID snitching form. People she interacts with online need to know that if she does not get her way that she has a history of trying to cause problems for people with the government. A heads up about such things could save people problems in the future.
9/10/2020 - This lady is really something. She complains admitting she snitched on her neighbors and claims to have started snitching on this website for not removing the snitch report that she admits is true. This is typical snitch stuff. If you don't do what they want they just gripe and gripe to the government. That might work with websites that don't know better, but not this one. Some of her statements included:

"I see you keep posting articles about me and skewing them to your narrative ... What you're doing is illegal. The Washington State attorney general and the Oregon state attorney general have complaints filed." - Rachel

The problem with her position is that publishing accurate publicly available information is not illegal.
9/10/2020 - This guy posted the following comment on Facebook:

"you obviously have never put your life on the line. Until you do, don't judge others that have...go on a RIDE-ALONG with a police officer, then come talk to me." - Wayde Alford

Anyone that goes on a ride along would see that police have plenty of alternatives to shooting kids that try to run away from them.
9/9/2020 - The part about your story that jumped out to me was "Since I filed divorce against a Riverside County sheriff in 2004, my life has suffered the persecution of law enforcement" so if anyone in that county is specifically targeting you it would probably be him or fellow cops that he knows.

Sounds like they charged you with disorderly conduct and being under the influence in public. I would recommend getting a list of you medications from your doctor as well as a statement from you doctor about how they can effect you. Then if the DA won't drop it based on that get a lawyer.
9/9/2020 - Her arguments bring up an interesting point, saying among other things:

"Like I mentioned before, I get what you're doing and I support defunding the police, BUT I DID NOT CALL THE POLICE in this situation. I reported this on a covid hotline. I took the very action your mission would have hoped-- not calling the police. What gives?"

That conduct is the same as calling the police. A good analogy would be asking someone to complain to the cops on your behalf. Whenever an illegality is reported to the government the reporter is a snitch. Saying that they used a proxy setup by the state instead of complaining to the police department directly is not a valid defense to a charge of snitching. It is like sending a tip to crime stoppers.
9/9/2020 - This subject admitted making the above statement in an email to us from the same email address listed above. When we refused to take this down she threatened us with legal action and claimed to have filed a complaint with the FTC regarding our refusal. So, basically her response to being exposed as a snitch is to admit being a snitch and claiming to snitch again. Typical of a lot of snitches including the ones complaining about our use of the Coronavirus snitch list that was originally published by another website as explained at
9/9/2020 - We seriously considered doxxing Wilking for his silence in this post, but decided not to mainly because the body cam footage has not been made public, the case is being reviewed by some review board, and we think Chief Mike Brown is more to blame for Wilking's silence than he is.

Since this case did not involve a killing we are handling it with a little less aggression than we usually do. We will certainly be watching this closely however and we certainly will not be silent if justice is not served on this officer.