Kevin J Alexander

Decertified Officer Number: 310
Occupation: Deputy Sheriff
Average Salary: $45,000 per year
Salary Range: $32,000 (rookies) to $75,000 (sheriffs).
Officer Kevin J Alexander Decertified:
Kevin J Alexander
Kevin J Alexander
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Added by on 08/27/2019

According to Volume 152 of the DPSST Ethics Bulletin Kevin J. Alexander was fired and decertified. The explanation given was:

Officer B was discharged for cause after an investigation revealed he was dishonest about facts surrounding an

on the job injury. Officer B continued to engage in false and misleading statements to his employer, doctor and

Workers Compensation. Officer B was issued a Notice of Intent to Revoke and he requested a hearing. An in

person hearing was scheduled and Office B failed to show resulting in a Default Final Order.

Officer B’s misconduct ended his 15-year career.

Officer B’s Basic and Intermediate Police Certifications are Revoked.

The source of this report can be found at

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