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The good people at MappingPoliceViolence.org have been tracking police killings for the past seven years and making all that data available to the public free of charge to use as they wish. CopBlaster.com is now proud to announce that was have assimilated that data and in so doing now provide a platform where anyone can comment on documented police killings.

Mapping Police Violence Data

The data from Mapping Police Violence (MPV) is available in its entirety in two formats. The first is an Excel spreadsheet that we downloaded from Mapping Police Violence this past summer. The second is a PDF file that we created from that Excel file. You can download the files below:

Faces of Police Violence

We added the MPV data to our system in two batches. The first we called Faces of Police Violence because it included every record for which we believed images were downloaded. We believed images were downloaded because we used a bulk downloader to grab images from every image URL listed in the MPV Excel file. Then we used an Excel function that should have deleted every URL that resulted in a 404 Not Found Error. Unfortunately, it turned out that hundreds of images that we thought we had were missing, so we spent several days manually adding images of the subjects whose pictures we thought we already had. The result is over 3,000 pictures of people killed by law enforcement.

The Rest

The rest of the data is unfortunately most of the data. Over 5,000 profiles of people killed by police that we do not have pictures of. Pictures are missing mostly because a lot of the image URLs in the MPV Excel sheet point to a website that does not host images anymore. We did not have time to track down and find images of 5,000 people one at a time, so we include a special image not found image for each profile. We decided to create a special image for those profiles because the default image not found image originally designed for the site was created thinking that the image missing would be that of a police officer, so it features a pig with a giant no symbol over it. We thought that not appropriate for profiles of people killed by pigs, so we went with something more dignified.

If you have a friend or loved one whose photo you would like added to a profile please contact us. Time permitting it would be our pleasure to help you make sure someone is remembered the way you want them to be.

Killed By Police
Killed By Police

MappingPoliceViolence Profile

We created a special administrative account for posting all MPV data based profiles. That account is called MappingPoliceViolence in honor of, but not associated with the source of the data. You can restrict your queries to just MPV data by visiting that user profile at https://copblaster.com/blaster/MappingPoliceViolence/.

Future Updates

We plan to add new MPV data to this site once a year. The data we initially added was current as of June 29, 2020 so we will wait until July of 2021 to add data for that 12 month period and do so again every July as long as MPV continues make such data publicly available.

2021 Update

In July of 2021 we updated the data to include every new police killing from June 30, 2020 to July 10, 2021. There were a total of 1098 new deaths. We also noticed that MPV added some news data fields documenting the names of killer cops, encounter types, initial reasons for the encounter repoted by police, and whether the encounter began with a service call. We made sure to include these new fields with all new reports.

If you want all the data in one file you can download the updated datasets here: