Brooklyn Court Officer Terri Pinto Napolitano Suspended for FB Post

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Sergeant Terri Pinto Napolitano was suspended today for posting a racist image on her Facebook page yesterday. The image depicted former President Barack Obama hanging from a noose with the caption "your day is coming traitor" and an image of Hillary Clinton being led to the gallows with the caption "it's not over till the fat lady swings." Until that post she worked for New York State Court Officers in Brooklyn, New York. NYSCO is an agency that provides security for courts across the state of New York.

Unfortunately her suspension is only for 30 days after which she will get her gun back and be responsible for court security again.

It also appears that she was wearing a Make America Great Again hat in her profile picture.

iheartbeets Says:

Show a little respect and decorum and keep your moronic FB posts away from a job where you serve EVERYONE.

Even if it was just a political post it is totally unprofessional and inappropriate. If they did not fire her would surely be protests at the courthouse demanding she be fired. She should know better, especially in times like this.

Susanne D Says:

I can see how people want to get offended and call it racism, but it is clearly a political only post. The hashtag even says obaagate and treason. Hilary Clinton is also in the picture.. in the past, this is how treason was dealt with. Although this picture isn't good in today's sensitive times, deleting the post was enough. In times like today, we need forgiveness.

Latoya Brown Says:

As a black, Trump supporting woman, this is very bias that she would get in trouble for this. I see many court officers posting anti white and anti trump memes, also depicting violence and nothing happens. This wasn't a post about race but about politics. Nyscourts should be ashamed for not supporting one of their own.#ISupportHer

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