Who are the Aurora PD Officers that Tortured & Traumatized Black Kids?

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"My name is Officer Hanson, my badge number is 314424" is all we knows about the thugs that wrongfully detained a bunch of little kids on August 2nd in Aurora, Colorado. If you know more about this Officer Hanson and the rest of these morons that pulled a gun on children and detained them like criminals please contact us. We would really like to know their names. As you can see in the video embedded below this article, a good samaritan intervened and called these cops out for their actions. She asked for their business cards but all she got was a guy saying his name is Officer Hanson with badge number 314424. One of the cops kept covering the lens of her camera, so you can't see a lot, but there is plenty to be heard.

The police said they were looking for a stolen car, but ended up pulling over the wrong vehicle and traumatizing these poor kids for life. I remember when I was a young boy and my mom got pulled over for speeding, it was really scary for me. I can only imagine how terrified I would have been if the cop pulled his gun, cuffed me, and made my lay on my stomach on the pavement. Despicable only begins to describe how wrong this was.

If you know the full names of the officers involved in this incident please contact us at https://copblaster.com/contact/ or sign up for a membership and post them yourself.

Correction, the aunt was driving the car and her name is Brittney Gilliam.

The mother is on Cuomo Prime Time right now, when Cuomo asked what she thought of the response/apology from the police she said "she can shove it."

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