Prince George Officer Brian Newcomer Arrested for Attempted Rape

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Brian Charles Newcomer, 36, is a police officer with the Prince George County Police Department and now as of August 3rd is an accused sex offender. Newcomer was charged with attempted rape in the 2nd degree, three counts of assault in the 2nd degree, and false imprisonment. Not much is known about the specifics of the case at this time. It is known that the victim reported the incident on July 31st saying that it had taken place at her home on July 30th. We do not know who the victim is or what relationship if any she had with Newcomer prior to this.

Public records contain the following public information about Brian Charles Newcomer:



DOB: SEP-1983

AGE: 36

Last known address


Possible email address newcomerbl[at]

As usual we are posting this address for the purpose of encouraging that it be used for non-violent purposes only. In cases involving alleged sex crimes we may be willing to remove it if he is found not guilty or the charges are dropped. Until then the public has the right to know if there is an alleged attempted rapist in the area.

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