Rochester Officer Adam Bradstreet Involved in Pepper Spraying Girl

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One of the Rochester Police officers involved in the pepper spraying of a 9 year old girl last week has been identified as Adam Bradstreet. We were able to identify him because in the video below at about 5:30 a fellow officer asked "Bradstreet what's her name?" We then searched the police officer database at Open Oversight for RPD officers with the last name Bradstreet and found a single entry for an Adam K. Bradstreet (badge number IBM#2622). Then we verified that he is in fact a current RPD officer by looking him up on GovSalaries where we learned that last year he made $86,716 as a patrol officer for the city of Rochester ( We also ran his name through the paid background check service that we usually use and found one public record for a 32 year old male named Adam Kenneth Bradstreet with an address in the nearby city of Webster, New York.

The above image of Bradstreet includes a small social media profile picture that we recovered from Google's cache. It showed up in a Google images search with a link to a PeekYou page about people named Adam Bradstreet, but the live page does not contain the image. We did however see another picture of a cop linking to an Instagram profile ( which has since been deleted. It is common practice for officers to remove their social media pages after high profile incidents such as this one. We believe that the image came from that profile. We know that the picture is of Bradsteet because the last half of his last name is visible on his nametag, he is obviously wearing a RPD uniform, and he looks strikingly similar to one of the officers in the video below.

In the video below you can see that Bradstreet played a somewhat less serious role in the assault. He appears to be standing next to officer Hannah Schneeberger ( most of the time. He does not appear to pepper spray or even touch the victim at all, but we still believe that he shares some of the blame for the pepper spraying because he was standing right next to Schneeberger when she threatened the child at about 4:40 by saying "this is your last chance or pepper spray is going in your eyeballs." We fault Officer Bradstreet for failing to intervene when Schneeberger threatened the girl while standing right next to him. Police officers have a lawful duty to intervene when they witness a fellow officer use excessive force or otherwise behave inappropriately. Even when the girl was pepper sprayed he did nothing. He had the opportunity to stop Schneeberger when she threatened the child. A competent officer would have pulled her aside or stepped in front of her and told her that it is not ok to threaten children.

UPDATE: The photo of Bradstreet has been changed due to new body camera footage released in which someone can be heard calling Bradstreet over the radio. That body cam had an ID number ending in AB2622 so it turns out the person that posted comments saying we had the wrong image for Bradstreet was right. Everything else was correct and the today the mainstream media verified that by printing Bradstreet's name after the RPD released it.

1312 - You were right about the image. In the new body cam footage you can see footage from his camera that was not released before. At one point he is interviewing Elba Pope by himself and dispatch calls him using his name.

See the new video here

The department released Bradstreet's name to the mainstream media today proving that we were right and the media still only names names of officers when the department does.

1312 Says:

Fair point! But I have seen other body cam footage from the RPD (from previous incidents) and they had the same pattern, so I am certain it is not a coincidence.

My explanation is that RPD is getting even more cowardly these days (including seemingly allowing the cops to not wear their name-tags) so they started getting rid of these identifiers that also the public can trace back to a cop, to instead a plain number that can only be linked to a particular cop by them

1312 - I too noticed Bradstreet's badge number in the bottom right hand corner of the first video, but I also noticed that the second video contains a number that cannot be linked to a badge at all. I checked various parts of the number from the second video (01634_817354) and could not match that with any badge numbers on Open Oversight. That led me to think that Bradstreet's badge number matching part of the number in the first video (01585_AB2622) could be coincidence.

1312 Says:

Can't seem to edit my previous post. Here are all five images in one place:

1312 Says:

Here are the links with start-timestamp to the original footage for context

(Adam's bodycam on the ground picked up by him)

(Other cop filming Adam)

1312 Says:

Hi! I think you got the image here wrong. The man in the picture is not Adam Bradstreet I am pretty sure. Check out the images I uploaded here:

Those are all frames from the bodycam footage. For the first three you can see that in the lower left corner you see 01585_AB2622. The AB are the initials of Adam Bradstreet and 2622 is his badge number (as you already wrote). This basically proves that this footage is from Adam Bradstreet's bodycam. The first two frames are from after the camera fell to the ground and we can see Adam's face. In the third we can see him reach to get the camera back. The last two are from the other cop at the scene, showing Adam

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