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2/7/2021 - Fair point copblaster.com! But I have seen other body cam footage from the RPD (from previous incidents) and they had the same pattern, so I am certain it is not a coincidence.
My explanation is that RPD is getting even more cowardly these days (including seemingly allowing the cops to not wear their name-tags) so they started getting rid of these identifiers that also the public can trace back to a cop, to instead a plain number that can only be linked to a particular cop by them
2/6/2021 - Here some frames with his face or tag:
The most important one is AL-6 since it shows most of his name-tag. According to OpenOversight.com no other cop has a name even close to that.
AL-6 is actually a frame of Adam Bradstreet's body came mid-fall. A careful frame-by-frame analysis revealed that great shot of his name-tag

Source: https://youtu.be/KjLgK0FUNBY?t=361 (put playback speed to 0.25 for a chance to see the frame)
2/6/2021 - Thanks for the great work you have been doing here. I think I got one more: https://openoversight.com/officer/33092 - Alexander Lombard
He is the second cop whose body cam footage has been released and I am pretty sure it was him who deployed the pepper-spray! Why? Watching https://youtu.be/ku41-899CHo?t=346 (should start at around 5:46). At 5:50 we hear what is most likely the cop attached to the camera (nobody else stands anywhere near that camera) say "Just spray her, just spray her at this point", then at 5:58 (after he moves into the car, with spray in hand) the same voice says "here" and a spray sound is audible (faintly). Finally at 6:02 (after getting out of the car) same voice says "I got her, I got her".
2/6/2021 - Hi! I think you got the image here wrong. The man in the picture is not Adam Bradstreet I am pretty sure. Check out the images I uploaded here:
Those are all frames from the bodycam footage. For the first three you can see that in the lower left corner you see 01585_AB2622. The AB are the initials of Adam Bradstreet and 2622 is his badge number (as you already wrote). This basically proves that this footage is from Adam Bradstreet's bodycam. The first two frames are from after the camera fell to the ground and we can see Adam's face. In the third we can see him reach to get the camera back. The last two are from the other cop at the scene, showing Adam

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