State Trooper with Nazi Haircut Arrested for Strangulation

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Louisiana State Trooper Garrett Yetman was arrested Saturday morning on a felony charge of domestic abuse battery by means of strangulation and a misdemeanor charge of assault. He was booked into the Ascension Parish Jail where he currently remains pending a "Gwen's Law" hearing. The Louisiana State Police (LSP) has placed Yetman on administrative leave pending the outcome the case. A mugshot was released to the media featuring Yetman sporting what appears to be a Nazi haircut strikingly similar to that sported by former Reichsfuhrer of the Schutzstaffel (SS) Heinrich Himmler in the 1930s and 1940s.

We don't know much about the case against Yetman. We know when he was arrested and what he has been charged with, but no other details appear to have been released at this time. We know that his full name is Garrett Cotter Yetman, he is 28 years old, stands six feet tall, and weights 180 pounds. The jail lists his residence as being in Baton Rouge, but we have public records linking him to a location in Walker.

We don't know anything about his political leanings other than the fact that he appears to have registered to vote as a Republican in 2016. Beyond that we don't know if Yetman is a Nazi or just has a bad haircut. We do know that his haircut is the same one which has been adopted by the far-right in recent years. According to Esquire, Yetman's haircut has been sported by the likes of Richard Spencer and Eric Trump (, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are white supremacists. Brad Pitt and the rapper Macklemore have also sported what some might call the high and tight "Hitler Youth" haircut in recent years. Nobody is accusing either of them of being white supremacists. However, there is a variant of the high and tight haircut which is most common among white supremacists which Yetman appears to be sporting a variant of. Yetman, like Himmler, combs his hair back and slightly to the side, but Yetman does not appear to be using nearly as much grease as a typical Nazi, but that could be due to him just not having done his hair for awhile. There are other pictures of Yetman online in which he appears to have greased his hair in a manner strikingly similar to Himmler.

We discovered that Yetman has a public Facebook profile at which features several images of him sporting the "Hitler Youth" look. Due to Yetman not sporting "Hitler Youth" look in older photos we believed him to have adopted by in recent years. His Facebook profile looks normal otherwise except for one image in which he seems to be quoting himself in a text message as calling someone a "Dirty Little Slut" ( Yetman also appears in a video about the 25th Infantry Division which he served with.

On top of the haircut, Yetman is a deep south law enforcement officer working with an organization known for being racist. Just last week, Louisiana Governor Bel Edwards said that racism remains prevalent within the Louisiana State Police ( If Yetman's haircut is not the result of an accident at the barber shop then it is certainly in poor taste for a known member of an organization known for racism. We are not going as far as to call Yetman racist, but we are comfortable voicing our suspicions based on his haircut, who he works for, and what his employer is known for.


Law enforcement officers should not sport a high and tight "Hitler Youth" haircut unless they are willing to accept the suspicions that come with it. Sporting that haircut by no means makes someone a Neo-Nazi, but it certainly does not help alleviate suspicion.

This story just keeps getting weirder. Today a fellow trooper told a judge that he and his girlfriend will go into hiding if he Garrett Yetman is released. His bond was set at $350,000

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