Drunk Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard Guida Slammed by Subordinate

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Bradley Beach Police Chief Leonard Guida stumbled into a crime scene drunk and found himself slammed on his back in the missionary position like a drunk prom date on the hood of a patrol car. Sergeant William Major appears to have been working a routine DUI stop when his boss showed up, slurred his words while barking orders, and grabbed Major before getting taken onto the hood of the car. Guida then told Sergeant Major that he was suspended but it seems the only one out of a job is Guida who has since retired. Following his retirement, a scathing report came out detailing why someone in Major's position would be eager to find an excuse to use force on his boss.

According to the report published this week by the Monmouth County District Attorney's Office which we've uploaded as a PDF with this article (https://copblaster.com/uploads/files/leonard-guida.pdf), former Chief Guida was found guilty of several policy violation for racial profiling, verbally abusing subordinates, violence, and being drunk on duty. Sgt. Major pointed this out in the video below at about 1:35 when he said "drunk again" clearly in reference to Chief Guida's history of showing up to work drunk although the chief was off duty during this incident.

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